Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hey Pierre...Watch This!

Many have already commented on Poilievre's disgusting remarks yesterday, so I'm not going to waste too much time or energy on it.

While obviously it wasn't expected, especially yesterday, sadly it's not a complete surprise that he and I'm sure others in that party, were only going through the motions as they clapped without enthusiasm as their leader spoke.

I recommend watching this clip from CPAC, (f/f to 47:05). If that man's pain does not affect you and you cannot grasp the depth of what so many endured, you are one frightening individual.

What will be telling is whether or not Poilievre will be disciplined. That will tell us all we need to know about Harper and his sincerity.

Those who think this has gone unnoticed, think again. During votes in the House this morning, Poilievre was booed every time he stood.

Pierre's nasty remarks here @ :50.


RuralSandi said...

I missed the votes this morning - who booed Poilievre - all the House or just opposition members?

I saw that interview last night when the fellow broke down after saying Dion was the most sincere and started to talk about entering one of the schools when he was 5 then fell apart - it broke my heart. Imagine his heart.

knb said...

It was difficult to tell if it was just the Libs because of how the camera stays fixed on the person voting. If it wasn't everyone, it should have been.

Baird thought it was hilarious. Big surprise there.

That interview and others broke my heart too sandi. I watched just about all the proceedings and don't mind saying that I kept the Kleenex close.

RuralSandi said...

knb - I suggest you read Aaron Wherry's blog at Macleans - The Commons, on the days events and the sequence of events on the issue - well done and interesing.

Baird laughed? This man has no concept of sensitivity at all.

knb said...

Thanks sandi, that was well done.

Here's a link for those who are interested.

Baird indeed is a buffoon.

btw - Don Newman confirmed that all the opposition booed.

Poilievre has apologised now, but Harper won't denounce his words.

RuralSandi said...

Apology - too little, too late. He's been so partisan, nasty, venomouse - who in their right mind would accept his apology.

It's just like Lewsikski's(sp?) apology - just words. He has done one thing to deal with the gay community.

I've read some of the Blogging Tories (ugh, I did) and the responses - they think exactly like Poilievre.

Sorry, I can't forgive Poilievre - I hope his constuents vote him out - he's poison.

knb said...

Agreed sandi. Here's our candidate for that riding.

I don't know about you but after reading his bio, I would pay good money to watch Mr. Mahfouz debate that twit.