Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Yeah, yeah, I Care About You

Steve's not watching the ticker at the Stock Exchange here, but based on his comments today and the smug look on his face in this photo, he might as well be.

This truly compassionate Prime Minister of ours, the one that is so out of touch with real people, actually thought he had a way to reach out to those who have lost so much. Not only on the markets, but their jobs and perhaps in the near future their homes.

Harper's plan? He thinks this would be a great time to snatch up some bargains on the market! After all, with stocks plummeting the way they are, there are bound to be some really great deals out there right?

I kid you not. He said that not once, but at least twice today. He said it during his scrum after releasing his summary of the campaign, or as he calls it, Stephen Harper's Plan for Canadians, and then said it again in an interview with Peter Mansbridge. Even Mansbridge had the decency to wince and ask if he really wanted to 'put that out there'.

Harper has kept himself in a bubble and no longer has any sense of what is real and what is not.

Reporters have given Dion a tough time on this campaign, asking him over and over again why is he going to smaller venues and audiences? They implied that he wasn't really campaigning because he wasn't doing the huge, restricted rallies. Well guess who got the pulse of the people right?

Things have gone downhill for Harper since the debates. That is where Dion demonstrated that he has listened to Canadians and Harper showed us he hasn't a clue what people are really worried about.

Tell me again what it means to be a leader?


Anonymous said...

That's a great picture. It actually sums up his attitude towards Canadians and his campaign strategy as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Stephane Dion: "The TSX is the last place I would invest. Shame on Harper for even suggesting it."

Beijing York said...

I just discovered that Canada Saving Bonds purchases were delayed:

...The bonds, a Canadian tradition since 1946, are backed by the government and promoted as a foolproof way for small investors to save. They are put on sale each fall.

Late Tuesday, the Department of Finance's website posted the date and the interest rates.

Earlier in the day, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said he hoped to have them on sale Wednesday.

"We were setting the rate, and there's been some fluctuations in market rates, as you know, recently," he told CBC News on Tuesday afternoon in explanation of the delay.

"So we wanted to make sure that the rate set for Canada Savings Bonds would be a reasonable rate that would make them attractive."

Private financial specialists said the postponement was highly unusual.

"I would call it an eyebrow-raiser, for sure," said Evelyn Jacks, a tax expert based in Winnipeg. "This is unprecedented as far as I know."

She added that it "certainly speaks to the unprecedented kinds of activities that we're seeing on the marketplace in the last couple of weeks."

Margaret Koniuck, a financial planner in Winnipeg, said the delay may also be tied to the coming federal election...


penlan said...

I, too, couldn't believe he said that either. But then again look at the venue where he revealed the so-called Con Plan. A group of high-powered businees people. Those with money to buy those "cheap" bargains.

Of course he forgot that the whole country was watching/listening. And the average person is scraping money together just to make ends meet - buy food, gas, pay utilities, mortgages, etc.

The bubble Steve is in seems to be made of steel or something just as strong. The man & his thugs MUST go. And the polls are looking delicious right now. Onwards & upwards!

knb said...

nostevie, I have to confess, it's not too difficult to find appropriate pic's of Harper.

He shows who he is in these pic's, so there is always a great choice, ;).

knb said...

anon, I'd be careful with those quotation marks.

What Dion actually said was, 'I can't believe he said that. How insensitive. It goes to show just how little he understands. I really can't believe he would say such a thing."

knb said...

beijing york, I heard Flaherty say this yesterday and admit that I was surprised as well.

It hasn't received much attention, but it should.

I guess we wait to see if they go on sale today and take a look at the rate.

With the surprise cut in interest rates this morning, it could be interesting.

knb said...

Penlan, I'm not sure, but I think Dion will be speaking to the Canadian Club as well. The difference however will be the crowd.

According to Don Martin, Harper's crowd was stacked with candidates and campaign workers. I'm sure there were some regular biz folks there too, but the Harper crowd were the one's to push the applause.

Indeed, the man is divorced from reality.

penlan said...

Harper made some comment yesterday that he has extended family that is being affected by the economic downturn.

Well, this "extended" family turns out to be his mother. I almost died from laughing so hard. Just shows you how cold this guy really is. I don't know anyone who would call their parents part of their "extended family". Do you?

Anonymous said...

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