Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Watching our Reputation Retreat

We've witnessed some reaction from the International community re' the Conservatives decision to not abide by Kyoto. Our reputation has suffered and there are many who could not believe that Canada, that fought so hard to bring so many countries together, would abandon the cause we had so recently championed.

Now, we are faced with the Conservative Government disregarding our reputation in the world, vis a vis, our conduct in Afghanistan. I firmly believe our troops are treating detainees in accordance with every Convention and International Law in effect. I also believe they are handing over said detainees in accordance with any agreements that have been signed between our two countries. So this is not about the troops, this is not about support for the mission and this is not about patriotism.

This post is about the Conservative Government, blindly going forward, following a practice that has brought into question our culpability in any future accusations of complicity to torture. Why would this government place us, Canada in this position? IMO, this government is more about saving face than it is about seeing the big picture.

We've witnessed their puny agenda, 5 points, that still have not been met and they seem to have nothing more to offer on the horizon. That would be shortsighted to be sure, but it pales in comparison with the game they are now playing in Afghanistan.

I do not care if we have established whether or not the allegations of torture of detainees in Afghan prisons has been proven. If there is even one hint of doubt, we should suspend our practice immediately.

In spite of what "radical right" might claim, Canada is renown around the world for respecting basic Human Rights. We haven't been perfect, but if we have evidence that this might be happening, shouldn't we be jumping in right now, to uphold this value that we hold dear? Of course we should, but Harper would rather defend his position and his incapable Minister O'Connor. Why?

The only thing that makes sense to me is, the only way the man poll's well is to be a "strong leader that doesn't waiver". Imagine, putting that in front of what is right for the country? This man is not a leader. He is led, by polls and ego and was ill-prepared to win the last election. We see in the US where this mentality leads. We cannot and should not tolerate this in Canada.

Canada's reputation is at stake and our leader is unconcerned. I think he underestimates how Canadians, (and want to be Canadians) really see this country. He wanted to define Canada? Thankfully, he is showing us that he is not the definition and reminding us of what we really stand for.


Monday, April 23, 2007

What a surprise!

Who didn't see this coming?

Update here.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Who saw this coming?

Perhaps I wasn't paying close enough attention to the Quebec election, but I did not expect, this.