Sunday, October 05, 2008

What's Happened to Canada?

Brake lines cut? Cable and TV lines cuts? Cars being keyed and spray painted? This is what our democratic elections have come to in this country? Endagering peoples lives in now fair game in supporting your candidate?

"We're investigating. Officers are paying special attention to the designated area and we take this very seriously," Staff-Sgt. Shawn Meloche, from 53 Division, said last night. "This is a danger to life as well as to property. Regardless of the motivation – and there appears to be a connection (to the signs) – this is a public safety issue."

Homeowner Jennifer Lithgow awoke early Saturday morning to find “B. Rae lies” sprayed on her house and after buckling her six-year-old daughter into her car, she found her brakes weren’t working.

She didn’t immediately connect the two incidents but after making a call to Bennett’s campaign team to report the vandalism to her house, she was told about the other cars that had been tampered with, including her neighbour’s.

“I can’t believe that somebody would do that, it’s dangerous, I could have hurt myself, or my daughter who was in the car at the time, I could’ve hurt somebody else if I hadn’t been able to stop,” Lithgow said.

Sadly this is not the first time this has happened. If you recall, when the by- elections were going on in Guelph, the same thing occured.

There is no way at this point to know who is behind these heinous acts, but we can all hope that they are caught and caught soon.

I really want my Canada back!
Update - Here is a news clip and an interview with Caroline Bennett.


Scott Tribe said...

It's happened in Parkdale-HighPark as well - see Impolitical's post:

Parkdale-High Park Liberal supporters also targeted

knb said...

Thanks Scott. My second link actually speaks to that, but it's good to link to someone actually in the area.

Scary stuff!

Lizt. said...

You would think some neighbour would have heard or seen something.This is very scary and juvenile.

ottlib said...

People only pull this crap when they know they are losing.

There is a week of campaigning left and I think both Conservative supporters and Dippers are realizing that this election is slipping through their fingers.

However, if I were to guess at who did these things today and previously in Guelph I would say it was Conservative supporters.

I have rarely met a Conservative supporter who had even a modicum of class and their hatred of all things Liberal is quite apparent.

I could see and I have seen Dipper supporters knock down Liberal signs but I would think that even they would draw the line at cutting someone's brake lines.

Carrie said...

Ottlib, but have you seen the latest NDP Layton ad? He's right there on tv saying he wants OUR help to destroy the Liberal party. He says "it will take them two years at least to rebuild". On an ad.

Whatever the NDP meant to Canadians before, they've lost it. For me anyway.

knb said...

Litz, both these areas are very densely populated, so you make a good point, however, there is naturally quite a bit of ambient noise there too.

I guess it depends at what time it happened.

knb said...

People only pull this crap when they know they are losing.

While I agree things can get nasty when panic sets in, I'd never heard of anything this disgusting before Guelph.

I won't ascribe blame yet, though knowing what was written does make one suspicious.

Cars with baby seats? It makes me physically ill.

knb said...

carrie, do you have a link to the ad or did you just see it on TV?

I saw it but didn't hear that line.

Jack needs as much attention as Harper, imo. I know the numbers don't support that, but he does have the ability to make 'Nader' trouble.

ottlib said...


Oh, I agree that what we are seeing is unprecedented and disgusting beyond belief.


The Liberals should take that ad and present it to Canadians as Mr. Layton conceding the election. So, the only way that Mr. Harper can be replaced is by the Liberal Party, of which, Mr. Layton agrees.

That has always been the trouble for the NDP. All of their leaders have gone into elections swearing that they can win only to concede they cannot before E-day. It is usually at that point that support for the NDP begins to erode as people who had parked their support with them move to the one party that actually has a shot at forming a government.

knb said...

Good idea (to carrie) Ottlib.

Bo Green said...

Oh, I love it -- Conservatives and NDPers lack class, but Liberals are above it all. There's really no difference between partisans of any stripe - they're all simple-minded.

I hope the perpetrator(s) is/are caught; this was an incredibly heinous thing to do.

knb said...

Oh, look who's back.

No one said what you suggest Bo. In this specific incident it's hardly Liberals who would be doing this, so a commenter didn't mention them.

Your condescending remarks toward anyone who supported a party were boring last year and nothings changed.

This post was about people endangering lives and damaging our democracy.

Anonymous said...

People only pull this crap when they know they are losing.

So you think it was Liberals who did this? Well I guess it kind of makes sense because they are the only ones who would benefit by such a move. What better way to portray the other guys as evil.

knb said...

Anon. Thamks for making the point of just how thinking and compassionate some Liberal opposers are.

penlan said...

It's upsetting to the max - these possible murderous actions. Is there an underground brown-shirt brigade out there? Possibly? And if so we all know who they support.

This has been the worst Canadian election - ever - for these types of actions.
And there has been more vandalism of Lib election signs all across the country than ever before. This is not some hit-&-miss type of operation. This is a concerted, organized effort of the highest degree. And must be a plan devised before the election even began, as evidenced by the Guelph vandalism & brake line cuttings in the by-elections that never happened - by 1 day only.

There is no doubt in my mind as to where this plan originated & by whom. Win at any cost - even if it kills people, Libs only mind you. A dead Lib cannot vote.

It must somehow be unearthed as to how exactly this became an organized branch/policy of the particular party that has embraced this fascist regimen.

Carrie said...

Ottlib, I saw the ad during Question Period on CTV. It's their latest campaign ad. Jack Layton is central again on the ad and he says the line in the ad.

I just searched online and can't find it but Question Period said it's the latest ad for tv from NDP. I was truly shocked by it.

RuralSandi said...

Okay - I'll get in trouble with the CPC trolls here - but I blame Harper - why? He said himself when he fired Sparrow that he sets the tone...uh, huh. Harper has spewed nothing but contempt and hatred for the last 2 nearly 3 years. His followers follow him.

I've seen partisanship, but I've never seen such hatred in my life - just read the Blogging Tories.

Some of those folks were elderly as well.

I know someone who lives in Carolyn Bennett's riding who had some problems and Bennett and her office bent over backwards to help out in the situation.

She deserves to be re-elected - she does her job and does it well.

My Conservative MP does nothing but photo-ops and offers to attend a 90 birthdays and such.

Parkdale-High Park...hmmm...Peggy Nash running against Kennedy and it's very competitive.

Okay, some unions have a nasty past. I used to travel on the GO train and an RCMP investigator used to sit with us. He couldn't name which union, etc. but he said there is still a crime element in certain unions.

I think the RCMP should be brought in.

RuralSandi said...

Meant to add - has anyone heard Harper or Layton condemn this kind of activity?

penlan said...

"RuralSandi said...
Meant to add - has anyone heard Harper or Layton condemn this kind of activity?"

Not a peep - of course. But if it was happening to their supporters they'd be screaming for an RCMP investigation & not let up on it in the media ops.

I guess democracy is only applicable if it curtails their's.