Monday, July 03, 2006

It must be my imagination...

With every day that passes, I grow more perplexed with the amount of support the Conservatives receive.

I continue to search for the reason why, without merely finger pointing and blaming the obvious. There is no question in my mind that the ground swell of conservative views from south of the border, has had an impact. That is not to say it's George Bush's fault. It's merely a fact, as evidenced by the incessant use of phrases, coined in America..."Cut and Run", "Liberals stand for nothing", "Liberal elites", etc.

This is not the dialogue of this country, at least not as I see it looking back. I recall an intelligent, respectful debate of ideas.

It's also easy to point to the media, as they surely have given the Conservatives a free ride...but why aren't we demanding more of them? I laugh out loud every time I hear a Conservative refer to the 'left leaning media'. My hope is that as we progress toward the Leadership Convention, the press will honestly present the differences between the two parties.

The platform of the conservatives simply seems vacuous. Such small ideas, but each chipping away at the social fabric of the country. Have we become a country that can only digest 5 ideas at a time? Have we become a populous who can only follow a government whose language resembles that which we use to address children...."we are fighting the bad guys"?

My sense is that we are not these things. My hope is that anger blinded many during the last election and that slowly but surely, their vision is returning.

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