Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Flaherty Passes the the Twerp

The country in recent days has witnessed the Conservative leprechaun Jim Flaherty popping up at random, kicking his heels in an attempt to knock the Ontario Liberals off balance. He failed. The Liberals stuck to their guns (as if there was any doubt) so now it's on to phase 2 of the Conservative plan apparently.

Yesterday, the Con's decided that Pierre Poilievre should be their post budget point man. He made the usual scripted noises in his usual nasty manner.

I thought it a bit odd that such an insignificant back bencher would be sent to do this work, though having witnessed him in committee and watched him on the House floor, I know this guy stops at nothing and I mean nothing, in an effort to belittle and demean anyone who he perceives to be in his path.

He doesn't argue with fact. No, that would require knowledge and experience after all. Rather, he chooses to twist and distort at will, so long as it supports his agenda. He's one of those Con's who thinks it's funny to call opposition members Taliban supporters and would think nothing of ruining someones reputation if it meant his party could advance.

Well, now I think we may gain some understanding as to why he was selected to comment on the Budget. It seems the criticism is not about to stop there. Tonight I read this,

The federal Conservatives' relentless assault on the Ontario government intensified Wednesday with their most explosive salvo — an accusation that Premier Dalton McGuinty of having run a "sponsorship-style" slush fund.

Tory MP Pierre Poilievre drew parallels between Mr. McGuinty's Liberal government and the corruption seen in the federal Liberals' infamous sponsorship program.

Are the Con's insane? Apparently. For some reason they believe that attacking is a winning strategy and why wouldn't they? They've been doing that since they came to power and the public don't seem to be reacting all that negatively when you look at the polls. Why is that? Why are Canadians more inured to cheap politics than Americans at this moment in time? Are we that far behind the curve? Maybe we are, in terms of how we are fed information though you would think we'd have learned from the American experience wouldn't you?

That said, in this case I think the Con's are are making a big mistake and it's based on absolute arrogance. They pulled Flaherty back, imo, because his credibility in Ontario is zilch. Anyone promoting supply side economics in 2008, in Ontario, while already having proved first hand that it doesn't work looks rather foolish don't you think? So, they have to replace him with someone who will attack, but does not have a record in Ontario where it counts. Poilievre's riding is Nepean I think.

It's obvious to me that Poilievre has spent a great deal of time in the so-called, Conservative media training Centre. His speech pattern is so measured, so stilted, that he sounds like a robot.

I think the Con's have made a big mistake here because on camera he looks like a little twerp and it's obvious that he is thoroughly impressed with himself. He's as loyal as the day is long to his party, but his ego is voracious. He seems not to know when to rein himself in.

The Fed's are looking to denigrate Ontario Lib's. If they are bringing the twerp Poilievre out for phase 2, I cannot wait for phase 3.

I for one am going to enjoy watching them lose seats, in Ontario, in the next election.

More info: Kady O'Malley as usual has more insight.


RuralSandi said...


Meanwhile back in France...
Paul Wells | March 26, 2008 | 13:25:33 | Permalink

...Nicolas Sarkozy abandons his election promise for $107 billion in tax cuts. I'm told Pierre Poilièvre will be landing in Paris tomorrow to give Sarkozy a stern talking-to.

....when the journalists/pundits are making fun of you - you have to know you are an idiot....

wilson said...

I always enjoy the pics you post!

Very curious, the attacks on McGuinty.
Perhaps, after McGuinty won a majority govt, not because he is doing a great job, but because Cons sat on their hands, PMSH wanted to wake up the masses.

This is right out of Chretien's play book, when he would jump on Ralph Klein before/during an election.

It worked for Chretien!

Anonymous said...

'The twerp'
No depth of argument...
just go straight for the ad hominen
Nice, mature politics.

knb said...

LOL Sandi.

knb said...

I'm glad you like the pic's wilson.

I've seen your argument used elsewhere, but I confess to not recalling what Chretien used to do to Klein.

Anyway, it looks as if Harper has taken a U-turn for today anyway.

While I disagree with the writers point that there has been a thaw, it does make Pierre's rant look rather foolish.

knb said...

anon, fair point, but some days I just reach the end of my rope and choose to rant.

My blog, my prerogative.

Of course your comment could also apply to Poilievre, who is an elected MP speaking to a National Newspaper, not simply a blogger.

Anonymous said...

This infant is...shudder... my MP. He got elected because he was unemployed and had time to go visit all the seniors homes in the riding many times over and door knock endlessly. He did not graduate University and has never had an actual job. That pinheads like this can suck on the taxpayer teat and rise to some limited prominence - even in a party of unaccomoplished blowhards like the current lot - makes me sick to my stomach.

knb said...

You have my sympathy anon.