Monday, January 11, 2010

Spin, Losing it's Thread

How many reasons have we heard now from the Conservatives as rationale to prorogue? I've lost track.

There is the need to consult over the economy, but Flaherty put that to rest by saying he'd consult with or without prorogation. Then there is the whole notion that the government has to set a new agenda, 'recalibrate', except they go on to say that it will be business as usual and the plan is simply to implement the second half of the EAP.

There is not one reasonable explanation that has been put on the table and they are now floundering and sound more ridiculous than usual.

Oh, to hear Tom Flanagan tonight was something to behold. Yes, even Tom thinks the government has played this all wrong and indeed he stated that the government is putting forward childish explanations when everyone knows Harper is avoiding the Afghanistan detainee issue. Go-rogue Tom!

Today, Harper was interviewed by BNN. He described the House and Parliament as 'games'. His trustworthy secretary, Pierre Poilievre described same as 'theatre'. Both of these descriptions tell us precisely what the PM thinks of our institutions and plays to exactly what Canadians are rebelling against. Harper holds these institutions in disdain and will abuse the system in every way he can to both circumvent and discredit them.

This is our Prime Minister...of the country. Isn't that just mind boggling?

Further, Harper had the audacity to imply that minority governments wreak havoc with the markets. Seriously, he said that:

In fact, it is Parliament in a minority situation that is perceived by markets as unstable, said Harper.

"The games begin when Parliament returns," he explained. "The government can take our time now to do the important work to prepare the economic agenda ahead.

"That said, as soon as Parliament comes back . . . the first thing that happens is a vote of confidence and there'll be votes of confidence and election speculation for every single week after that for the rest of the year. That's the kind of instability markets are actually worried about."

Really? What kind of idiotic comment is that? Since when do the markets sit in anticipation of what a minority government might do? Answer: They don't.

Oh, then he had this gem:

Although the stimulus spending, and lower revenues caused by the recession, has caused the government to fall into record deficits -- $56 billion this year alone -- Harper said he is not worried Ottawa is creating a structural deficit.

Creating? It's been created my friend and there is not an economist in this country that doesn't attest to that....oh, except Harper who by now certainly has to be acclaimed the worst economist on the planet.

Is this the next tranche that Harper wants to exploit? Good luck with that. What the Conservatives don't seem to get at the moment is their flank has been exposed and once out there, there is no covering up.

They are now calling people who are engaged and understand the issues, elitists. That term apparently is designed to turn people away, but, if elitism means being in the know and taking the time to understand issues, hey, I'm there!


Cari said...

KNB, did you notice that the CBC is getting away from being the "friendly " broadcaster to one with a Conservative tinge.
Harper has his arm in there too, with his choice of CEO.
Maybe, I am going a tad paranoid ?

KNB said...

Cari, to be honest, I just don't think Solomon is very good at his job.

He's not a Conservative shill, indeed I think he goes out of his way not to be one...therein lies the rub.

He'll either mature/grow into the job or be replaced.

Steve V said...

When you put John Ivison and Tom Flanagan on a four person panel to discuss torture coverup, you know that something has changed. Left wing media is a mirage.

Evan sucks, he tries, but he drowns almost everytime.

marie said...

I have to agree that Evans sucks big time. If he could only learn to listen and not interrupt before asking question. By doing that he seems to forget what needs to be asked. CBC would do them self a great service to move him into another job until he learns the ropes properly.

RuralSandi said...

I've often wondered why Susan Bonner didn't get the job. Is it because she's a woman, or is it because she's independant enough to truly ask the tough questions - or both?

Solomon is pathetic. How the hell did he get the job?

Dame said...

Actually I almost enjoy seeing Harper to make all the idiotic mambo -jumbo nearly incoherent blabbing he is doing now on every possible media outlet what is willing to give him a spot ... his jittery body language his forced grin /smile/ is really exposing the sociopath in him.
what a shame we still have this man the #1 admirer of Bush as our PM???

Dame said...

I am proud I made it to the elite!!! hahahahaha

Omar said...

Wow. Come on people. I do not think Evan Solomon sucks, sucks big time or is pathetic. As a matter of fact I think he is doing a better than average job in his new role. One that I am sure has more than a few learning curves. Such hostility towards someone employed at our national broadcaster reminds me of the tactics usually dished out by those on the right of our political spectrum.
Take a deep breath, y'all..