Monday, June 02, 2008

This is Sad News

Anyone who paid any attention to the news during the SARS outbreak will be familiar with Dr. Sheela Basrur.

She was was the voice of calm and reason during that tumultuous time. Her reputation only grew from there and she certainly received well deserved accolades to the very end.

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RuralSandi said...

I shouldn't get political here, but I get so angry when the CPC claim Tony Clement was the big kahuna that handled SARS. I have absolute horror stories about my parents and what they went through when Clement was Ontario's health minister, but now is not the time to go into it.

How dare he take away from the ones who really dealt with it.

My heart goes out to her family - what a legacy.

knb said...

I understand Sandi. We all watched Clement during that time and it was clear then as it is now, he was out of his depth. At this point not much more needs to be said.

Sheela was a gem and when she announced what had befallen her, I was absolutely shocked, as I was today to hear of her death.

51? She certainly packed an awful lot into that short space of time. And her daughter, 17. What a terrible age to lose your Mom.

Hero's do not lay claim to what they have accomplished, they do what they do as a matter of course.