Sunday, January 10, 2010



Big Winnie said...

Short, succint and a bit of an edge to it. I like it.

Omar said...

Will this get television air time?

CuriosityCat said...

Stage protests against prorogation in visible sites along the highways and byways of Vancouver, DURING THE OLYMPIC GAMES, and especially around the Media centre, where 10,000 journalists from all over the world will be concentrating.

Think of the exposure ...

And the impact it will have on Harper trying to sweep his prorogation act under the carpet.

wilson said...

Liberals staging protests at the Olympics may provide a really good hiding place for those with serious harm on their minds.
Don't do it.
Our security forces will be strained as it is.

KNB said...

Omar, to the best of my knowledge they are only print and radio at the moment.

That and social media of course, where there is a lot of momentum.

KNB said...

CC, for different reasons than what wilson cites, I'm not sure any political party will be rewarded by disrupting the games.

I think the rallies planned for the 23rd will have an impact and we can build on that in other ways.

ottlib said...

As much as I hate to admit it Wilson has a point.

Such protests would be an ideal spot for someone with an agenda not that of Canadian democrats to cause trouble.

As well I would not put it past the Conservatives to insert agent provocateurs amongst the protesters. They would love to change the focus of such protests from their usurpation of Canadian democracy to the actions of a few trouble makers, blaming the Liberals all the way.

The media in this country has been obsessed with the Liberals for over a decade, to the benefit of the Conservatives. That is beginning to change as not even they can ignore the abject arrogance of the Conservatives any more. However, I believe the media is looking for an excuse to shift their focus back to the Liberals so they need to be careful not to provide the media with an excuse.

Protests that get out of control at the Olympics would be just that excuse.

Stick with the ads and the protests at the end of this month. Stay away from the Olympics.

marie said...

Good advice ottib.Stay away from the Olympics for a protest but stage a protest elsewhere as the Media will cover it and visitors will be tuning in all over the world on TV news site. Lets see how a crippled Harpercrit can control all the media without putting his own neck in a noose.

BTW Wilson, were you volunteering to create trouble? Just asking seeing as you mentioned it first.