Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Theatre of the Absurd

While I maintain my position on this prorogation, I can't help but smile watching the government's hamfisted reaction to what Canadians are saying.

The rationale for prorogation shifts by the hour. There is no real narrative and the more MP's and Ministers that come forward to proclaim, the more ridiculous they sound. Oh, that includes the PM btw, who in my opinion, has made some of the most ridiculous comments, that are promptly shot down. Not just by the opposition mind you, but by people who know of what they speak.

Tonight I watched MP Glover on Power and Politics. I apologise for this, but I burst out laughing as she spoke.

Now, I have to say that I had pegged her for a cabinet appointment, if there is going to be a shift. Not because she is bright, she's not. Not because she has expertise, she doesn't. What she has is a tenacity that the Harper government loves. She speaks to the camera and parrots the party line like no one's business. That, in my opinion, gets you to cabinet, sadly.

Tonight though was something to behold and a tough one to dissect. She was asked by Evan Solomon what she had to say about Tom Flanagan's comments last night on the show. You remember right? He confirmed that Harper was making ridiculous childish comments re' prorogation and everyone knew that he was avoiding the Afghanistan issue.

Her response? I don't know who this Tom Flanagan person is, but he is a Canadian, I assume, who has the right to his opinion...or something like that.

Really? There are two ways to go here. She has either been fed that line by the PMO to deflect the damage Flanagan did yesterday, or she seriously doesn't know. I'm going with the latter because it tells me more about who runs for the party and who supports them.

You see, I don't believe many in the party, elected or followers, really understand what Harper stands for, believes in, or has promoted most of his adult life. I think people identify as Conservative, for real or imagined reasons and really have no conception of what this new party, led by this man, means. Flanagan is very much the architect for god's sake and to not know who he is, well, that is gob smacking.

I've watched Glover because she was new and was quickly placed in front of the camera. She had experience at that. But she soon showed me that she is a partisan without any depth and has a nasty streak that suits the party to a tee. Tonight confirmed that.

If you want to run for Stephen Harper and his party, don't you think you should know something about him? Who is Tom Flanagan? Really?

This my friends I think is as telling as it gets.

The Conservatives are in the weeds, pushing out nobodies that have nothing to offer and it all makes me wonder why has it taken so long for the reality of it all to be exposed?

Something tells me there will be more and it will contribute to the theatre of the absurd.


Anonymous said...

Glover is a femme Polievre.

CanNurse said...

"Who is Flanagan?" It was a Sarah Palin/Katie Couric Moment. Classic!
thanks for sharing this!

RuralSandi said...

Did you notice that she put on her usual toughty moment - "and, we're going to do it".

She was on a panel a while back (CTV I think) discussing something with Martha Hall Finlay and and female NDP'r and during it Glover says "I demand...blah, blah".

Now, if she'd only get rid of the 80's Farrah Fawcet hairdo and try to appear like she's a today woman.