Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire

Sometimes truth prevails over mythology. Strange in this day and age, but there you have it.

I love the fact that all the talking heads were proven wrong.

The real test starts now.


Dame said...

Hah . Time for the talking heads to eat crow??? lololol

Hillary did what I expected from her and prove my Gut feeling She is the Real Deal the steady one with solid base and skill and the right motives . Wit all respect to Osama’s special talent for speaking ... he is the apprentice yet. She can offer far more for the transformation what is inevitable and everybody wants..
I was afraid Obama actually would crash down the Democratic Cause and evoke a strong opposition when it Comes to the final run "CHANGE AMERICA?" sounds revolution what is not going To happen. I don’t think Obama would win nationally .
yes Hillary has the right way for the change ..
Wake Up…. sober up everybody. !!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens in the future - it's good that Obama is brought down a peg. He's walking a little cocky these days, and I for one, don't go for the messiah stuff.

Why did McCain and Clinton win? I think because these two took questions from the audience, no matter how tough, and answered them.

Obama didn't do the question thing - he just kept on doing his inspirational reworded from Kennedy, Martin Luther King stuff.

You can only listen to so much of the motivational speaking stuff.

Obama needs to be challenged - the Republicans will try to rip him apart.