Friday, July 10, 2009

The Dimitri Made Me Do It!

Because Stephen Harper just can't resist, he found a way to insert a partisan swipe at Ignatieff, during an international press conference.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the swipe he took was based on information given to him by his trusty media man, Dimitri Soudas, who failed to check the source, so he provided Harper with inaccurate information.

Seriously, his top media person didn't check? I guess he was in too much of a hurry to give his boss something juicy.

Ironically, at the same presser, Harper admonished the media for running with and unsubstantiated story, (communion host). Ha! Buy the man a mirror.

Soudas has issued an apology, but will Harper?* This is a matter of Harper's judgement after all...but as usual, a staffer is blamed.

* Note - Harper has since apologised, (see above link) but still, the pattern here is clear.

Update - More here, here, here, and here.


wilson said...

knb, you linked to an article that headlines:
Harper apologizes for criticizing Ignatieff

''L'AQUILA, Italy — Prime Minister Stephen Harper formally apologized to Michael Ignatieff on Friday for questioning the Liberal leader's commitment to crucial Canadian interests...''

but the question is will YOU apologize?

KNB said...

Yup, fair enough. Weird that the news changed as I was writing, but good for Harper for apologizing.

It doesn't take away from the intent or the overwhleming incompetence of his staff though.

Gayle said...

wilson - why would you even ask if KNB would apologize. She has never been anything but honest and acting with integrity on her site.

I find it particularly ironic coming from you since you have a reputation of slandering and then running when your point has been disproven.

The only person here who is owed an apology is KNB, from you.

wilson said...

I too am surprised at the speed of both the apology and the reporting of it.

'It doesn't take away from the intent or the overwhleming incompetence of his staff though.'

Maybe MI will defend Soudas because he is only 29, oops 30 years old today, like he defended Raitt's aide as deserving no blame because she was only 26.
?? What is the age of responsibility in Liberal terms???

And Kinsella's calling the other Kinsella a liar over wafergate?
3 days of international smearing on a false accusation...

I think it's time all sides just lightened up a bit.

Oh Gayle, get a life.

Gayle said...

Well wilson, we are discussing the need to take responsibility for one's words. I just thought you might want to act maturely and take responsibility for yours. I see I was wrong.

RuralSandi said...

Wilson - who are YOU telling to get a life? You spend all your time flipping through partistan notes, PM talking points and crashing in on blogger conversation with old nonsense - you're the one who hasn't got a life.

So, in one news conference Harper has insulted the media, insulted anyone who doesn't agree with him on the economic situation (calling them all dumb) and insulted Ignatieff - and, all on the world stage.

This is not a question of whether you are Cons, Lib, NDP or any other political stripe. This is a question of representing Canada like a "statesman" - and Harper has failed again miserably.

Trudeau, Pearson, Mulroney, Chretien and Martin never participated in domestic partisanship on the "world" stage.

Wilson - try to make all the BS partisan crap you want - Harper just isn't qualified to represent us on the world stage. He's a total embarrassment.

Gayle said...

May I suggest the real issue here is not that Harper was wrong, but rather this:

"Because Stephen Harper just can't resist, he found a way to insert a partisan swipe at Ignatieff, during and international press conference."

When is he going to stop embarassing us on the world stage?

KNB said...

Exactly Gayle.

p.s.- thx for inadvertently? pointing out a typo, lol

Joseph said...

Hat tip to BCL, but here is the segment of quote butchered (and distorted) from Gordon Smith: is really important that Canada be on top this because otherwise ... somebody will come up with the idea of creating an entirely new group. A group that would certainly include key countries like China and India, but no particular reason why it would include Canada.

So, in other words, not only did they attribute the statement to the wrong person, they distorted it. No shock there, I suppose. In the twisted world of "attack in all venues at all times," a cautionary statement (i.e., we must be careful not to let this happen) becomes advocating for that very action to occur.

When do you think the apology to Gordon Smith will be forthcoming? (Hint, don't hold your breath).

When you pull the attacks you launch on the international stage from late night emails your spokesperson receives in the middle of the night, I suppose these little snafu's will occur from time to time.

So the vaunted war-room is random, unverifiable tid-bits received via email? I hope they throw another several million into it.

KNB said...

Ha! Joseph, I was just thinking the same thing...about how they took the quote out of context and butchered it.

Par for the course isn't it? Will they now apologise for ALL of the ads and swipes?

Ya, that's what I thought.