Saturday, December 29, 2007

If It's Up To Us, Why Don't You Butt Out?

There is something about David Wilkins that I find particularly irksome. His devotion to Bush does not go unnoticed of course, but it's more than that.

There are many captions that could be attached to this photo, but I tend to lean to just how much Canada means to the US.

Paul Salucci was also a pain, though he does have some sympathy re' the current border issue and he was a more moderate Republican than Wilkins. I suspect he was sought out because he comes from a border State that would understand Canada. He was absolutely conservative and acted on behalf of his country and I thought he was a little too vocal but he pales when compared to Wilkins.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not recall the current level of jingoism coming from an American ambassador prior to Bush being in power. I do not remember Gordon Griffin making remarks that made the whole country stand up.

Wilkins has a way of sticking the knife in and offering to take you to the hospital at the same time.

This comment is not particularly incendiary, but wait, just wait. He'll be all over the air waves come the New Year, telling us how Canada must stay in Afghanistan, but it's our decision. Duffy will be the first to have him on his show and he'll suggest that much damage could be done to our relationship with the which Wilkens will reply, but we are good friends. Just watch for the plea though.

Pakistan is a disaster at the moment and I do not know what the answer is there. As a result, Afghanistan is more dangerous. I know our troops are strong and well trained. Leaving them in a killing zone is nonsensical.

Out in 2009 or rather re-deployed in the country, though even that is looking precarious.

The Taliban (to use the generic), is gaining strength, full stop, period. We are not doing this correctly, NATO's strategy is a bad one. It was from the start, now we have proof and to continue this joke dishonours our forces.

Wilkins would do well to chew on some Hushpuppies right now.

On the other hand, if he wants to show Harper for what he is, I suppose he should keep on spewing.


Ryan said...

Lament for a Nation.

Dame said...

You are right!!!He has the mindset as Canada would be the Dominion of the United States.. his brain is a relic of old old times.
Whenever he opens his mouth he belittles chide and scolds Canadians as they were unruly immature children he has to teach...he doesn’t have the slightest respect for Canada .
I just hate this guy ./I think it is mutual/
Hope he will disappear soon like a bad "fume " frame the States
He really actively made our relationship worst ...

RuralSandi said...

Wilkins was a large donator to the Bush campaign and he is a protectionist for the softwood lumber industry for the Carolinas.

I don't like how he interfered with our elections and I don't like how he goes around telling Canadians what they should do. Considering the mess the Bush administration has made of their tenure you'd think this guy would go into the shadows in embarrassment.

Watching the back of his head going out the door would not make me cry one bit.

sassy said...


Your post title sums it up very well.