Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stephen Harper's Plan for Canadians

Stephen Harper's plan for Canadians isn't the title of my post, it's the title of the Conservative platform. Seriously.

Think about that for a minute. It's not the Conservative plan. It's the Harper plan. He and he alone knows all that has to be done for the country and he and he alone will make sure, if elected, that it will be implemented. The Stephen Harper, One Man Band Government.

His ego and arrogance really have no limit.

So, what does Harper have to say about his plan? Well, mostly that it's not the Liberal plan. For days, no maybe weeks, both Harper and some complicit media have suggested that the Liberal plan has changed, that they were no longer talking about the Green Shift, that they were making it up as they went along and most recently, Harper is trying to say that Dion is panicking and making things up on the fly. It's all utter nonsense of course, but it's interesting to note if only to point out just how Harper seems to be projecting.

During the debates, it was quite obvious that Harper had no platform and hadn't intended on presenting one. He'd gone across the country sprinkling money here and there, where he thought he'd be able to buy votes and continued to say that his government had done what they could and he was going to continue to do that throughout the campaign. In other words, 'I'm the PM, I know what's best, trust me'. I am convinced beyond any doubt that he didn't think he would have to put together a platform. But, he got caught on that didn't he? The leaders debate kind of left him hanging out there without any reply to the question. So, lo and behold today we see it.

Talk about putting it together on the fly! I give kudos to whomever stayed up nights working on this, but if you don't think that a spiral notebook presentation with photos in it taken as recently as last Saturday isn't a rush job, well what can I say?

It's not a platform. It's a 40 page photo album of Stephen Harper with bullet points of all the dribs and drabs of spending he's announced. Not in detail of course. That would mean that he'd have to tell you that the increase in your child credit will be $2.67/month. Not exactly inspiring in these difficult times. Or, he'd have to tell you that the .02 cents he reduced diesel fuel by was eaten the next day with a .02 cent rise in price.

In short, the PM had no plan and has no plan. His plan was to call an election. He's been itching for one for months because if you think about it, they've spent all of their time on election readiness and very little on policy. Those 5 promises he laid out in 2006 were never completely realised, yet he had little else to offer, so why not change the channel?

I really think he believed that he'd lulled the country into this collective Conservative sleep and that he'd be re-elected with a majority. Hell, he almost had me convinced that he'd lulled the masses to sleep.

He continues to say that he's been working on this troubled economy since 2007 because he saw all of this coming. He stresses that he's been prudent and steady, which begs the question, why would a prudent manager of the economy call an election expected to cost millions in such uncertain times? Furthermore, if he saw all this coming, you can bet that he thought he could get out ahead of much of what we are seeing now and that was his motivation.

Thankfully, it would seem that Canadians haven't been lulled into a Conservative sleep and Stephen Harper misjudged us.

Stephen Harper's only plan is to retain power at any cost. With that in mind, hold on. It's going to be a wild ride!


Lizt. said...

CTV said he was going to give some of the funding back to the Arts, when he gets back in.
He must be petrified.

knb said...

Well CTV may be playing that angle, but all I have heard is that he will not pursue C-10, the 'censorship' bill.

He's petrified all right though lizt. and what's mildly amusing about that is that he brought it all on himself.

He weathered the junk his lackies put out there. The gaffes etc. When it started to go pear shaped was after the debates and that's all due to him.

Dame said...

I Posted the same Startling observation right In the morning in the Globe /I think Or Maybe the CBC / how is this plan is Called "Harpers plan " and Not the Conservative party's Plan...

Well I know how and why ....

This man is all ALONE His party 'his cabinet ministers are all hiding in silence not allowed To be Out on their own strength .. MUZZLED ..

The Platform is a picturebook of Royal Himself . '/gag/
I Think Midas Stephen just lost the golden Touch . Spare us the shiny Objects and go away!!!

I See Kim Campbell's fate repeating itself.