Thursday, June 12, 2008

Missing the Point...Once Again

Reading and listening to reaction of Poilievre's initial remarks and his forced apology today, I'm astonished at how people are already starting to slough this off.

You expect the BT's to both agree with Poilievre's initial claim and then say 'get over it', he apologised. I don't expect the PM, MP's and an aging journalist to either misread the events or discount them as not worthy of disciplinary action.

The journalist I refer to is Craig Oliver. He may be a nice guy, I have no idea, but his misreading of so many events is incredible. Tonight, he rightly condemned Poilievre's comments, but then went on a rant as to how angry Harper was and how Pierre had ruined Harper's 'moment'. He actually said something to the effect that this was Harper's finest moment since taking office and Pierre screwed that up.

Harper's moment?

Well Mr. Oliver, the last time I checked, the apology wasn't about Mr. Harper, nor was it about the Conservative party. No, believe it or not, yesterday was actually about Canada doing the right thing for it's abhorrent actions taken against our aboriginal communities. Oliver doesn't even realise that with his comments, he demeans what the moment was meant to be. Astonishing.

By the PM saying the apology is enough, ignores what Poilievre actually said. He didn't make a mistake, he spoke his mind and revealed his beliefs.

What's being ignored is this. He said:

- 'Some of us are starting to ask...'

Who are the some he refers to? Somehow this guy doesn't strike me as someone who hangs out with people outside his party.

- 'there are some chiefs that do not want those rights to be extended to individuals'

He's claiming that the Lib's are blocking legislation to include aboriginals under the Human Rights act, ultimately blaming Chief's who he suggests wield too much power. The truth is, aboriginal women's groups asked for the Bill to be delayed so they could find the best way to implement it. Pierre knows the truth, but he twists it which reveals his built in bias.

- 'Along with this apology comes another, FOUR BILLION DOLLARS, in compensation for those who partook in the Residential schools...'

Partook? Aside from being an idiot, is he insane? Additionally, he's obviously making the point that any and all money going to aboriginal communities is wasteful and fails to understand what this compensation is for.


- 'My view is we need to engender the values of hard work and independence and self reliance, that's the solution....'

Well, it goes without saying that his view, (note, he said my view), is what got us here. That it still exists is beyond comprehension but that a 28 year old twerp continues to believe that he is superior to a group of people and can teach them something, is beyond disgusting.

How many more are out there? Many, I suspect, but thankfully not the majority. Good grief we're seeing the same language being used against Muslims today.

What Poilievre actually said cannot be brushed away as Harper attempted to do today. It's not a 17 year old comment that was dredged up, it happened on the very day that the apology was to be delivered. Poilievre, like some other members of that caucus, really believe that Canadians embrace the radical views some of them hold and further believe that is why they are in power. They call fellow MP's terrorist lovers, thieves and criminals on a daily basis.

To leave Harper out of that equation would be wrong. He may have delivered a statesman-like speech yesterday, but were I in his place, not only would Poilievre have lost his PS status, I would have booted him out, period. Something tells me that Dion would have done the same.

We have all been 28 and perhaps some readers here haven't yet reached that age...but we weren't all bigots at that age who reformed as we got older. His youth as an excuse has no place in this argument and his apology means squat.

Harper set himself and his government up yesterday to take real action and give his words substance. A mere 24 hours later, he failed to take the situation seriously.

Credible apology? Both Harper and Poilievre, imo, answered that question today.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Post . . . and right on the mark.

Anonymous said...
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wilson said...

It was Harper's moment.
What Liberal leader was EVER going to apologize for devastating generations of First Nation's people??.
Name ONE.

The YOUNG Mr. Poilievre should know that Libs are following around the more outspoken Cons MPs.
and he should have know that what ever he said, would be taken out of contenxt and used against him.

But what is this OLD , experienced, seasoned Liberal MP's excuse?
I can just image your/lib/ndp/msm outrage if a Conservative had said the following:

“Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh called for a public inquiry. ‘I am seriously concerned that with this government,
half the government has been dating
or sleeping with
Ms. Couillard….”

Ottawa Citizen

knb said...

Thanks joseph.

knb said...

Okay now, wilson, I do know you are delusional.

It wasn't about Harper and if a Liberal government had been in power, it wouldn't have been about that leader either.

Martin of course would have done it, but for me, it would have nothing to do with him. It would have to do with righting a wrong. Canada's voice, not a person.

Your indignation defies reality. It was your party that fought tooth and nail against what we saw yesterday. Did you somehow miss that in your blind adoration of your leader?

Out of context? Huh?

Lib's following him around? He was on freaking privately owned radio!

Your last attempt to throw a shiny object in the mix to distract I will not address.

wilson, you and I volley often, but this time I'm afraid you have just lost it.

I hope you don't live in his riding, because he's done and if Harper is defeated in the next election, I fear for your sanity because it will be a long time coming before anything resembling conservative will govern this country.

knb said...

Maybe you just had to be there?

Anonymous said...

What Liberal leader was EVER going to apologize for devastating generations of First Nation's people??.
Kelowna Accord was only a lark, right Wilson? And Martin's private bill was only done to impress his wife....

RuralSandi said...

Wilson - you're all over the blogosphere with your partisan rants without any credible info.

I watched CPAC tonight interviewing Phil Fontaine and other native leaders.

Phil Fontaine said, as diplomatically as he could, that this was in the works for years. Fontaine said that ALL the opposition parties pressured Harper - that Harper was under pressure to do this.

Listen up Wilson - this process began in 2005 and included in that process was to be the apology.

In March, 2006 Gary Merasty a Liberal MP and a native put forward a MOTION to apologize - the consent was unaninimous.

Do you understand Wilson? Are you capable of understanding?

This was not Harper's day - it was the First Nations Day and that of Canadian - Harper was just the deliverer of the message, the apology - simple as that.

Harper was the "messenger" on "behalf" of Canadians.

Wilson - use your time wisely - try some reading on this matter - Googling is easy - or read Aaron Wherry of Macleans.

Enough of your "BS".

knb said...

cherniak_wtf, what I noticed yesterday was that Martin was greeted with great warmth in the House by the Aboriginal speakers.

He was also seated beside Harper for the ceremonies that took place outside of the Commons.

Go figure?

That suggests to me that Aboriginal groups demanded that. Harper surely didn't.

RuralSandi said...

I heard Martin built a school (out of his own money) somewhere for the aboriginals - can anyone verify that?

I saw Fontaine and Martin together on Don Newman last week.

Face it, Fontaine has to be careful here, especially with Harper but he knows the truth.

sassy said...

Wilson asks “What Liberal leader was EVER going to apologize for devastating generations of First Nation's people??.”
Name ONE.

Answer (from
HANSARD 39th PARLIAMENT, 2nd SESSION, Wednesday 11 June 2008

Hon. Stéphane Dion (Leader of the Opposition, Lib.):

“ Successive Canadian governments and various churches were complicit in the mental, physical and sexual abuse of thousands of aboriginal children through the residential schools system. As the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, a party that was in government for more than 70 years in the 20th century, I acknowledge our role and our shared responsibility in this tragedy. I am deeply sorry. I apologize. “

penlan said...

If it had been a Liberal that said what PP said on a radio show, or in any media form, Steve would have been howling, along with his mob, for the head of that person & wouldn't let it go til that MP was ousted or removed from his position. He would raise the biggest stink we'd ever seen - even though there are already so many others fouling this country's air since they were elected.

Of course Dion would have done whatever needed to be done without Steve's help, as he has integrity & a high standard of principles.

Yes, it was NOT Harper's day, or his "moment" to shine. It was the First Nations day & Canada's day to deeply apologize for the tragedy & sufferings wrought upon this country's 1st citizens. This is/was their land. Harper was OUR representative not the be-all & end-all of this solemn occasion. He was the deliverer of the message. That is all.

And as far as I'm concerned he doesn't care one iota even though he spoke all the right things. Actions speak louder than words & all of his & the Con's past actions since gaining power have done nothing but take away (think Kelowna Accord). I have grave doubts that any further "action" will amount to anything if there is even any action.

Poilievre spoke the truth of what the majority of his Party really think. Thus no punishment from the Party. And I sincerely hope his political career is toast!

Anonymous said...

I believe Pierre was following orders from HQuarters so that the reform right would know that this was just one of those farces that they have to put forward in order to get a majority in the next election.