Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ridings Only Get Money if MP is in Government?

The latest offering from Conservative candidate in my riding, Stella Ambler, is telling us that you must have an MP in government in order to get dollars to the riding.

Here's the line:

As Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's Chief of Staff in the GTA, I saw first-hand how much more we could have benefitted [sic] here in Missississauga South if we had an MP on the government side of the House working for us. (bold: hers)

First of all, this Chief of Staff stuff is a party designation and has nothing to do with government. She seems to have inflated sense of self and in my opinion is misleading the riding.

More importantly though, what is she really saying? That Flaherty purposely denied this riding it's due because there is a Liberal incumbent? They only reward their own? They don't work for all Canadians, only Conservative Canadians? I'm sure Hazel McCallion would be surprised to hear that.

She goes on to point out that our MP Paul Szabo says he works hard in Ottawa. Horrors! Of course she's again insinuating that he didn't work hard for the riding, which is nonsense. If you recall, the majority of project spending goes through the municipality. Furthermore, I happen to know that this area had one of the highest up-takes on the Home Reno credit, which does not involve an MP.

What's this election about again? Trust, honesty, contempt for parliament, our democracy?

Ms. Ambler doesn't seem to realise that with every piece of literature that she drops, she just reinforces why the Conservatives should not be in power.

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gingercat said...

Well at least she wasn't lying. I drove from coast to coast this year and me and my spouse had a lot of fun playing spot the Conservative riding.

Unfair, undemocratic, sure, but we are talking about the Conservatives.

What's really more surprising is that one of them was honest.