Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Took a Break

I am so angry about what is going on in Canada right now that I decided to take a break and watch the Dem debate. I follow what goes on in the Republican debates as well, but I cannot watch them. To me it's a given that the Dem's will win even if the moderate, lol, McCain gets the nod.

So, fresh off the debate having heard none of the pundits, my view is this. Obama is absolutely terrific at inspiration toward the future. Clinton is terrific when dealing with contemporary reality and how that will play out in the future. Guess what? That country needs both of these people.

Toward the end of the debate it was asked if the two of them were the dream ticket. Huh? Don't you think that a woman and a black man running for president answers that? Would that we had that here.

In the end, I think Hillary came forward with sound ideas. I think Barack came forward with sound ideals. There is a big difference, but they compliment each other.

How would you vote?


Anonymous said...

Times are so volatile - I think experience is more important than pretty speeches - I vote Hillary.

She has had more of an uphill battle because of the extreme partisan hate machine of the Republicans.

The baggage they say she comes with is NOT HER baggage - it was her husband's baggage. After being hurt and humiliated in public - does she still have to bear the brunt? Not fair at all.

Funny, I read an analysis of Hillary and it seems that she's more like Robert Kennedy than Obama is.

Teddy is mad apparently because she gave credit to Lyndon Johnson for signing the civil rights bill -hey, Teddy - Johnson did sign it. You can't bring back brother and daddy and the Kennedy era is over -so face it.

Also, Obama doesn't want to go back - well I doubt Hillary does either. Obama doesn't want to go back a decade but he sure doesn't mind using the Kennedy's of 40 years ago.

I saw some interviews with undecideds - some say their heart is with Obama but their mind is with Clinton - now, doesn't that indicate that Clinton should be the candidate?

Either way, Obama or Clinton - they sure have it over the Republican candidates.

Dame said...

Obama strikes me as a Preacher .....and I don't like preachers ..
The more I watch the more I am Covinced Hillary is the ONE trust with judgment and solid crystallised well developed thinking ..and sureness.
Change America??? well it can't happen overnight and better be safe then sorry on the Road for Changes..
I am For Changes !!!