Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bravo Stéphane

Well, some reviews, are in and so are some polls. Also, this graph is pretty interesting. Scroll your cursor across each party for audience reaction.

Most Convincing:
Duceppe 33%
Dion 30%
Layton 15%
Harper 12%
May 2%
Least Convincing:
Harper 46%
May 32%
Layton 9%
Dion 6%
Duceppe 5%
Did Your Opinion of the Parties Improve or Worsen?
Liberals: 45% improved, 10% worsened
NDP: 33% improved, 4% worsened
Green: 37% improved, 8% worsened
Bloc: 21% improved, 8% worsened
Tories: 9% improved, 29% worsened
Dion 40%
Duceppe 24%
Harper 16%
Layton 11%
May 1%
Most Prime Ministerial:
Dion 36%
Harper 31%
Duceppe 17%
Layton 12%
May 1%
Did Your Opinion of the Leaders Improve or Worsen?
Dion: 67% improved, 11% worsened
Layton: 55% improved, 7% worsened
Duceppe: 41% improved, 11% worsened
May: 42% improved, 24% worsened
Harper: 14% improved, 53% worsened
This morning, I listened to some French Talk radio from Quebec City. Host, Martin Pouliot with 3 media pundits. They all basically confirmed the above with some interesting local colour. They all pointed out that Dion was the only one with a plan re' the economy question. He was prepared, Harper had nothing. Callers were mixed but primarily Harper supporters stating how great he was and how he defended his plan. I don't know what they were watching, but I heard neither a plan nor the defense of same.
Personally, I love the new format. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it to be honest, but overall I found it provided a much better forum for a discussion/debate. The old 'presidential' podiums should be banished in my opinion.
One other point I find interesting but bogus, is how a lot of English press is devoting space to how poor Harper was 'attacked'. I cannot remember a debate where the incumbent wasn't attacked, so if that's all they've got, it tells you something about Harper's performance.
That's the English press though and really, Harper needed to reach French Quebecer's and expand his reach. It does not appear that he was successful.
Onto the English debates. The dynamics will change tonight and it will be interesting to see how the leaders change based on today's reviews. I'd bet good money that Harper's advisers got an earful this morning. I expect to see a much more combative and animated performance from both him and from Layton for that matter.
I think Dion would do well to take much the same tone. In fact, Dion was Dion, so I'm not sure we will see much change. May will be a bit of a wild card tonight, so that could be interesting.
Jean-Marc Léger or Léger Marketing suggests that the 48 hrs. following the debates are important. So far so good. Let's see what the future holds.
h/t - Calgary Grit for poll numbers.


Anonymous said...

Liberals slip further, Tories steady: poll

OTTAWA - A new poll suggests the Liberals are still losing support while the Tories are holding steady and have a 13-point edge.

The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey indicates the Tories remain at 36 per cent, while the Liberals have slipped to 23. The poll suggests the NDP has crept up to 18 per cent, the Greens have gained a point to 12 and the Bloc is off a point at nine.

Bravo indeed.

knb said...

anon, the debate was about Harper gaining in Quebec. He failed.

sharonapple88 said...

More important, unless that poll was taken some time after 10:00pm EST, it doesn't take the debate into account.

Anonymous said...

U cannot believe decima...need I say allan Gregg..bigtime conservative...harper fan....The Cbc has done nothing all day long but feature conservative talkmasters who say poor steve was attacked...never a nice pat on the back for dion...Thee is not one poll being done by a liberal supporter...they are all trying to make dion look bad including the once saitly nanos.

knb said...

Good point.

Anonymous said...

The original post here was about a poll saying Dion was the victor. Then comments go on to say that polls are rigged and can't be believed and the original poster agrees. Can your message get any more muddled?

knb said...

What? I didn't nor did anyone say the polls are rigged.

It was pointed out that as it pertains to the debate, they would only be valid if they were taken after it was done.

Boy, you guys are really stretching.

Steve V said...

These polls don't reflect the debate, we will get a good read over the weekend.

That graph is excellent, seems everytime Harpo spoke the reaction went in the tank. A very consistent performance!

Steve V said...

"Boy, you guys are really stretching."

They can do that, mushy minds are more malleable.

RuralSandi said...

Apparently - new strategy from NDP and Harper....attack Dion.

Brad Lavigne, Layton's overly wired strategist said Elizabeth May will cover for Dion.....obviously last night's results bothered them.

If "they" fail tonight...they will blame May saying she is working with Dion.

Uh huh, like Layton and Harper aren't the new Blue and Orange coalition.

knb said...

Not so new Sandi. they've been working together since before the last election.

I heard Lavigne and I also heard someone else say that Harper would be as he was last night. Right.

Layton's goofy financial plan needs to be exposed so if he goes after Dion that may come out.