Monday, March 03, 2008

I have no words...

Jeff Healey
March 25, 1966 - March 02, 2008


Lord Omar said...

I met him one time backstage at a show in Halifax in the late 80s. He was just the most gracious guy. The good die young.

knb said...

Omar, I'm so envious. I've dated many musicians and have of course met many.

I saw him in Toronto at Grossman's Tavern, didn't meet him though.

I confess, I've been crying on and off all day. 40 flipping one! What the hell is that?

I suppose we look to contribution and sadly in Canada, I think we took him for granted, but we also took him as our own. The world has responded to this loss and I think we'll read more.

I heard many stories about him today. Some funny, but most played to the strength of the man.

I'm not able to rationalise that loss. I'm just not able.