Tuesday, July 21, 2009

They Are Statistics, Not Polls!

Here's a headline from today:

Police-reported crime drops in 2008: StatsCan

Good news right? The government and the people of Canada should be pleased, non? Well, not if your the Conservative government of Canada and certainly not if your the Minister overseeing this file.

"We don't govern on the latest statistics," the minister told The Canadian Press in a telephone interview.

Huh? Think about that for a minute. Empirical evidence is of no use to those who develop our laws? We're not talking polls here, random opinion or anecdotal evidence. We are talking reality for heavens sake! Science!

Ooops, I guess I see my problem here.

Seriously, if you don't develop law based on fact, then what are you doing? Oh right. You're developing law based on flawed, terribly flawed (and we have evidence of that too) ideology that has failed everywhere it's been employed, specifically in the US.

Do you know what really galls me about this ridiculous claim and this ridiculous Minister? His ongoing treatment of this man and others. Do you really think he cares about upholding justice?

Not on your life. Especially if you don't fit his favoured demographic. Don't tell him that though. It's another empirical measurement and he just wouldn't get it.

He goes on:

"What level it's at right now, it's unacceptable, and we are committed to disrupting ... criminal activity."

Except that little to none of his idiotic agenda has been implemented. The previous method of attacking this issue is working! What part of that doesn't he get?

Look, I don't think that we do nothing about crime, but intelligence and keeping up with the times surely should prevail.

Sadly, intelligence and reality are hardly the guiding principles of the Conservative Party of Canada.


Anonymous said...

Was this man in the Harris government ,and turned Reform later, like Harris ?
He needs to learn about life,not think he is god himself.

ottlib said...

Their response should surprise no one.

Besides their "tough on crime" agenda what else can they talk about?

How they have controlled the federal deficit?

How they have moved all of that stimulus money out the door in a timely fashion?

How many Canadians have lost their jobs since they came to power?

Nuclear isotopes perhaps?

Food safety?

How they are finally going to get rid of the gun registry and really mean it this time?

How they are going to reform the Senate and really mean it this time?

How they are going to outlaw same-sex marriage and abortion?

Crime is the only issue they will be able to talk about and they are not going to allow a little trifle like evidence that crime is dropping to sway them from doing so.

If they did, what would they do, just relentlessly attack their chief political opponent without stating any of their own policy ideas? Oh wait....

Anonymous said...

Sadly, intelligence and reality are hardly the guiding principles of the Liberal Party of Canada.

The sheeple followers are quite content in their deluded little worlds where they live in a land of fairy tales, lollipops and unicorns.

All of the while staring blankly out of the window and mumbling something that only they can hear.

RuralSandi said...

I believe Nicholson was a "PC" in the Mulroney government.

He's a very strange man - at least to me he is. Coldest eyes, except for Harper.

Anonymous said...

Anon #2.. is sure in a snit..how dare he..Liberals are not intelligent...they are a helluva lot brighter than Harper's gang, four times over. If they were bright..they would leave that CRAP party very fast.
Thanks Rural Sandi..that sounds about right..in the Mulroney'government..he sure sold His PC down the drain..he is a wierd.

KNB said...

Anon...the we are god meme is their method of governance.

KNB said...

ottlib...well said!

KNB said...

Anon @ 7:36...Thanks for making my point!

Supporters of this crew supposedly in charge...idiots all!

KNB said...

Sandi, he's a buffoon, plain and simple...oh that too!

Have to look him up, but if he was PC, he was the proverbial sheep...the black one.

Steve V said...


What might be more sad, I bet you think that tripe was DEEP. Oh, the imagery. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Here's a couple of Iggy quotes for you sheeple;

January 6, 2009 — ON HOCKEY: “I am a fan of the game of hockey, but not necessarily a hockey fan.”

December 10, 2008 – ON COALITION: ” A coalition if necessary, but not necessarily a coalition.”

Anonymous said...

Intelligence is not the realm of politicians. Their job is to interpret the facts and policies stemming from facts developed by professionals in the bureaucracy. The Tories are acting like tyrants, who think they're smarter than anyone else.

bgrice said...

The CPC has never concerned itself with fact before, why should we be surprised that they aren't doing so now?

What I find more amazing is that Harper and his crew manage to shrug off these idiotic episodes, and Canadians keep buying the shit they are selling. At some point, Canadians are going to have to take responsability for the fact that we keep electing these jokers into office.

Lizt. said...

Nicholson is trying to be like the US..one being..Texas,...would he be at home there.... fill the prisons to capacity, build more, until there is no money left,innocence won't matter.
Then when the senate sees this as too much, and says no, ..it is he Senates fault-- the Liberals are soft on crime.