Saturday, January 26, 2008

Truth...A Refreshing Change

We all know that some media can be tough on Dion but if you contrast this scrum with Harper's hesitant message scripting, it's a breath of fresh air to hear some truth. Allowing him to be who he is, that is his strength though it's cited and repeated to be a weakness.

Call me crazy but I think some media got too caught up in the phe-nom of Harper and they forgot what matters to the country. Was it ever thus? Not to this degree I don't think. More on that tomorrow.

Anyway, there is too much going on tonight in the States, so take what you will from the vid.

One last thing. Listen to that French compared to Harper's. They cannot be compared of course. Harper is given credit for trying and learning, why is Dion not afforded the same opportunity over the same amount of time? Those of you who continue to profess that you cannot understand him, get out more! He may not sound like you, but consider how many of us have accents as we speak English in this country. You are insulting many, not just Dion.

Media has done him a disservice here too, imo. Again, tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dion is a goof...plain and simple.

knb said...

Unlike your wise self of course.

ottlib said...

The shine is coming off of Mr. Harper.

In the past two years the two issues that have eroded the support of this government the most has been the detainee issue and the Chalk River controversy.

Now it will be facing both at the beginning of what is going to be a long Parliamentary session.

Add to that the fact the Conservatives shot their economic bolt in November they are going to have a hard time maintaining their current level of support let alone growing it.

This month marks the exact mid-point of this government's mandate. That is traditionally the time when a certain malaise begins to infect the electorate with regard to the sitting government. I cannot explain it except that it could be a form of voter fatigue and it always seems to manifest itself around this time in a government's mandate. Majority governments usually have the time to reverse it but we all know that this is not a majority government.

So this is truly bad timing for the government to be facing two scandals and a slowing economy.

knb said...

but we all know that this is not a majority government.

Everyone except Harper, ;).

I would tend to agree with you ottlib. The three issues you bring up are indeed going to be on the radar and it's my belief that each opens itself to other issues that may have been forgotten.

The slowing economy and rocky markets, not due to Harper per se, but you have to know that those affected by the Income Trust decision will be out again.

Linda Keen evokes memories of many public servants that he has maligned.

The detainee issue raises all things Afghanistan, as well as Omar Khadr, the death row Cdn. in the US, etc.

The pattern has always been there of course. It's just rarely laid out in clear terms.