Sunday, June 01, 2008

I Love Mike Harris Too!

What a blithering idiot. Baird was on QP today, berating Charest and McGuinty for coming forward with a Carbon Trading plan.

Like his buddy Flaherty, he apparently thinks the way to win votes in Ontario and Quebec is to bash the provinces or at least the Premiers. Bashing McGuinty isn't new or surprising. Charest?

Pssst. Mr. Baird, you have a few problems in that province at the moment and you still need votes there. Maybe now is not the time to put the Premier or the province down?

Anyway, that's not the worst of it. He was challenged by that great environmental expert Jane Taber, sigh, as to whether or not it was a problem that the provinces were beginning to take matters into their own hands and putting together a patchwork quilt of solutions across the country. He sloughed off the Quebec/Ontario plan saying it had no substance. As a result he didn't seem to think there was a problem.

Fast forward a few hours and he must have received new talking points from the PMO. Someone having seen the interview must have twigged that Taber's question was a better line of attack. So, presto! A new talking point is born.

Environment Minister John Baird told a national news agency that the agreement could undermine Ottawa's climate change plan.

Nothing up his sleeves folks! Come one, come all and watch our Environment Minister change his opinion right before your very eyes. His bizarre blathering will keep you captivated and you'll hardly notice that he is cycling backwards, while treading water.

Good grief this guy is pathetic. They really do count on Canadians being stupid don't they?

Then there was a story on the wire today that said the Fed's were planning to put a new regulation into effect that would absolve companies and government for any damages done to wildlife. No mention of Baird. (Sadly I didn't capture the story when it broke.) Now it's been updated to state that Baird is questioning this move.

Huh? Who is running the department? Surely they do not put together such a plan without the Minister's knowledge?

A recent department request for proposals gave details of the plan, which could come into force in two or three years.

"This process would provide for the minister to issue permits for a limited incidental take of migratory birds, nest or eggs during the course of an activity in Canada provided conditions prescribed on the permit are met and the intent of the (Migratory Bird Convention) Act is fulfilled," said the document.

Or, maybe they do. Which raises another question. Is Baird on top of this file? Who is running this country? Did the civil service do this on their own? Did they see this incompetent bunch of boobs coming, (Con's) and decide to take charge? Or, did Baird okay this and is now, like his revered leader, throwing them under the bus?

I'll let you decide but if it is not obvious yet that what Harper brought to Ottawa was a circus, well, what can I say to you.

Bernier, McKay, Ambrose, Guergis, Flaherty, Clement, O'Connor, Toews, Lukiwski, Poilievre, Kenney, Van Loan, Oda, Verner...all of these have made their less than stellar mark and of course the list goes on.

If it was in me, I'd feel sorry for Harper, but it's not. I loathe the man and his principles and to use a phrase that ill suits him as much as it does me, (though I'm honest about it), 'you dance with the one who brung you'.

These people brought Harper to power. He now has to deal.

Oh, please be sure to listen to the audio provided with the second link. Notice the ridiculous, 'Poilievre Pause' (my new term), when he announces spending by the government. Also notice that he says a constituent stopped him to say, too much talk, not enough action. He suggests that this person is speaking to the Premiers. Obviously this person was accusing him. Telling though don't you think? People are calling him out, on the street.

Finally, you'll note (it's at the very end) he says 'I love Mike Harris too'.

I think he'd find that to be a lonely love fest.

Update - The Premiers react.


RuralSandi said...

I don't think Huey, Dewey and Louie (Flaherty, Baird and Clement) are ready for prime time. They can't remove themselves from provincial politics.

If they can't act like statesmen and act like federal MP's, they should remove themselves.

I just can't believe that these partisan idiots really have a following - absolutely unbelievable.

You know, when I watch QP and listen to them, heckling, hooting and hollering, making nasty remarks, clap when told to, nod heads when told to, get up, get down when told to - I am totally embarrassed when we have guests from foreign countries in the gallery.

knb said...

So am I Sandi. When it's children, well...

No one really calls this guy on the mat though and I find it so maddening. He has no flipping plan!

He says the same nonsense over and over again and no one says, 'that doesn't mean anything'.

Huey, Dewey and Louie. Well done, though I think Baird, etal, do cartoons a disservice.

knb said...

Charest and McGuinty react to the blustering Baird.