Monday, January 07, 2008

Wait for It

The attacks will begin tonight and tomorrow. It will be the ludicrous argument that professes a show of emotion shows weakness.

Today, Hillary was emotional and of course in this day and age it was recorded. (The vid will follow.)

It didn't take long for John Edwards to come out and smack her down. I have to say that his move shocked me. If nothing else, I've always respected him. Isn't he the one who said this race is personal to him? Do you think that he's never teared up in the face of adversary? If you answer yes, I suggest you are not of the real world.

Here's the thing to me though. Emotion is frequently viewed as a weakness which is completely contrary to our make-up as human beings. Why would we have emotions if they were not useful? In fact, I would argue they are meant to guide us.

Of course, I'm an artist so I will be dismissed by many of you but I can tell you that I could not ply my trade without an emotional reservoir.

Edwards basically said, in a Commander in Chief I think we need strength and resolve. Where precisely is that lacking in Hillary's comments? Emotion coming to the fore suggests to me that you are tapping into your strength. Emotion brings focus and therefore it also brings your resolve or defeat. Therein lies the test of strength. You use that deep message.

To those of you who think emotion shows weakness, hold on to your hats. Our daily lives do not bear that out and to believe that life isn't like that is to deny the life you live.

Here's the vid:

h/t to Steve who brought this vid to my attention.


doug newton said...

I noticed Hillary watching John Edwards when he was delivering his "deep message" of personal commitment in the New Hampshire debate the other night.
John almost choked up, but instantly mastered himself, clearly demonstrating his superior strength and resolve.

Ryan said...

Knb--do you have a link to the Edwards response somewhere?

Anonymous said...

I do not know why society looks on emotion as a sign of weakness. I would presume it comes from Hollywood movies. People cry for all sorts of reason. Personally I do not see a problem with this. As to being surprised that John Edwards would criticize Hilary Clinton for showing emotion I am not. Believe it or not I admire Hilary Clinton it takes a whole lot of courage for running for public office. We only have to go back to the liberal leadership race when Michael Ignatieff attacked Mr.Dion when he said the famous quote "we did not get the job done." I think we all know what he meant by this. My point his that they are fighting for one opening that is the Oval office in the U.S. and the PMO of course in our country. They have invested much time and money so they will say and do almost anything to degrade their opponents so that the people would vote for them. This is why I think we do not see big talent running for office whether here in our Country or the U.S. Let's just remember about James Moore and the so called porn picture. What I am trying to say here is that politics is a dirty business and that nothing surprises me anymore.

knb said...

doug, I remember Edwards at that moment but didn't notice Hilliary. Interesting observation.

ryan, the best I have is Tom Clark quoting him here. Scroll down to the Mike Duffy show on the right. It's the 2nd vid.

John. I hear you and know it's a dirty business at times, but I just thought Edwards was a bit better than that.

RuralSandi said...

Pundits were saying that nearly all the presidents of the US have cried at some point.

I've always believed and still do that Edwards is an overambitious jerk with his wife/mother/attacker or whatever she is protecting her little boy.