Friday, July 03, 2009

Palin Farewell...Huh?

What did she just say?


A BCer in Toronto said...

Are there like ducks or sea lions in the background or something?

That's one f'ed-up speech.

sjw said...


Anonymous said...

I figure you'd appreciate this. It's the best laugh-out-loud analysis I've seen anywhere on this latest move by Palin:

From Reddit comments (genius analysis):

"Don't rule out the possibility that she simply wants to devote more time to exploiting her family."


The speech itself was nearly surreal. Was it all one long sentence, or did it just seem like that? I suspect they had to have it outside and before most reporters could even arrive because there were so many bullets flying about from the announcement that someone could have gotten hurt.

She even got a slam in on global warming at one point . . . something about the "real climate change" that occurred during the past few months.

Certifiable, that's my own personal final analysis ;)

KNB said...

BC'er, lol, there indeed were ducks and sheep I think.

Sound effects for her 'lame duck' comments, ducking out, sheepish retreat?

KNB said...


KNB said...

Joseph, ha!

I really thought we'd already heard the worse from her.

Silly, silly, me.

Do you think she's setting up to fund raise for a run at pres? It feels like it.

Someone suggested that she should choose 'Steve' as her running mate. I thought that was a brilliant solution for both countries.

Anonymous said...

I figure there could be another very large shoe to drop and she's desperately tap-dancing to get in front of it, though I don't think that's necessarily so.


She just figures that as governor she'll be held to a record that might be turning south. Plus it hinders her from being able to float above reality as a "symbol."

With this move, she's free to build the Sarah Palin "brand" (unfortunately the US still has a demand for crazy). She can raise money for herself and other Republicans - making connections and friends - and hope the stars align for her around 2012. If that doesn't pan out, there is always a state senate run at some point, or a cozy punditry career on Faux News.

But at the end of the day, it all just sounds a bit too much like McCain's "I'm going to shut down my campaign and go do something, gosh darn it," which didn't pan out so well.

They weren't talking about our "Steve" were they, as in Steve v? ;). If so, I would never wish that on him . . .

Now, Harper and her on the road together. That could be priceless. I can see them on joint interviews with Fox now. ;)

KNB said... consultants already in place!

On a more serious note, she did mention the I hope there is nothing negative on that front.

There may be another shoe to drop, but kudos to whomever has kept that under wraps.

I really don't know. She said, 'trust me' re the decision...dangling something out there.

Oh, gawd help me! I'm analysing the incoherent ramblings of a mad woman!

I guess I'll have to wait for Limbaugh to explain it all to me, lol.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see any problems with her speech. She certainly is an articulated women unlike some politicians in our country in which I will not get into right now. I assume even people who disagree with her politics would agree with me of being articulate. I think that she was honest and genuine.

KNB said...

Her politics aside Proud Canadian, she is the least articulate person in public life I have ever witnessed.

Well, I'd have to think about that a bit more maybe...but she's right up there.

Good grief, she made no sense whatsoever.

Even Conservatives agree.

Anonymous said...

KNB I don't go by what other people may or may not say. I have my own opinion on things. And I stand by my comments.You get the most articulate person on the planet and you will still have people say otherwise. She's a governor of a state. It's the equivalent of being Premier of a province. How many women were elected as Premiere of our Provinces,nough said?

sjw said...

In these trying times it must be nice to have a head full of straw.

Anonymous said...

Love your first post - sjw. At first I thought you were just indicating the desperate need for a period somewhere in the address.

Then I realized the link, which made my laughter complete ;).


penlan said...

A BCer in Toronto said...
"Are there like ducks or sea lions in the background or something?"

Lol - apparently all that ruckus WAS birds of some sort. The speech was rambling & incoherent at times. All over the place. Apparently she's known for those type of speeches - she doesn't like to read a speech, just have notes & goes off-topic all the time. During the Prez campaign she was doing the same thing so the campaign set her up with teleprompters to curtail the incohesiveness of her speeches.