Sunday, January 06, 2008

Well, That Was Different

Though I know I shouldn't test my blood pressure by watching Question Period, I did watch today.

One segment was a panel with Bob Rae, Paul Dewar of the NDP and Deepak Obhrai of the Con's.

Bob Fife was the journalist and boy was I surprised by how he finally asked some questions that reflect reality. (Go to the bottom right to click on the video link.) Calling Bernier a Minister missing in action was a good accurate start and he went on to ask why we have heard so little from the government on all the major issues of the day, specifically those that fall under the Foreign Affairs umbrella.

Bob Rae was, as always, articulate on the subject pointing out how there has been so little real political discussion on Afghanistan.

Dewar was fine. In fact I agree with him on the point that this government came in totally unprepared for these large issues and have been caught off guard.
Obhrai stumbled and bumbled and answered nothing, as per usual.

That does seem to be the way with this government. They are asked a question or criticised about something and their only reply is that is not true or more classically to the contrary. They never back the assertion up with fact, so I suppose they believe that denial alone is enough.

Let us hope that these kinds of questions will continue to be asked on all issues.

It's overdue imo, but welcome nonetheless.


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