Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can't Even Get Wrong Right?

I heard Bill Carroll, (CFRB), talking about the Conservative/Government cheques this morning. He of course was playing it down, suggesting that the Liberals did it too, (we didn't) that it was just one stupid MP, (it wasn't), etc., etc.

To be fair though, he did say that he thought it was wrong and stupid. In fact, he said:

'I sometimes wonder if you have to fail an IQ test in order to be a member of the Conservative government'.

Take a close look at the cheque above, issued by Barrie MP Patrick Brown and you be the judge. (Larger view here. See slideshow.)

It's made out for $78,750.00. However, what is written is, Seventy Eight Thousand, Seventy Five Hundred.

Most novelty cheques are obviously not the cheque you bring to the bank, however, if they are drawn on a bank, with an account number identified and signed by someone with signing authority, they can be cashed.

Thankfully, it's a pretty safe bet that Patrick Brown doesn't have signing authority.


Anonymous said...

Decima is showing a seven point lead with a fairly large sample. Link.

A few more days of chequescam and it'll be back to dead even.

Steve V said...

"suggesting that the Liberals did it too"

Even if that were true, this "we're the same as the dirty Liberals were" defence should really have the faithful in cardiac arrest. To think, these self righteous windbags and their supporters, acting every bit as "unethically" as their hated impetus. Quite amazing to hear the accountability apologists now, who just fluff over everything that shows patent hypocrisy.

sharonapple88 said...

It's made out for $78,750.00. However, what is written is, Seventy Eight Thousand, Seventy Five Hundred.

Got a horrible giggle out of that. Hopefully Patrick Brown doesn't sign the cheques in his household.

Anonymous said...

Only the NDP isn't guilty of this sort of stuff.

James Bowie said...

oh, seven-hundred and fifty. Right. Took me a minute!

sharonapple88 said...

Yeah, because the NDP never formed the government.

It's hard to see from those pics if they were signed by the MPs handing it, but none of them appear to have the Liberal logos and a few look like they have Government of Canada written on them.

Top Can Inc. said...

I think this whole thing will blow over pretty quick. I mean, asides from Keddy's little slip up, all the other cheques aren't really that controversial, and I wonder why the Grits even bothered to put them up on Flickr. Most of them have official government logos on them. Heck, some of them look just like giant versions of my GST rebate cheque I get from the feds.

If the Liberals are crying foul because the cheques happen to be blue, which the government has clearly been using since 2006, then I'm really confused about what our party stands for these days.

KNB said...

Anon @ 3:22, true the NDP haven't done it and thankfully they won't be in a position to ever do so.

That is not to say that the Lib's did the same thing either.

From what I can see, the cheques being displayed are from the government of Canada.

KNB said...

Top Can Inc. Cheques from the government, without gov't markings and only the MP's name on it are a problem.

There was also another one with the Conservative logo AND the MP's photo for gawd's sake.

No one is complaining that the cheques are blue.

Anonymous said...

Crying, whining, vapid little Lieberals, your party is the laughing stock of Canadian politics.

Anonymous said...

Top Can Inc,
It doesn't matter that not all of the cheques have a logo but just enough to make it seem, how did Flanagan put it...plausible...that this is rampant.

I am sure no "average canadian" will look much deeper than they do with the conservative party.

One look at the latest poll and I do believe that it looks VERY Plausible to Canadians.

Omar said...

Crying, whining, vapid little Lieberals, your party is the laughing stock of Canadian politics.

The Conservatives show themselves to be anything but the ethical messiahs of accountability their purer than the driven snow leader promised they'd be and somehow that makes the Liberals laughing stocks? I swear, you just can't make this shit up.

RuralSandi said...

A little overlooked fact - the rules have been changed by the treasury board since those old days.

The Cons have broken the current rules. Period.

I don't know why we need props like we are kids by any of the parties.

The Liberals weren't as blatant.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the Conservative/Government cheques misappropriation gets Canadians riled up.

It is nice to see Liberals get rightly indignant. Just like the Liberals get indignant about the flyers that Conservatives MPs parachute into riding that have no relation to them...

Part of the problem is that Liberals have eroded most credibility and trust with a large part of the population.

I know that many posters here don't understand that. Today, I received another flyer from an MP that does not represent me - Marc Garneau this time.... So while I agree that the cheques, just like the flyers is an abuse of the system, it is rather hard to believe Liberals when they also abuse the system.

I'm not so sure that the Liberals would act any differently from the Conservatives at the moment. Hence there seems to be a credibility gap that surrounds the Liberal...

I'm quite sure that some will defend the Liberals,saying that this is different... because somehow it always is....

So while lecturing about this is right, maybe the Liberals should try to be more ethical and gain trust back...

KNB said...

C_wtf, 10 per centers are legit.

No Lib has said they aren't. It's how the Con's are abusing the system.

Did Garneau's piece have a ballot like portion to it? Did it lie? Tell me more.

As I said, you are allowed to send info outside your riding.

Is that in itself bad? was never an issue before Harper came to power.

You like some Conservatives seem to miss a huge point here though.

It'll be in my next post.

This post was only meant to give people a chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Did Garneau's piece have a ballot like portion to it? Did it lie? Tell me more.

I have emailed it to you.

You seem to be missing the point.

Before the Liberals start lecturing others on how to be, they should strive for more - instead they come off as shallow and just as bad as the Conservatives.

You used to decry the use of the them by the Conservatives - now you seem to excuse it when the Liberals to it...
Yes, you say it's the degree in which the Conservatives "do it", if so, then the Liberals should totally abstain for who are you (or the Liberals) to decide how much is too much.... That is just plain arrogance....

KNB said...

Nope, that is not what I am saying and thank you for e-mailing it to me.

I think it's wrong for the Lib's to do this too. I get the, fight fire with fire, but I don't condone it at all.

That's not what I said. I said there is a rule that allows going into other ridings. It was never designed to include this though.

Ignatieff tried the opposite way. That was panned too.

Pray tell? What is your plan?

Anonymous said...

Watching the Liberals is like watching monkeys in a cage ceaselessly throwing feces at a wet wall hoping that something will stick.

What a pathetic bunch.

FredfromBC said...

A little bit of past history (Feb.2000) for those who have already forgotten:

OTTAWA and QUEBEC CITY – Jean Chretien, the Prime Minister, yesterday said his government had nothing to apologize for in seeking to reap maximum partisan political benefit from disbursing $1-billion worth of federal job grants across Canada each year.

He had always made sure since taking power in October, 1993, that voters were left in no doubt that it was his Liberals who were distributing such grants, he said.

“Listen,” he added, “we are the government … I don’t see why we can’t try to get credit for what we do. I hope we do so. There is nothing to be ashamed in that.”


So please, enough of the feigned self-righteous indignation. I'll take it from the NDP, but not from the Liberals.

And just so you know, I'm personally appalled by this whole mess. It was a childish, petty and (worst of all) completely unnecessary display of partisanship...

(words you will never, ever hear from any of the hardcore Liberal ideologues around here, of course. That's the major difference between us: I will *admit* when my party does something stupid while you people will simply go into denial. It's called 'honesty', kids...try it some time...)

FredfromBC said...

Decima is showing a seven point lead with a fairly large sample.


Yes, but another EKOS poll (the pollster of choice for the CBC and Red Star, isn't it?) released today shows the same size spread as all the other recent polls. making the Decima poll an 'outlier'. If 6 polls show one thing and the 7th shows a totally different outcome, which one do you believe?

(yeah, don't bother...I already know what you're going to say. Sample size is only one factor, and some of the other polls have had the same size sample as this one.)

And 'Chequescam' doesn't seem to be resonating with the public as much as you might like, sorry (and even less with the political pundits, even at the CBC). I believe they are thinking the same thing I am: that it was just amateurish and stupid.