Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Think the Religious Right Has No Voice in Government?

Think again.

This morning I read Big City Lib's blog . He had picked up on something that backbencher MP, Brad Trost, had told LifeSiteNews.com. That is that Min Diane Ablonczy was going to pay a price, for having announced funding for Pride Week in Toronto under the Marquee Tourism Events program.

The story has morphed throughout the day. It went from Trost suggesting that Ablonczy had been fired, to David Akin learning that she hadn't, to suggestions that the file had been taken away from her because of this faux pas and finally concluding with a big, gosh no! Minister Ablonczy isn't being punished! The file is just too big!

Riiiight. Odd that no one told any of the reporters that story earlier in the day. Oh and not to mention that the file is being given to none other than Tony Clement who I guess is just twiddling his thumbs in between all this global economic crisis stuff and attending the G8 summit.

Think about this for a second and it's not tough to see a bigger picture here.

First, the PM and Ablonczy meet with the Tourism Industry to announce their new strategy, June 09/2009, then Ablonczy makes the announcement on June 15th/2009 with great pride and fanfare. Then, the religious right-wing extremists pick up on the story and started squawking on June 18th/2009. Beyond that print article, you can see vids of McVety at the site making a big deal of this and encouraging people to write their MP's, etc. (Caution: Only watch vids if you have a strong stomach.)

I presume the loyal flock followed his advice because you then fast forward to the Trost's comments at the site and you can see him paddling, quickly.

According to Conservative MP Brad Trost, however, the decision to fund the event also came a shock to most of the Conservative caucus, even those inside the Prime Minister's office.

What absolute tripe! Since when does this government not know exactly what is going on? Since when are press releases not vetted? Since when does a Minister just suddenly decide on her own to make an cash announcement with no other department, (Treasury Board), knowing?

This is yet another example of the Harper government showing it's true colours. Worse yet, it's showing it's bias, while at the same time denying it. Having cake...eating it too, comes to mind. Not a bad plan, huh?

In the end though, it does tell us that as much as we had hoped that the McVety's of this country weren't having an impact on the current government, that doesn't appear to be the case. I mean, it seems pretty clear that Trost agrees with the vile rants of McVety. How many in caucus share his view? They must be a force or Diane Ablonczy would still have all of her files.

Some Ministers get praised for losing files, and others lose files for being praised. That my friends is Harpocrisy.

Update - With all due respect, Kady seems to be catching up here.


Anonymous said...

Great Post! Best summary I've seen yet, though a big tip to BCL for shining a light on it initially.

This sort of fits my own still-mostly-unformed opinions of Ablonczy. I've actually been somewhat impressed with how she presents herself on those rare occasions I've seen her speak, though I've had folks whose opinion I respect on such matters look at me like I'm crazy when I say that. She just hasn't struck me as being as strident as some of the other cons who I've grown to despise.

Is that why she hasn't "advanced" as much in Harper's inner circle as her mostly male and rather strident compatriots? Just not measuring up enough on the strident / petty scale? Or am I mis-reading that aspect of this latest needless, small-minded dust-up?

Anonymous said...

That's pure Leftist Mental Disorder.

Anonymous said...

And that's almost a complete though, anonymous. Almost. Keep trying.

KNB, as you were following it very closely in May, here's the latest news on Chalk River - closed to 2010, shrinking Raitt says to expect shortages. you betcha.


KNB said...

Indeed Joseph, BCL deserves the kudo's here.

As to Ablonczy...well, she's a strange one.

Pretty darn straight as these matters go, but pragmatic. She's way right, but...

Her sin? Not backing Harper in the leadership bid. I think she backed Day, but I may be wrong. Haperites never forgave her.

I'm not a fan of her's but it strikes me as somewhat ironic to see these two factions punching it out.

Sad too.

KNB said...

Thanks Joseph. I saw the Chalk River news but that will have to wait till tomorrow.

In fact, I'm guessing more will come out.

RuralSandi said...

Bigot and lame brain, Charles McVety controls Harper - Harper is not a leader.

Anonymous said...

KNB, for the record Ablonczy ran in the leadership race and placed third with around 3% of the vote.

The difficulty many MPs in the Conservative party seem to have is deciding either they are in government and represent all of Canada including Toronto and the gays or they represent just some parts of Canada. Ablonczy seems to be of the group who view representing all Canadians as important well Trost views only representing those who fit into his small minded box.

KNB said...

I just added an update. Kady O'Malley seems to have made the connection.