Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's Going to Catch up With You

Though Dalton McGuinty was on this fairly quickly, it was kind of a sleeper story, until yesterday when Van Loan made a big mistake.

To be honest, I'm not sure that the con's have yet figured out just how transparent they have become in terms of how they are attempting to fool Canadians. Not only was Van Loan's "small man" comment yesterday a bad move, when it was raised today in the House by Stephane Dion the Government side applauded Van Loan for slagging the Ontario Premier. Think about that for a minute. Really bad move. Their arrogance is blinding them to how ridiculously manipulative they are. Slagging premiers good...doing what is right, wrong.

A common statement by this government is how they have united the country, yet at every opportunity, they divide it and now do it openly. I cannot wait to see the NS deal. Four times now they have cancelled meetings to update. What do you think?

Do you think the bureaucrats are bumbling or are they not putting forth language that the current government can sell, while being deceptive? I think, "change the language" is the instruction. We love to hate the bureaucrats, but frankly I pity them at this moment.

Back to the point. Each and every bill the Con's bring forward has nothing to do with governing. In truth, each and every bill is designed to contain a cute sound bite that suggests they are doing something monumental, historical even, but it's a sham.

Senate reform, some crime bills, the Accountability Act, and now this. The bills are multi-faceted really. They push their agenda, provide themselves with ad slogans, change the country without really telling Canadians what they are really doing and manipulate the system to give them advantage. Clever really, but you can only do that for so become exposed. In Van Loan's case, that visual is a bit disturbing.

This seat count has been exposed to be completely bogus and Ontario's Premier is on the right side of the issue. So is Dion. Barney Rubble, (he does actually look like him doesn't he?), can spew whatever he likes but in this case, numbers speak.

I find it somewhat humorous that the media has been spending their time trying to figure out Harper's strategy. Media on the right aren't of course, they are just feeling their way to sell the message. Other media, assume that he plays by the normal political rules. He DOES NOT. When they will get that I'm not quite sure.

Harper is more interested now in solidifying his base, not growing it.

Why? That seems to make no sense. Apparently it's not shifted. Poll after poll shows it's solid, but it can't be. Internal polling must be telling them other news. Reformers and Alliance must be ticked at the whole Mulroney thing. Traditional PC'ers are peeling off so he has to give the West something to bite on and do it in a way that will appeal to Progressives. I think they have his number though and the Lib's would do well to play on that.

Ontario needs attention and he, Harper, seems to be ignoring that concept. Don't be fooled. Van Loan seems to have just undercut Harper's credibility. My bet is he's deliberately putting McGuinty in a tough spot. He's engineered this response only to corner McGuinty. If there is an election, he'll offer McGuinty the moon. He'll do it in a way that McGuinty will accept and Dion will be hard pressed to counter.

In my opinion, Van Loan has put this ploy at risk.

Scatter shot is how the con's do business. That is no way to run a country.

It's time to make that clear.

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