Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hurting Our Reputation, One Policy at a Time

We in Canada are of course aware of how the Conservatives are changing our country, but when that shift begins to creep out into the world, then the chances of more media coverage of same increases. That is a good thing.

It seems that the world has indeed been paying attention and they are not amused. It's one thing to be a new government with some new policies, but when the entire tenor of country changes, that is noticed.

Officials at two European missions at the United Nations, meanwhile, have expressed disappointment and concern over Canada's recent positions on several issues, and warned the country's reputation is on the line.

By Obrai's comments it's obvious that the conservatives don't care what other countries think. No surprise there, they don't care what over 60% of Canadians think.

Once again, I think they, the Conservatives, take this stance at their peril. While the media in this country is dominated by Harper cheerleader's, as he spreads this "my way or the highway" attitude further and further afield, the more attention he and we will receive. That is particularly true with every International forum we attend.

I do not think Bali is going to be the cake walk Harper and Baird expect.

Baird was quite pompous in taunting the Bloc in the House yesterday and today, stating that he was quite proud to invite the Quebec Environment Minister to Bali. Well that's fine, but Quebec's not on side as he suggested. Furthermore, as far as I could make out, Bloc MP Bigras stated that the Bloc would be in Bali expose the Conservative agenda. I do hope that the Lib's and the NDP go as well, but I've yet to hear anything.

Who knows how Bali will be covered here? Some journalists get it, many don't.

This government is opening itself up to much more scrutiny, through it's brazenness. I think they have been set back on their heels a bit this week. Environment, Justice, Human Rights and Foreign Affairs are all on the hot seat and these issues play to a large global audience. That these issues are being noticed by our allies, is at once embarrassing and gratifying.

I'd much prefer to have this Government exposed than have it go on unchecked. Harper may believe he has brought Canada back to the world stage and perhaps he's right. What he fails to realise is in what context he has done that.

Here's the thing. We were never off the world stage. We were an established entity that could be counted on. In a relatively short period of time (historically speaking), Canada came to stand for something globally. That is not a reputation to be toyed with, nor scoffed at. Harper is doing both. He also seems to be ignoring Pearson's Nobel anniversary. How arrogant is that? That was not about party allegiance, that was and is about our country and pride.

He seems to believe that his time has come in terms of seeing the world. Thankfully, I think the pendulum is swinging in the other direction and he missed the boat. Had he come to power sooner, who knows? I guess he'd be riding the wave of Bush and Howard and though Sarkozy has come to power recently and he too is a law and order guy, they are at odds vis a vis the environment.

Our reputation is at stake and I want Harper to be held to account and our standing restored. The sooner Canadians are told how disreputable and contrary Canada is becoming, the better.


The Mound of Sound said...

Government of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation, Harper style. It really has to end. This guy is more than an embarrasment, he's harming our country and what we may leave for future generations. Ten, fifteen,twenty years from now, Harper and those of his ilk will squirm their way out of it by saying "we didn't know." His type never changes.

Anonymous said...

Do you have anything other than a Canadian media point of view? My brother over in Finland said he only reads about this online/Canada media?

knb said...

Indeed MoS. My hope is that exposure will nip this. Not in the bud of course, but certainly before pollination.

knb said...

Anon, that is my point. There were some stories outside of Canada during the Commonwealth Summit and as the arrogance grows, there will be more.

At least your brother has the ability to see, online what is going on.

Multiply him by many. The world is watching.

billg said...

Reputation?? What reputation?? A country of photo ops?? We've become a country of money throwers.
We throw billions at homelessness and never solve the problem of sleep at night. Child poverty??...round table discussions and billions spent...and yet child poverty in this country continues to grow, but hey..look at us...we spend billions. Criminals use guns to kill people??...lets spend billions registering legal wont help but it sure looks good in a debate. Kyoto??..sure...lets carbon trade, billions on billions were to be spent on not reducing our GHG emmissions, but, oh how good was that photo at the UN with all those nice Liberals pretending to be something they had no intention of being. That was our reputation. Every day Mr Harper distances himself from the Liberal party, and, its up to Canadians in the next election to decide what they ops and feel good measures that accomplish very little, or, do they want the ugly truth.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed my point though KNB. My brother in Finland has lived there for almost 20 years. My point was the only place he acually reads about the stuff that we hear in Canada that the world see's us as bad is in the Canadian media.