Monday, June 28, 2010

Total Disregard for Thee

Photo by Chris Wattie/Reuters

The title of this post, in my opinion, is at the core of the Conservative government's message and it's not a recent phenom just articulated this past weekend. It's been a theme that Canada, the majority of us, do not condone.

I'd like to say that I've calmed down after watching the G20 goings on, but I haven't. In fact, reading and watching statements being made by our government and their talking heads, have actually made me more angry. I realise that is their intent, but consider that ploy for a minute.

There is such a cavalier attitude being demonstrated by them and it does nothing but infuriate me. With every shoulder shrug and smirk, it really paints a clear picture as to what the Conservatives think about Toronto, it's residents, it's small businesses and those who opted to march in peaceful protest. Indeed, it speaks to how little they care about the citizens of this country and their rights. Never mind TO...we're all caught in this net.

With every shrug from Minister Cannon and every smirk from Minister Toews I shudder to think, no realise, what their view and aspiration for this country is. Those reactions relate to both cost and outcome to the city of Toronto.

This weekend was beyond description in Toronto. The most galling point is how Harper chose, yes he chose, to ignore the requests of the city. If you don't know, the city said NO! We do not want this held in the core of the city.

It's clear he has no seats here and after this, he guaranteed no Conservative seat for a very long time. To use that fact though and proceed as he did is downright maniacal. I use that word with caution but he was playing to his base on this one and Flanagan, who was actually starting to sound like a reasonable rightie, spewed the party line. '900 arrests? Of even innocent people? No problem. They were idiots to be there and should be locked up for a long time. No one in the rest of Canada cares, in fact they applauded.'

I was gobsmacked with Cannon and Toews and Flanagan's comments, but Flanagan has the luxury of turning up the heat. That's not to say they don't share intent and ideology, they do of course. To see our government though, not caring a whit about what went on should be disconcerting to all.

Look, the Liberals have not always been lily white, but the disdain that the current government is displaying is beyond belief. I think, contrary to what Tom Flanagan professes, people across this country do care about our Charter rights and my hope is that will show in the next election.

Not the most coherent post, I know, but it's not the most coherent of times.

Peaceful G20 protest at Queen & Spadina from Meghann Millard on Vimeo.


ridenrain said...

Without the PMO directly ordering the police, I guess Sgt.Pepper couldn't come out and play this time.

Annie... said...

I know how you feel and I feel the same. One thing I saw today made it even worse.
The goings on in Montebello a couple of years back, showed the Quebec police with black clothing and scarves over their face...inciting people. throwing rocks. The Black Bloc looked eerily like them..what a mess.
Harper was looking for votes and tourism .....Ha Ha!

ridenrain said...

I seriously don't think you know how I feel....
There were video's of police "snatch" teams wearing civilian clothes, even black ones, while they moved into the mob to identify and remove the trouble makers. This is good police work and I'm impressed and support such action.
My comment was reguarding the '97 APEC rally where"
"..transcripts suggest the PMO (Chretien) did not want the presence of demonstrators to embarrass some of the Asian leaders attending the summit. "

That is fascism.

Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

I understand the strength of your feelings LA&M. Perhaps you could rejig the pic so the Harper shadow has a Pinocchio nose?

RuralSandi said...

ridenrain -

When facism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.
- Sinclair Lewis

Fred from BC said...

Annie... said...

The goings on in Montebello a couple of years back, showed the Quebec police with black clothing and scarves over their face...inciting people. throwing rocks.

That's A LIE. No police threw rocks, period. One carried a what? That's called 'cover' or 'blending in'.

I love how this story just keeps getting more and more embellished as time goes on.