Thursday, December 09, 2010

Forget Prorogation...

Have you read John Ivison's latest column? In it he speculates, nay, argues, for the rejuvenating effects of prorogation.

The advantage of a Throne Speech would be that it would give the Conservatives a pulpit from which to pontificate. It’s a big set-piece event that allows the government of the day to look active — even if it subsequently proves somewhat flexible in the application of its promises, as happened with this year’s competitiveness agenda.

Yes, well, maybe, and to be sure there are people, including media on Twitter agreeing with this particular argument however, that is not the most interesting part of the piece to me, though, the pulpit from which to pontificate, does touch on what intrigues me.

Here's what struck me:

“I’ve been asked to provide some wording for the Speech from the Throne,” said my confrere.

My confrere? The government is tapping the media, to pen portions of the Throne Speech?

Call me crazy, but I think that is far more concerning than the possibility that Stephen Harper is calculating how his government might be shown in the best light.