Friday, October 03, 2008

Dion as Dion - Reflected by Nanos

Imagine giving Canadians a chance to see Stephane Dion as he is. That is, without the media telling us what was asked of him, how many people were there, what their reactions were and what he did or did not say.

To an extent, that is what happens during a debate. Each candidate has an opportunity to present themselves and their ideas to an audience far broader than a single hall can hold. Those who watch the debate have an opportunity to see the candidates through their own filters, unencumbered by the media's meme.

New Nanos numbers have come out that seem to reflect that when people are engaged, looking out for what matters to them and seeking answers from our leaders, they see not only the Liberal party and what it has to offer but also Stephane Dion.

Question: If a FEDERAL election were held today, could you please rank your top two current local voting preferences?Committed Voters - Canada (N=1,006, MoE ± 3.1%, 19 times out of 20)

Conservative Party 35 (-2)
Liberal Party 30 (+4)
NDP 18 (-1)
BQ 10% (NC)
Green Party 9% (+1)
Undecided 16% (+3)

Question: Which of the federal leaders would you best describe as:The most trustworthy leaderThe most competent leaderThe leader with the best vision for Canada's future [Leadership Index Score - Daily roll-up of all three measures]

Stephen Harper 79 (-16)
Stephane Dion 71 (+40)
Jack Layton 48 (-12)
Elizabeth May 15 (-3)
Gilles Duceppe 11 (-3)

It's one poll, I realise that. It does though presumably include some people who watched the French debate, meaning, people who took the time to engage. Given that, these numbers are encouraging to me.

This particular snapshot indicates that part of the rolling sample seemed to see Dion as he is and the Liberals as they are, not as the media and the opposition would have you believe. Refreshing isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Once the Harper lies and mis-statements and twisted words are exposed to the pubic at large (as is done in a televised open debate) then the poll numbers start to reflect the realities and the policies that we, as the electorate, are supposed to weigh when voting for a government.

I thought is was telling when Harper said that he/the Conservatives had seen this financial crisis looming in late 2007. Well, thanks for letting the public know so we could protect our RRSPs/pensions/investments!

If the Vonservatives actually had a plan in late 2007 in preparation for this downturn then why have you not let others know what it is? A plan is not a plan unless those that can execute it have been informed of the plan. Otherwise it is, dare I say, just a dream of a plan. Perhaps, Mr. Harper, your late 2007 plan was then actually just a dream? If not and it was a plan then you have surely allowed it to become a nightmare for hard working Canadians by not sharing it with us!!!

Dame said...

It is kind of frustrating how hard it is to show to people the Real Harper and the Real Dion and respectively what the two men are offering .
I am shocked how the media became the servant of Harpers Ideological Drive. I Know it was always the on the MONEYED ‘s Tool
but this time around it is shocking.

But Cracks are getting every Day bigger and the Lies are more obvious.
Maybe he called this election just a few days too late??? Clearly In panic.!!!!!