Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I just don't get it!

Read this:


How is it possible, that in the Western world, with an educated populace, they continue to buy the pap of the neo-cons? What is happening to thinking people? Have the results of Iraq, (100 innocent people a day being killed), escaped their pervue?

I honestly, honestly don't get it. Dogma has superceeded reason. How did this happen and how do we stem it?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Foreign Policy Shift

I'm really concerned about the unilateral decision by Harper to shift our foreign policy. Doesn't this deserve some debate?

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. His agenda has been too reduce government's role to the basics, leaving the more 'pedestrian' issues to the provinces.

I guess the issue isn't that he has a hidden agenda, the issue is it's been in plain view, but too few Canadians understand or have been given an explanation of it's implications.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Here's the Deal...You Won!

I'm up to here with the current government, blaming everything that goes wrong for them, is the Liberal' s fault. In my opinion, they are in government and should be taking responsiblity, (accountability ring a bell?) for what they are doing.

I'm also sick and tired of the media giving these guys a pass. Fluff pieces on the 'cool' couple in Saint Petersburg...please.

Now, instead of 4500 people being evacuated per day, it's 2000. I get it's a huge evacuation. Majorie Lebreton says everything is fine...military cut's are responsible...other country's got there faster because of proximity. My question would be, if we are chartering ships...shouldn't we have chartered them from the same proximity.?

Nice try, but the Liberal's are NOT responsible for this mess...AND, this shouldn't be about politics! This is about getting Canadians home...full stop, period.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Derision, not Debate

I'm new to this whole blog world. I was looking forward to having a forum, from which I could engage in intelligent debate. Having spent a number of days, reading both liberal and conservative blogs, I'm more than disappointed. I've read really brilliant posts on both sides, but the rebuttal always seems to fall to the level of derision.

Am I naive? I have no doubt...I'm new to all of this. I'm passionate however, about how our country works and would much prefer to engage in honest debate. I live with a contratrian, we debate. Though in principle, we agree on most things, he can always give me a run for my money when raising a political thought. Honest debate, makes us stretch. It forces us to think beyond the sound-bite. It encourages us to think through what we believe in.

In my mind, this is what we need to be doing in Canada right now. Yes, even if it is the summer time..and the living is easy. Complacency is not an option to me.

Now, is always the most important time, and to treat it lightly, is our failure and our foible.

Monday, July 03, 2006

It must be my imagination...

With every day that passes, I grow more perplexed with the amount of support the Conservatives receive.

I continue to search for the reason why, without merely finger pointing and blaming the obvious. There is no question in my mind that the ground swell of conservative views from south of the border, has had an impact. That is not to say it's George Bush's fault. It's merely a fact, as evidenced by the incessant use of phrases, coined in America..."Cut and Run", "Liberals stand for nothing", "Liberal elites", etc.

This is not the dialogue of this country, at least not as I see it looking back. I recall an intelligent, respectful debate of ideas.

It's also easy to point to the media, as they surely have given the Conservatives a free ride...but why aren't we demanding more of them? I laugh out loud every time I hear a Conservative refer to the 'left leaning media'. My hope is that as we progress toward the Leadership Convention, the press will honestly present the differences between the two parties.

The platform of the conservatives simply seems vacuous. Such small ideas, but each chipping away at the social fabric of the country. Have we become a country that can only digest 5 ideas at a time? Have we become a populous who can only follow a government whose language resembles that which we use to address children...."we are fighting the bad guys"?

My sense is that we are not these things. My hope is that anger blinded many during the last election and that slowly but surely, their vision is returning.