Friday, April 08, 2011

Harper's Final Battle Cry

Those of you who have read me for a long time know I have always shunned the argument that Stephen Harper has a secret, 'social', agenda. I have never believed that, though I do believe with power he would have implemented legislation to turn back the clock only to satisfy and grow his base.

Oh, he does have an agenda. It's just not based on abortion, etc. and to be honest, I wish the opposition parties had focused on that reality more emphatically these past 5 years.

His dream is to turn this country away from L/liberalism in any form. He claims that means small government, but please, check the record and you have to analyse what 'small' means. (Oh, so tempted to go to male metaphors, but I will resist.)

It doesn't really mean less spending. It doesn't really mean less bureaucracy. It really means re-directed money, and lots of it, to what they think is important as a federal government. It's the federal government and it's responsibility that they want to, (and are) changing. Military, corporations (capitalism) and justice. That's the range.

Now, before anyone thinks I've gone rogue and flown left, I think all of those concerns are valid for a federal government to be involved in. What I don't think, is that federal government should be restricted to just that. That is not what this country is nor what it is about.

Harper is talking a game about social issues right now, a game to care, but that is 'the very pretty lure'. Lures are designed to deceive.

Tonight I watched Harper change his speech a bit. There was a bitterness to it. There was the Harper of old coming to the fore. He is now evoking the Trudeau era without mentioning his name. He refers to the Chretien time as one of the most dire times in history and he quietly brought up sponsorship. His tone is all about the evils of Liberal government and he is becoming far more honest about his hatred of that.

I truly believe he thinks the country is ready for a new face and this is his last chance to bring it, as the saying goes. The "Canada's back" statement on Canada Day, will never leave my memory.

To anyone who has watched the man and has not fallen into the claptrap of, "oh look, he's such a centrist!" as many in the media sadly have, his speech tonight gave him away. I'm perplexed that so many clever people have ignored who he is, but they have and we are poorer for it.

This is his last battle cry and watch it ratchet up. Smart folk will see it. Blinders will continue to be distributed to others.

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