Thursday, April 08, 2010


So by now everyone has read this story in the Star, by Kevin Donovan.

It's a fascinating read, but it leaves some questions out there doesn't it?

Jaffer, as he often does, told businessmen that he and his company, Green Power Solutions, were experts in obtaining government money. “I can get it, no problem,” he said. His company’s promotional material boasts a “thorough knowledge of government policies and incentive programs.”

“I have access to a green fund,” Jaffer said at the table

A few weeks before the Harbour 60 dinner, Jaffer and Gillani held court at another steak restaurant, La Castille in Etobicoke. Gillani told a group of invited businessmen that his company could arrange start-up financing, and that Jaffer could come up with federal government funds. Jaffer explained that he had expertise, particularly in securing what he called “green loans” at very low interest rates.

Though Jaffer has not been an MP since he lost an election in 2008, he still gives out his MP business cards and did so at La Castille.

Now, the PMO has flatly denied that Jaffer has any access and given that, it's easy to put his comments down to boasting, but if you're making such claims don't you at some point have to come through with the goods?

I'd say that it's likely, he doesn't have any personal contact with the PMO, but certainly he has access to cabinet members who do. While it's safe to assume that his wife is not on any favoured Ministers list at the moment, how friendly was he with past and current environment Ministers?

Additionally, it seems his partner at Green Power Generation, Patrick Glémaud, has had his share of access to the government.

My guess is that we haven't heard the last of this particular story.


Jay said...

Makes me concerned about how much more of this influence peddling has been going on. There are scores of staff and mp's from the con side that weren't interested in being a part of the Harper government last time
around but there is no shortage of appearances by them on the behalf of others. We only know of Rahim Jaffer because he got caught drinking and driving and with cocaine. How many more are there that aren't as stupid as Rahim to get caught? There needs to be more digging.

Annie... said...

I sam not sure who said this, but someone is going to sue the Star.

KNB said...

Annie, Jaffer's partner and the firm I think are going to sue.

Funny that. They took down their web-site.

Nothing to hide?

KNB said...

Jay, it's tough to tell. The Accountability Act is riddled with loop holes.

My bet is that as time has gone on, those have been exploited. Afterall, why haven't they been closed and why hasn't the Act been fully implemented?

Good to see you btw.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives are truly farcical.

We have a temperamental airhead representing Women who is not aware of her coke head husband..

And we are supposed to believe that they are unaware of each others lives?

They remind me of the classless nouveau riche...

Fuck them all.

Tomm said...


You said:

"They remind me of the classless nouveau riche...

Fuck them all."

...speaking of classless...

how's the weather there?