Thursday, October 23, 2008

Going Forward

During the election, the media focused on the horse race, as did the polls and just about anyone speaking on the subject. Personally I think that did us a disservice.

Now that the election is over, the media is still pecking at Dion while focusing on the horse race otherwise called the Liberal leadership race. It would seem that the economy, or the upcoming meeting of the L20 is not interesting enough, (though I'm sure Paul Martin would disagree), so they are stuck going around the same track, over and over again. Fair enough, but I'm not interested in joining them at the moment.

Following today's caucus meeting, it was interesting to see Liberal MP's commenting on what went on inside. Obviously, the media was not going to be told everything and I have no doubt that there were some very emotional moments while saying thank you and goodbye to members who had lost their seats. There were likely moments that smarted when campaign realities were faced, no matter how briefly, but overall, it appeared that there was unity toward a common cause.

That cause for me is not just unity, though that is a critical building block in the foundation, (can you hear me Mr. Volpe?). I agree with many others that a complete, thorough, from the ground up rebuilding of the party is necessary.

So ignoring where the media wants to lead us, I'd rather hear what real people have to say about what the party needs to focus on. Whether you are a long time party member, political devotee or a new-comer to the process, if you could speak to those in the party that will shape it's future, what would you offer?


foottothefire said...

Swallow hard and divorce themselves from "The Club" atmosphere. Put the country ahead of the party and look for a skilled, educated, experienced leader with strong orartory skills.
Selflessness then Canada.
As for that 'old boys' club that runs the party in perpetuity.....send them over to join the Harperites; that's where they'll do the most good for Liberals and Canada.

Oldschool said...

The MSM in Canada, not unlike the US, is obnoxious and ignorant. I am not impressed with the talking heads, who spend more time opinionating that just reporting the facts. When they interview people they ask slanted, bizaar questions . . . the level of intellect in the medial is LOW!!!

And Foot . . .
There could be a person just like that . . . after Nov 4.
He is skilled, educated, not exactly an experienced leader, but a community organizer. His resume is very thin, and there is a small concern about his country of birth, but that shouldn't matter to progressives here in Canada.
Main thing is he can really chat up the crowd, the ladies luv him.
You could even call him Pierre . . . it would be just one more allias.
Certainly better than the present choices, another Professor, an ex-ndp failed Premier and a couple of Lawyers.

catherine said...

This article on an Angus Reid poll is very depressing. It basically claims that Harper won the election because of his stupid attack ads.

Of course, one should be skeptical of any poll. Still, if there is any truth to this, I wonder what it means for the Liberals and how they should plan to fight the next election.

Anonymous said...


I do not believe that it is the level of intellect that is low in the MSM, it is the level of integrity.
One has to realize who owns the media, and why they (and so many of the 'old boys' club) would be on the side of the Harperites.
I am sure that many Liberals will be saying that a move to the right is necessary to 'regain the centre', and I expect that they will sway many of the grassroots (with the help of the MSM)
An anonymous post here the other day mentioned Harper fearing Dion. I think that the MSM and many 'Liberals' feared him as well, thus the unholy haste to turf him as leader before the grassroots could weigh in. Shouldn't we still be asking why?

Unfortunately, 'journalistic integrity' is not a term I care to use recently unless it is prefaced by "lack of"

Dame said...

Teamwork .teamwork and teamwork this is the only way we can Go Forward ...

And that also True For The Grassroot people. Do Not illspeak Of any one who tries To gain attention as a possibile candidate ,,,


Omar said...

To quote Philip Roth, "I've served my tour as exasperated liberal and indignant citizen" and I shall now do my best to ride the Conservative wave my fellow Canadians have bestowed upon me. As far as my Laurier Club level contributions go, they remain, but are very contingent on Michael Ignatieff becoming leader. Period.

Omar said...

Jean Charest is a strong number 2, but apparently I'm the only one in the country who thinks he would make a grand Liberal leader and prime minister.