Friday, February 20, 2009

Our PM makes a Lasting Impression

President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Graves wave from the entrance of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada on Feb. 19, 2009.

That's the actual caption from the White House website.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

But Steve? I Thought we were BFF?

I heard this evening that Harper has apparently said that his government hasn't done more on the Environment file to date, because that big, bad, meanie George Bush prevented him from doing so. Are you kidding me? Just how stupid does he think Canadians are?
Update: I found more on this.
Harper defended his environmental record Wednesday on CNN, going so far as to blame former president George W. Bush for blocking efforts to fight climate change, and said Obama looks to be a much more willing partner.
My gawd. If it wasn't so pathetic, it'd be hilarious. Is Harper delusional? No, he's just a liar.
Oh, I know Harper has his supporters that will actually try and make this case, but does he really think the rest of us will fall for this nonsense? I bet he does, because I also heard that he and Obama will be signing an Environmental agreement tomorrow. What the details are, I haven't a clue, but it sounds like a pact to pursue the viability of new technology to capture carbon. That sounds and looks like Harper and co. are being progressive, but it's no change as far as I can see. We'll have to wait and see I guess.
I wonder how many of Harper's supporters will suddenly become environmentalists now? I don't think there is one issue that they haven't flipped on is there? Amazing.
Speaking of thinking we are stupid, I suppose you've seen Harper (pt. 1) on CNN:

As Impolitical points out, this clip has a few more examples of Harper believing we are either stupid or have no collective memory. He speaks of Canada's resilience during the current economic upheaval as if he has everything to do with it. Hilarious! He didn't regulate and position our banking system and he sure as hell cannot take credit for the surpluses he did everything in his power to destroy.

I'm keeping my faith that such a phony will be exposed, but I have to admit that I'm losing patience. The nonsense that is not being challenged at the moment is a bit tough to take. Jim Prentice tonight actually said that Harper and Obama have a lot in common and that they have a similar background in politics. Huh? On what planet?

Until someone actually has the courage to confront either Harper or his gang, expect to continue to be treated as if your brain was nothing more than a ganglion.

The Perimeter is Insecure

The media has spent a good deal of time transmitting the Conservative message that Harper has changed. We're told he's learned that politics in this country must be played in the 'middle', so he's given up his previous convictions. We're told that he has become friendlier, more open. All of this is BS of course. Oh, he's played a good game and seems to have convinced some people, but this man is the same controlling, secretive ideologue he's always been.
The recent story of how the Obama visit is being micro-managed is quite telling really. I used the term insecure in the title and I imagine there is a degree of insecurity involved, but I'd push it further to recall the paranoia that was so often referred to before the press obediently shrugged that off.
For Harper to share any of the spotlight with any other person of note in this country appears to be too much for his ego to bear. He's wounded and I'm sure he is counting on a meeting with Obama to help lift his popularity. I've read news articles stating that this will happen. Personally, I think it will only serve to highlight everything that Harper isn't. The petty way in which this trip is being handled is at once embarrassing and illustrative of just how weak Harper really is.
Will the press take their orders as issued by Kory Tenyecke?
Harper's spokespeople threatened to cancel the press conference if, at any point in the day, a Canadian reporter shouts out a question without being invited to do so.

White House reporters habitually bark out queries during photo opportunities with the president.

But nobody had better dare pulling such a stunt in Harper's office.

"If you do (ask a question), the photo op will immediately cease," Teneycke said.

"And I think the remainder of the day will be . . . I'll choose my words carefully on this: it would be very ill-advised, given that there's a press conference later."
Sadly, I expect they will, though I'd give anything to watch the petulant retaliation play itself out in public view.
The PMO has been saying for the longest time that the arrangements weren't up to them. Right. Not only is it obvious who is managing this visit, it's crystal clear that nothing has changed with this crew. We're not to know who will meet with Obama? Why precisely? Oh yeah, I forgot. Some of his MP's are not too good at keeping things secret are they? Should they be caught in a scrum, well who knows what they might blurt out.
At least someone is planning on talking and I'd like to see the PMO shut down that presser. Who knows. Maybe we'll even get to see some of Obama's meeting with Jean.
So, for anyone who thinks Harper has changed, I'd suggest that you stop deluding yourself. He's still the same old paranoid ideologue, that has agreed to meet with the man who is opening up politics while he (Harper) continues to make our government even more closed to the people.

Friday, February 13, 2009

How Low will He Go?

As low as possible apparently. In his new position, Poilievre has thankfully been fairly silent sparing we political watchers the pain of witnessing his always offensive performances. Sadly, that silence was broken this week.

Pierre once again decided that it was just fine and dandy to lie in House where he of course has protection. He was answering a question put to him by the NDP's Joe Comartin about the Cadman case and specifically about the author of the book on Cadman, Tom Zytaruk. Because Poilievre had made the claim that the tape was tampered with earlier in the week, Comartin asked him for proof, or an apology to Zytaruk. Instead of doing the right thing of course, Poilievre deliberately claimed once again that the tape had been tampered with and went further to say that this had been proven in court.

When Comartin asked him to repeat that comment outside of the House, well the cowardly Mr. Poilievre repeated the charge and snuck out the back way after QP.

Not all, but much of the partisanship that we saw earlier this year has been kept to minimum. I don't believe for a minute that we're dealing with a kinder, gentler form of Conservative. I just think they are taking orders.

Pierre apparently thinks he's above all of that. While his comments were not overtly partisan, they were delivered in that slimy style that he is famous for. His tone and manner make it clear he has no problem further perpetuating this lie that is affecting Zytaruk. In fact, as I've written many times, there seems to be no thought given to how some comments affect the lives of others.

Pierre Poilievre is one politician that scrapes the bottom of the barrel, yet I'm sure few Canadians know who he is. Furthermore, he continuously receives plum little positions that suggest that his behaviour is just A-OK with his boss, Harper.

Zytaruk is thinking about suing, but can't afford it. If you know of someone that might help him in this cause, be sure to tell them that they would be a hero to many if they successfully sued the Conservatives and specifically exposed the cowardly Poilievre for who he is.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where Do You Stand?

Have you been following the discussion about this charming woman being on TVO tonight?

It's an interesting discussion. The argument is that we the tax payer should have a voice in who is to be featured on Paikin's show. There is merit to that obviously and given the publicity and links provided by Kinsella and others, we do have a voice.

I confess to being of two minds on this issue however. Part of me wants to see her on the show so that her venom is exposed. Exposure of these extremists should lead to ostracization, not to mention confrontation and consequences.

The problem is of course that she and others are all too free with their hate and it has crept into too many forums. What I really object to are these people being treated as respected voices and part of the mainstream. They are out there of course, but they are a minority and should be characterised as such.

If TVO is going to have her on, shouldn't she at least be there to talk about what she writes about? Shouldn't she be introduced in full and her record exposed? Shouldn't she be the guest that epitomizes intolerance? Wouldn't that be honest?

With all of the exposure and ensuing e-mails to TVO, it'll be interesting to see what happens tonight.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Enough is Enough

For all their mewling, puling and plain old fashioned whinging, the right in this country has a much louder voice than it merit's by it's numbers. They will tell you that all media, in whatever form, it bias and not in their favour.

I for one am sick of that lie. Yes I said lie, which seems to be a word we're not supposed to utter these days, but I suppose that if you make that word unacceptable, then the ones doing it can go on lying without being called on it.

If you aren't familiar with the gentleman depicted at the top of this post, his name is Erik Millett. He is the principal from New Brunswick who stopped the national anthem from being played every morning in 2007. That nugget was considered something to glom onto by every right wing radio host in the nation and the story was as you know, distorted practically beyond recognition. This man became the new target for the pent up rage that many feel the need to discharge on a regular basis. Assumptions were made and his character assaulted without any justification whatsoever. How is it that we allow this to go on?

In a sense, you have to credit the right for being so organised and focused to have brought the country to this miserable state. I however would like to suggest that the rest of us have been far too passive in allowing it to go on. I'm not interested in a counter force in terms of seeing more 'left wing' media. In my opinion, that would be counter productive.

I would like to see the return of common sense however. How is it that these attacks go unchallenged? Remember the phony e-mails being sent to Jennifer Wright re' the Green Shift? That became a cause celebre for the right. What about the lies about the Green Shift and Dion himself? Or the frenzy the country was driven into due to the lies about what a coalition was and what it meant? This is not funny stuff and it no longer is something that I think we can just slough off and attribute to 'a few extremists'.

In the case of Millett, we are talking about a man's reputation and his career. He's now questioning his future.

"I received probably over 2,000 emails, most of them hurling abuse at me, saying everything that I should be at the end of a bayonet, I should be shipped out of the country, I should be put on the front lines with the Taliban," he said.

Where have we heard that kind of language before? From the Blogging Tories, talk radio hosts (here's an example) and Conservative MP's, that's where. Not all of course, but certainly many. Oh, and one new Senator. Let's not forget Mr. Duffy.

It's not Millett's future that should be in question here. It's the power that the right is wielding and the impact it is having on peoples lives. They, the right, will like that sentence of course because they salivate at the mention of power and their unjust denial of it for so long. Is it any wonder?

Enough is enough and I'd welcome any suggestions as to how we counter this destructive culture.

Rant over.

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Brotherhood of 'Sweaters'

Maybe this is really the new norm for Conservatives? When you're in a tight spot, sweating a little maybe, you don your "I'm just a nice guy" sweater and go on camera?

Duffy has learned well don't you think? Not that the curve was that steep really.

By Harper saying:

"I thought his language was perhaps inappropriate, and I gather he withdrew some of the language ...

I think it's pretty clear that Duffy got his marching orders and obeyed like a good little soldier.

Gee, wasn't Duffy recently quoted as saying that his appointment had nothing to do with partisanship? Forgive the imagery but, I'd say that fantasy has been laid bare this week.

Settled, But Not Forgotten

So we learn today that Harper has dropped his defamation suit against the Liberal party. Is that good news? I suppose there are elements that could be celebrated, but I wonder how Tom Zytaruk feels? What do you suppose the chances are that he'll receive the apology that he deserves?

Remember this?

Well, I sincerely doubt that Zytaruk will be hearing from James Moore or Stephen Harper any time soon. Sadly, Canadians won't get the truth they deserve either.

I wonder if one of the players in all of this, Tom Flanagan, will have any words of wisdom in one of his now regular articles in the Globe?

h/t- to BC'er
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