Saturday, August 14, 2010

Drip, by Single Drip

Jim Travers wrote an interesting piece today. I know that some Liberals aren't pleased, but I would ask them to sit back for a moment and consider what he is really expressing. (It's important to note that he is a columnist. I saw some right leaning friends take issue, as if he'd written news, but please, can we keep things in perspective here?)

That said, I think he is expressing a sentiment that many share. This Conservative party, under Harper, is dismantling the Canada we know. Now, this seems to be coming as a surprise to some, which frankly I find both appalling and hilarious. Either you were too lazy to do your homework, or too cynical to believe that there really was an agenda with Harper. Either way, it's time to wake up.

Does that expression of frustration make Travers a Liberal? Absolutely not and I think it's time for us all to realise the incredible country and people we've become. That is to say, we are a tolerant nation that does have social values and believes in the structures that have brought us here. Is that the majority of Canadians? Yep, pretty much. The only group who is contrary to that opinion, happen to be the party in power and they command only 1/3 of opinion and truth be known, they are a pretty splintered group. That said, they would only vote Conservative, or not at all.

The rest of us, so 2 thirds of the country, do not applaud what Harper has done, but we know we are between a rock and a hard place. Travers is so frustrated, that he lays blame at the feet of the Liberals. Essentially: how could you let this happen?

Well, I would ask that he too step back a bit and reflect on how the media treated the Liberals every time there was a move to topple. Headlines went something like:

- Arrogant Liberals believe they deserve power
- Liberals still have not rebuilt
- Liberals misguided
- Liberal leadership woes
- Lib's still think they are the natural governing party
- Lib's haven't cleaned house

It went on and on and on. And yes, Travers played a part in that narrative. Was there deep analysis into what the Conservatives were doing/planning? Little to none and I'm still trying to put together that entire beating drum.

When the Lib's thought they should move, BAM!...30 seconds later the headlines rolled.

Now, the realist in me admits, the Liberals have made mistakes. I have not supported every decision taken and I too want to put this government out of the misery it is causing most of us, but Travers has to take into account some reality too. Not blaming, but the media played a role.

Here's what isn't said, though I think Travers was on the Liberal Express briefly. Those who are negating the value and benefit of the tour Ignatieff is doing this summer, are doing it at their peril. He is speaking to both small and large groups, listening to them and gaining a sense of how to connect the dots.

Sound simplistic? You'd be wrong in my opinion, to draw that conclusion. You see, with every drip, (dot), a greater mass develops and it is much easier to hit a larger target.

Harper may have thought he was clever to put out controversial policy in the doldrums of summer, but he has provided Ignatieff with more fodder and that makes it easier to develop a narrative.

Don't count the Liberal party out...lest you want to join the pool of drips.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

So Very Sad

Mario Laguë
1958 - 2010

Such a tragedy. He was a lovely, generous man.

Much more information here and more photo's here.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tony Clement Got New (Ridiculous) Talking Points

Well, here is latest, ridiculous, excuse from the Government, specifically, Tony Clement on the idiotic change to collecting data in this country...yes of course I mean the mandatory long form census.

“Yeah, there are groups that are upset about that. Hey, listen, they had a good deal going,” Mr. Clement told reporters after the Conservative caucus meeting Thursday in Ottawa.

“They got good, quality data and the government of Canada was the heavy. We were the ones who were coercing Canadians on behalf of these private businesses, or other social institutions, or other governments and provinces, for this data.”

Is it me, or did you just hear Tony admit that the data was good, reliable and that by making it voluntary will compromise that? Oh and, hey, the government isn't responsible for providing the country with this data.

Wait, it gets better.

Mr. Clement said opponents are free to spend their own money to gather the demographic data they need in others ways.

Translation? want information? Free market have at it! Forget altogether that government is the most secure, most efficient way to gather that information...go for it! Decades of data? Pshaw..means nothing. This government is out of, well, just about everything. Defense, Crime...oh, we're there. All else? Get off your duff and fend for yourself!

It's not that he doesn't understand what the Census gathers and it's importance to the country, it's that he does, that is so galling. Willfully admitting and denying it, in one breath. I can hardly breathe reading it.

Think people. This has been the agenda that media mocked and insisted on calling 'hidden', but it never was. The media's role however is for another post. Harper set out to do this and is doing it with the following of a small number of sycophants. What a way to run a country!

More Clement:

“All these provincial governments and these social institutions and private businesses – we'll get them some data that will be useful and reliable,” he said.

“If they don't want to use that data, it's up to them. They can pay for it another way. There are lots of other ways to gather data from Canadians that is legal and verifiable. You don't have to rely on the government of Canada.”

Note the 'lump in' there. Provinces and institutions? Ahem! Tony obviously has a short memory. And...we'll get them data? Flawed, unreliable data that we are going to spend more money gathering, type of data? You betcha!

That our government has really become this bereft of intelligence should be a surprise to no one.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Making It Up As They Go Along

I can't keep track of how many reasons we've been given for this government's ridiculous decision to scrap the mandatory census (long form), but Stockwell Day certainly topped them all today.

I confess, this presser, was one of the most incoherent I've ever witnessed.

Not only did he not make any sense when articulating the rationale for the decision, he made matters worse by going on about the alarming rate of unreported crime, which is about the oldest tactic in the book for explaining increased spending and tougher crime legislation.

Furthermore, the last stat's available on unreported crime were from 2004.

The full presser is available through the link in the second paragraph, but here is a small portion that was particularly funny...or sad really, when you consider that this is the calibre of Minister we seem to have running the country.