Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The PM's an Embarrasment

And Canadians notice:

Toronto Star
Jul 15, 2009 04:30 AM
Re:PM blasts Michael Ignatieff,
then admits mistake, July 11

Is Stephen Harper losing it? The world is in the worst recession since the '30s, facing massive unemployment; basic food prices, hunger and poverty are skyrocketing. AIDS and TB are back on the rise. Tensions in the Middle East and Korea have never been higher.

Only one leader stepped up on to the world stage at the most critical G8 summit in its history and felt compelled to take the opportunity to launch yet another personal character attack on his parliamentary rival back home. It's Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada.

Do any of the other world leaders digress from their crucial mission at the summit to degrade their domestic competition? Of course not, it's not the right place nor time. The fact that he employed a misquote is ironic, but secondary.

This type of grossly inappropriate judgment and repetitive behaviour is not benign. It betrays a character problem, a serious insecurity with oneself and one's role; an obsessive-compulsive personality.

A leader who is consumed with political paranoia and fixated at all times on his or her domestic opponent cannot lead effectively. It's just not possible to navigate the rocky road ahead while staring backward over one's shoulder.

Perhaps it's time the Conservatives ask themselves if they need a new leader.

D. Scott Barclay, Georgetown

The Toronto Star
Wed Jul 15 2009
Page: A18Section: Editorial

Stephen Harper's shameful performance at the G8 summit reveals his true nature and the unlimited political ambition that controls all Conservative Party actions.

The attack on Michael Ignatieff is just the latest example of the strategy Harper and his government are too often willing to use: "The Big Lie." If you say something, no matter how false or outrageous, about your opponent, some of it will stick. If you are caught, find some little guy (or woman) to take the fall.

Conservatives wrap themselves in their robes of moral certitude, ready to condemn anyone who dares to question anything they do or say. While preaching strict standards of decency and attention to duty, in the backrooms their strategists devise ways to use every dirty political trick to undermine foes.

Whether fear mongering over crime on the streets, or ignoring established science in climate change and stem cells, these self-righteous finger pointers don't care about Canadians, only about holding on to power. Embarrassing the country on the world stage by hurling lies at your opponents at home is one of the most unforgiveable actions any Prime Minister can make. I hope the people remember this come election time.

Richard Murri, Niagara Falls


The Prime Minister clearly does not understand the first thing about statesmanship, and has once again exposed his uncontrollable urge to add a mean- spirited, partisan edge to everything he does. Canadians are tired of his cynical, bullying approach to government and the silly, partisan games being played in Ottawa by his party. "Enough is enough."

Craig Spafford, Toronto


Is there nothing sincere about our Prime Minister? His carefully worded statement praising the Pope was obviously pre-written by a PR professional to prevent more gaffes on his part. And, I'm sure Pope Benedict doesn't need an endorsement from someone whose career is dedicated to furthering the success of the successful, and to hell with the common citizen.

J. Richard Wright, Niagara-on-the-Lake


Mr. Harper also owes the Canadian people an apology for using his role as a representative of the people of Canada (not of his party) on an international stage to continue his partisan mudslinging. This was embarrassing to all Canadians, and one more indication that he has no interest in serving Canada and Canadians, just in being re-elected.

Jackaleen Bain, Niagara Falls
"Pas sortable"Le DroitForum, mercredi 15 juillet 2009, p. 14
À vous la parole

Il y a des moments ou l'on peut se demander comment quelqu'un qui semble avoir si peu de jugement peut avoir réussi à devenir premier ministre d'un pays aussi ouvert cosmopolite que le Canada. Notre premier ministre, encore une fois, n'a pu résister à la tentation de lancer une attaque purement partisane et personnelle envers le chef de l'opposition Michael Ignatieff et ce, en pleine conférence de presse internationale.

N'importe qui ayant oeuvré dans le milieu de l'international, soit dans un contexte diplomatique ou autre, sait que d'effectuer des commentaires de nature partisane domestique dans le cadre d'une rencontre internationale constitue déjà un impair important. Que cet impair se produise en se basant sur des informations erronées et non vérifiées constitue une grave erreur de jugement et une faute de caractère indigne de l'office qui lui a été offert par une minorité de Canadiens.

Jamais le Canada n'a été si faiblement représenté à l'étranger et il est grand temps de remettre ce pays sur le bon chemin.

Marc Gervais, Gatineau

I have only this to add.


Cari said...

He should not have been attacking Kevin Page over there..If that was not bad enough. Some of the other Countries that know Ignatieff, must be kind of wondering about him. He has shamed Canada again.
Now he is tying to get the a division against the Catholics and Protestants, all because of the Host...Which I think he lied about.
i wonder why he went to Romeo Leblanc's funeral..he did not like Romeo.
Harper is a disgrace!

RuralSandi said...

As I understand it, Harper likes to read about Stalin. We know that a Stalin strategy was to pit one against the other. I wonder - is Harper using a Stalin strategy - it sure looks like it.

He's trying to take us back to the Victorian era when Catholics and Protestants were against each other and where families split if a member married into another faith, etc. This is 2009 - things have change, thankfully.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to think, sneaky as Harper is, perhaps he had this all figured out..first to the funeral, get people wondering, deny, go to the Pope, tell the Italian media over there... about people here trying to divide the Catholics with the Protestants, and why. He is trying to get the Catholic vote, that voted for him in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Liberals do live on another planet and it is not called Earth.

The Mound of Sound said...

Rural Sandi is probably right about Harper having an interest in Stalin. That would explain why he's gagged the armed forces and environment ministry and appointed political commissars to the PMO to control the message coming from either service.

Yes he is an embarrasment to our country. Even if Iggy had said what Harper attributed to him, why would Harper then introduce the subject publicly at the G8?
Why was Harper so bent on attacking Iggy that he was willing to harm Canada's standing to do it?

But inappropriate, inept and embarassing as he is, you have to ask yourself why the Libs remain deadlocked with this guy.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if Ignateff would come home and wake up.

sjw said...

" have to ask yourself why the Libs remain deadlocked with this guy."

Look no further than the drooling idiot at 2:29pm. There in lies your answer.

Anonymous said...

Look no further than the drooling idiot at 2:29pm. There in lies your answer.
I'm curious, are you really blaming the failure of M.I. to gain traction with the Canadian voting population on idiots?

Now, I will agree that Connies are for the most part a little short in the I.Q. department, but it seems that Iggy (given the present circumstances) be polling at least 5% above the Tories...

After, all Harper is really and embarrassment, no?

sjw said...

I wouldn't say Michael Ignatieff isn't gaining traction with the Canadian voting population, I'd say he isn't gaining traction with certain segments of the Canadian electorate. Where I hail from he is resonating rather well. Given the circumstances (The Bloc), I believe he is doing better than reasonably well in Quebec. I also see some positive signs in BC. The drool seems to start dripping in Ontario and turns to a torrent the further west you go.
It's a regional thang.

Anonymous said...

Given the circumstances (The Bloc), I believe he is doing better than reasonably well in Quebec.
Don't you think that overall the support for the Connies was exchanged for the Libs in Quebec?

The BQ still dominate and sadly, in many parts of the province Liberals are not existent.