Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Few Pic's from Toronto Rally

These are a few quick downloads. Having some trouble editing photo's, (ie brightness, etc) but you should get a bit of a feel from this.

Raging Grannies

Gerard Kennedy
Martha Hall-Findlay


Anonymous said...

Great Pics KNB. Joseph here from Vancouver. I'll forward the email I sent Steve on the protest here in Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Economic Action Plan ads have started, all part of Harper's austerity program.

Of course, they all seem to be on Canwest channels, which means they could also be part of Harper's stimulus program (for his friends and cronies).

Anonymous said...

I did see a few NDP signs, which I do not think is correct to do. It is supposed to be for everybody.......?

KNB said...

Great pic's too Joseph! Thanks for this movement.

KNB said...

Anon @1021, yea, there was a bit of an NDP hijack, but I put my annoyance aside. Can't imagine how they would have reacted if there were Liberal signs.

In the end, it was all good. People who care about the country got together and screamed.

Loved it!

For the record, I didn't see a single NDP MP. said...

On Saturday January 23rd Canadians made it clear we will not stand for our Prime Minister suspending our democracy. The day brought thousands to the street to speak out, to fight back against this abuse of power. Though the day may be over, the fight continues, democracy must go on and so to must our protests.


Anonymous said...

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. ....................................................

RuralSandi said...

You know what impressed me? The young, middle aged and old coming together instead of the young blaming babyboomers for everything and the old dismissing the cries of the young.

You can get more done together than apart. Afterall, like Stalin, Harper's tactic is to divide and conquer.

Well done.

I couldn't attend a rally because we went to a funeral, otherwise I would have been there.

The Canadian people are bringing Canada back, not Harper

penlan said...

Anon @ 9:50 p.m.

I started seeing the ads on CBC NN the day after the judge ruled for the cons on the In/Out scheme. So it isn't just Canwest channels doing them.


Thanks for the pics! Apparently there were more than 150 people in Stratford. Wasn't able to go due to physical limitations but would have been there if it wasn't winter. An excellent turnout across the country!