Friday, February 01, 2008

How Far Will He Go? As Far As We Let Him

We've seen the very public firing of Linda Keen and many more discreet moves by this government that amount to the same thing. They haven't all received the same kind of publicity as the Keen affair, so the public does not seem to be seized with this phenomenon. Afterall, Keen aside, none of the firings or intimidations seem to touch people's everyday lives.

Clever aren't they? This government is determined to change this country in ways that won't be realised for years and in some instances unless you are a group that is directly affected today, you may end up seeing what Ontario felt after Harris. The art of fooling the people most of the time in the end doesn't pay, but you have a hell of a run while you do it. That is what they do. Disgusting.

Most recently we learned this:

On Wednesday, Industry Canada confirmed that national science adviser Arthur Carty would be retiring on March 31, and that the position and office would be phased out.

Retired sounds perfectly reasonable right? Well, what would you do if your position had just been eliminated? Slowly but surely this government is shutting out voices that do not agree with them. They are finding ways to create a bureaucracy that is wholly controlled by them. Not one in agreement, but one that is so chilled and so muzzled that only the government message gets through.

I'm chilled. What governments do that? The one's that Con's proport to reject of course. Obviously our goverment doesn't employ many of the tactics that other loathesome regimes do, but changing the make up of how business is done and shutting down opinion and freedom of expression certainly deserves the attention of Canadians. Oh and btw, what they said they'd rid government of through their Accountability Act they have not enacted. Hypocrites.


Environment Canada has "muzzled" its scientists, ordering them to refer all media queries to the federal government, where communications officers will help them respond with "approved lines."

It's reported, but polls aren't telling me that this is registering.

I know people are busy with their lives, but until someone can articulate clearly how this impacts the life they lead, we are in for a big shock.

Who will wake us up?


Anonymous said...

Where do I get a job where I do not get fired when the board of directors vote unanimously to reverse a decision I made because it could cost lives?

Ron said...

You are dead-on to be linking these two stories together. Funny, I read today's G&M article about the top scientist... and wondered how the reporter missed this related issue about muzzling scientists in the Environment ministry.
Our gov't is being dismantled - largely by stealth, the Keen affair being an exception.

As for Anon at 5:06 - you (or one of your clones) seems to be first out of the gate on many LIBLOGS posting with some smarmy comment (that convince no one except your fellow fanatics).
Do you, like, have software that tells you a new post is up or do you endlessly troll the site - hey likely the latter seeing how you must be on minimum wage by the CPC.

wilson said...

There are reports much more current than the article you posted:
replacing a one man position with a new 17 person council does not support your muzzling claims:

Industry Minister Jim Prentice explained that much of Dr. Carty's advisory work will be taken up by a new, 17-member Science and Technology Council, chaired by Howard Alper, a chemist and former president of the Royal Society of Canada.

The panel includes a mix of scientists, federal deputy ministers, business leaders and university presidents. Mr. Prentice said the council will be the main source of independent advice to the government.

The council will provide a yearly report card on whether federal spending is turning “ideas into innovations,” as called for in Industry's science and technology strategy...'

knb said...

anon @ 5:06, when you actually understand the issue, I'll be happy to discuss it with you.

knb said...

Ron the list is getting long isn't it. The latest today is a dissenter on the Wheat Board. I think I will post the whole list, thus far.

knb said...

wilson, do you really think that I'm going take Prentice's comments as proof that all is well when every person asked in the scientific community disagrees? Good grief.

I realise that you are content to take everything the Con's say without critically analyzing it, but most of us are not that naive.

The panel has deputy ministers on it for heavens sake. Independent? It also has business people who are well known to put the interest of science before profit.