Monday, June 16, 2008

(In)Capable Hands

Gosh! Aren't we lucky? I mean think about it. Those who lead this country are so deep, so knowledgeable, so capable that really, we should just be counting our lucky stars every night when we put our heads on the pillow.

You see, after the Taliban staged a major prison break, that essentially negates much of the hard work our troops have done, we are comforted by our PM. In the House today he actually took the time to tell us what we really should be thinking about is how dangerous the Taliban are and oh yeah, we should support the troops.
Phew! I'm so glad he clarified the situation, because you know, I didn't know that the Taliban were the bad guys. They're really, really bad apparently and the fact that they were so well co-ordinated that they were able to release 500-1000 prisoners, isn't really the issue. No, the issue is we should remember just how bad these guys are. The fact that our troops have given their lives in order to put some of those who are wandering free tonight in that prison, isn't the issue. No, focus here. Taliban bad, support the troops.
Oh and the fact that the Corrections Canada warning to our government, received in February 2007, that the prison's security should be a top priority was ignored, is not the issue. Taliban bad, support the troops.
These guys are unbelievable! MacKay blames, seriously lays all blame, on the Afghans! The man is delusional. We have a prison with mud walls that the Canadians were warned to secure and we did not apparently but potato patch Pete blames the guys we're training. Compound that with the fact that the firefight that went on at the prison apparently lasted 90 minutes and our PRT is 8 km away and our nearest military base is 4 km but allegedly it was 40 minutes after Canada realised the situation was serious that they decided to act. The government, our strategy and quite frankly the military brass have some answering to do here.
Now we have this and this happening. History tells us that to underestimate your warring opponent does not end in smiles.
Add to all of this, this disgusting story that has Canadian troops looking the other way when children are being raped by the guys we are training, well I'm at a total loss. Who on earth in the military thought that was good policy? Hillier, in my view, must answer to this.
Afghanistan is not going well people and obviously the strategy being implemented is not working. We've been saying this for some time and it seems to me that the Con's thought they'd bought themselves some time with the passage of the motion that kept us there until 2011. They haven't abided by the terms though. They still do not answer questions, they deflect important questions by claiming security, etc. and put the onus on the military who they apparently trust to cobble together our foreign policy.
Rest assured Canada, you are in (in)capable hands. The Con Government of Canada has it all in check. All we need to do is remember that the Taliban is really, really bad and support our troops in the meantime.
Are you embarrassed yet? I'm disgusted.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that rendition and torture has not radicalized any of them.
Now big daddy telling us that these are bad guys is rather laughable given that clownservatives are inept in everything they do. I'm actually glad that over 1000 escaped because of the treatment of prisoners - and if they become radicalized, well, we have no one to blame but our treatment in the first place. While they may have been real "Taliban" in there, my trust of the government has been so eroded that I don't care.

As for the spin that we are getting, well, how credible to you think Harper is? The man is a liar and I don't even bother listening to him anymore. This whole debacle in Afghanistan has been quite predictable with Harper and fiends playing little boy soldiers...

This mission is a failure - keep it up Harper!

penlan said...

I'm not embarassed. I'm OUTRAGED!

And this time I doubt very much that the general populace will "buy" the "Taliban bad, support the troops" garbage spewing out of Harp's mouth. Such shallowness over such a serious situation.

No wonder Hillier wanted out this year. He knew what was coming.