Monday, April 04, 2011

Wait Times

So what's been happening on the policy front during this election?

Well, Stephen Harper and his party have the wealthy, healthy folk covered. Yes, he cares about them, or rather he will in about 5 years...maybe. He also cares about families who decide to have a parent stay at home to raise our future, or rather he will care, in about 5 years....maybe. He's also got duck hunters covered. That's right. He's once again promising to get rid of the long gun registry if, and only if, he gets a majority,, well there is no good reason really, certainly no logical one, but hey, it gets those hunters chanting and that is always fun!

What is he not delaying? Corporate tax cuts and the procurement of the F-35's. Nope it's full steam ahead on those issues. You see, apparently we have danger lapping at our shores, so now is not the time to focus on Canadians. Lapping danger means you must immediately take your gaze away from families. What? You didn't know that?

Now, to be fair, the tax cut for major corporations has already been implemented, but just. Three short months ago, the rates were set at the rate that Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals intend to temporarily return them to. Yes, I said temporarily because that is rarely mentioned. Tax cuts will begin again once we have eliminated the deficit.

As for the F-35's, well the Liberals are not disputing the fact that we do have to replace our current equipment, but they want an open bid and the opportunity to review other aircraft, not to mention the fact that some real numbers on what the Conservatives are proposing have still not been put forward.

So, I guess it would be fair to say that the Liberals have a platform for today based on delaying a tax break for corporations until we can afford it and the Conservatives have a plan to delay anything for Canadians until some time in the future, but will advance breaks for large business today.

Wait times. You decide who should be experiencing them.

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