Saturday, October 04, 2008

Jack's Grand Deception

Jack began this campaign by saying he was applying for the job of Prime Minister.

Even in this day and age, it seems to me that when you apply for a job, a CV is submitted and scrutinized. There has been no scrutiny though. There hasn't even been a passing glance at what Layton brings to the table in the form of a platform and what he is offering to Canadians at this moment in time.

In fact, what he is offering is disastrous for the country and is all about Layton and his legacy. Maybe it's time for a closer look.

He's been leader of the NDP party since 2005. He came into that role full of ambition. Ambition that upon some closer examination was willing to do just about anything to increase his power. Anything includes deluding his own members. What am I referring to? Let's look back a bit.

Once in power, Layton made a decision to prop up the Martin government by insisting that they redirect tax cuts to other programs that the NDP could support. This gave him a chance to puff up his chest and tell his supporters, ' I , We make Parliament work'. Fair enough. Not satisfied with that however, their real agenda was to defeat the Libs, not only in parliament, but by taking some of their seats and for that they needed timing. Having told their members that they were making Parliament work, this was going to be tricky.

The release of the Gomery report and the Chaoulli decision in Quebec gave the NDP some new found courage, well, sort of. It gave the brass some new found opportunity. The people at the top wanted an early election, but many of their supporters were happy with the alliance they had found with the Liberals and felt it was a progressive path worth pursuing. Hmmm. How to follow your blind ambition without letting on to those who believe in you that that's your ultimate aim?

Answer? Call the Conservatives. In early November of 2005, the NDP called the Conservatives to propose a plan. They would put forward a motion to ask the Liberals to hold an election in January. They didn't have the courage to put forward an non-confidence vote because that would blow their cover to their supporters. Instead, they claimed they were simply appealing to the masses by trying to avoid an election over Christmas. That of course left it open for the Con's to put forward a non-confidence motion.

Both Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe agreed to the plan that Tom Flanagan called the NDP two-step. On November 28th, all three parties supported the Conservative motion. The writ dropped the next day.

So, when the Liberals maintain that Harper is 'The house that Jack built', they are right. The NDP scream that the Canadian voters put Harper in power. In the end, the votes did create the parliament we had, but Layton set up and played up the conditions for that to happen by plotting with Harper.

Ancient history? Not really. You see it speaks to the character of the man. At present. Layton and Harper are still working together. Their common goal is to destroy the Liberal party. What do you think they really spoke about before Harper took his stroll, limo across the street last month? I have no proof, but I have an idea.

During this campaign, Layton developed this, 'I will be the next PM' line, knowing full well that his aspirations were to replace the Lib's as the official opposition. Let's look at what he is bringing to the table at this critical time.

His platform? Have you seen this platform actually analysed anywhere? When Canada is facing an economic slow down, Layton is proposing to cut back scheduled tax breaks for businesses. Precisely when we need to attract new business, sustain existing business and provide avenues for them to expand, Layton thinks it would be wise to make that next to impossible. How would the stock market react to this plan do you think? How many more companies would have to either cut back or close? how many jobs would be lost? How many investors would consider Canada a great place to start a business?

Have you seen one economist support this plan? More to the point, don't you think we should be seeing some denounce it for the foolishness that it is?

I know I ask too much, but in the last days of this campaign but wouldn't it be nice if some pundit or some reporter actually travelling with Jack would take the time to actually ask questions of substance?

Jack is presenting himself and being presented as a viable option to either form the official opposition or become PM. He has no platform, he has no experience and he has no team with any experience at a national level.

Now is not the time to play games or to fulfill Jack's ambition. Now is the time for an honest look at what each of the candidates have to offer, the entirety of what they have to offer, not just the inane headlines.

BTW - The 2005 recounting of what went on between the Con's and the NDP comes straight from Tom Flanagan's mouth, keyboard, in his book Harper's Team.


Anonymous said...

He reminds me of a TV Evangelist.!

Carrie said...

This is excellent! I've been waiting for someone to spell out Layton's machinations for some time. Now if only the media would pick this up and run with it. Or better yet, the Liberal Party themselves.

Steve V said...

That photo, lol.

Steve V said...

Oh, and look at those NANOS numbers today :)

RuralSandi said...

And, Jack Layton is deceiving people. He toots Gary Doer's success and how the NDP can run a country because Doer's doing okay running a province - BUT he leaves out the part where Doer gives corporate tax breaks.

He also toots Tommy Douglas and how he balanced budgets - so I checked it out.

During Douglas' reign the population of Sask was 1941-895,992 and at the end 1961 - 925,181.
Balancing a budget of ONE province with a rather SMALL population is quite different than running a country with many provinces and territories - all with their own issues, industry, etc.

Compare Ontario's population in the same time frame: 1941 - 3,787,655; 1961 - 6,236,000. Sask's pop in 2006 - 989,000; Ontario in 2006 - 12,630,000.

Notice Layton isn't tooting the other socialist countries and are successful - Sweden, Denmark etc. These countries have low corporate tax rates and are using the carbon tax method.

He's like a snake oil salesman - promising everything under the sun - big money for mothers, big money for health care, etc.

Also, Layton's caucus are mostly former unionists, teachers, and/or union activists.

I have no problem with unions/workers' rights...but to think they'd have such an influence on today's policies is frightening.

And, what would corporations do - higher corporate tax rates and union influence - they would run like hell out of Canada.

The NDP supporters don't see this, especially the kids who only see their tuitions paid for.

How high will our taxes go up - over the moon.

knb said...

Carrie, feel free to spread it around. Rural Sandi has some additional points that shouldn't be over looked either.

Jack needs as much attention now as Stevie.

The NDP have just launched an attack ad against Dion.

knb said...

I just saw the numbers Steve!

knb said...

Well said Sandi.

RuralSandi said...

Just for fun:

Psychic foresees victory for Dion

Sue Barnes will win in London West and the Philadelphia Phillies will take the World Series


Sitting in a shadowy corner of the Centennial Hall basement, Corbie Mitleid shoots me a no-nonsense stare.

"I'm about as dead-dog practical a psychic as you're going to find," she says.

"I do not do things like tell you that you're going to meet a girl with blue eyes and a limp in a bar."

Good. (I think.)

I'm at the London Psychic Expo, which runs today and tomorrow, and I'm seeking quick answers to big questions.

Mitleid -- whose brochure lists her as a certified tarot reader, psychic, medium and nondenominational minister (with something called the Order of Melchizedek) -- promises to give me a heads-up on the yet-to-happen.

How did she develop this talent?

"For 20 years, I spent a lot of time making sure my ego was out of the way," says Mitleid, who is based in Warnerville, N.Y

"Then all of a sudden in 1994, I could do hands-on healing and talk to dead people."

OK. (But let's steer clear of the dead people.) Instead, who do you predict will win the federal election?

"Everybody . . . they'll vote for Ralph the wonder dog if it means change," she says. "My thought is . . . Dion. He's your Liberal, correct? OK. Layton will be good, I think he's going to definitely be someone to be reckoned with, but he won't take it.

"It'll be Dion."


"And Harper will be ridden out on a rail and they can send him to Crawford, Tex., with Georgie."

Later, I realize Mitleid is referring to U.S. President George W. Bush's hometown.

A bit closer to home, however, what does she see transpiring in the pivotal riding of London West?

Mitleid starts moving her hands, as if she's stocking soup cans on an invisible shelf.

"Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Liberal, Green, Liberal, again, Conservative, NDP, NDP, Green, Green, so, um, there's going to be this mass cluster here," she says as her hands dip and dart.

"The Conservatives aren't going to be that far behind, but I think the Liberal candidate is going to get it."

OK -- so Sue Barnes will retain her seat. Interesting.

What exactly is happening with your hands there?

"This is a kinetic sort of thing where I simply leave it for upstairs and upstairs nudges what I need to know," she says.

This makes absolutely no sense to me, so I move on.

What about the U.S. presidential election?

"Most psychics in the U.S. feel Obama's going to take it," she says. "But we're quite concerned that no matter who takes it, they won't make it out of office.

"So, an act of violence against Obama. And McCain, just age catching up with him."

Oh, dear.

Let's try a less-troubling question: Who'll win the World Series?

"C'mon man, I grew up in Philadelphia," she says. "You know I'm going to say the Phillies."

So there you go.

I'd still like to hear about that girl with the limp, though.

..I know, probably nonsense but it's Sunday, my 20th wedding anniversary, and we need to lighten up some times

knb said...

Happy Anniversary!

I'm always open to a Sunday smile, :).