Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Truth According to the CPC

If you had any doubt as to how the Conservative party operates, (well frankly you must have been living under a rock), this story certainly makes it crystal clear.

We know that truth has no place in that party, because Tom Flanagan has been gracious enough to that point out. Tell the truth and your career is over. Do something honestly that contravenes your party line or upsets your base? Your career will stagnate.

Gordon Langdon is simply the latest in a long list of people who have had their ambitions shot down by the duplicitous Conservative Party of Canada.

Landon was dumped Monday as the Conservative candidate for Markham-Unionville after publicly musing the GTA riding was being shut out of federal infrastructure funding because it is held by a Liberal.

I wouldn't call it musing exactly. The man was a regional councillor and had intimate knowledge of how the plan was being implemented.

No surprise though, because of course he was speaking the truth and shoring up what Gerrard Kennedy has been saying for months. Oddly enough, that story, the story of how money is being unevenly distributed, doesn't seem to be a story for the MSM. Can't quite figure out why. It may be due to a shortage of resources in bureaus these days, but still, you'd think that would be a story of interest to Canadians, wouldn't you?

So, as MP's Chong, Ablonczy, Lunn, Ambrose, Gallant, etc. have learned, so has Mr. Landon. Truth has no place in the party. In fact, maybe the CPC have done him a favour, for he leaves with his integrity and 'soul' intact.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act
~~George Orwell~~

Monday, September 28, 2009


I cannot believe that this government is once again going to drag this woman through the wringer. Well, actually I can believe it, but I'm disgusted.

Now we are only hearing one side of the story at this point but:

In one interview with the Canadian High Commission in Nairobi, Mohamud indicated she was a student at Humber College and was studying fashion design. But in another interview, she denied it and said she was only thinking about going to school at Seneca College.

Having heard her testify, it is clear that she understands and speaks English, however, it was also clear that she sometimes misunderstands questions and given the stress she was under, that is hardly surprising.

That aside for a moment though, as an astute person on twitter pointed out, it should have been pretty clear that she was from Toronto by the mere mention of Humber and Seneca College.

The documents alleged she lacked knowledge about Toronto, where she had lived for 10 years. She couldn't name Lake Ontario, and even though she took public transit to work, she had trouble explaining the acronym TTC, the Toronto Transit Commission.

Um, maybe she had trouble with the meaning of the word acronym? Have you ever listened to talk radio? I guarantee half the adoring audience couldn't define it.

I'm not going to defend every point here. I'll allow Suaad and her lawyer to come out to speak to this, but it is beyond belief that after all she went through the government, Harper and Cannon, are actually taking this route.

To try to sully her name once again, is disgraceful.

Canadians don't want an election? This Canadian does and I'd wager that Suaad Mohamud does too.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just Because...It's Saturday

Because I miss the season/sentiment and have missed her for a very long time. Not the best quality, but there goes time...

If you don't like Janis, close your eyes and listen to the guitar. 1968, folks, (I think).

All that is old is new again.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Conservatives Breach PublicTrust - Even CPC Candidate Says So

Press Release:

A comprehensive report by the Liberal opposition shows that major infrastructure stimulus programs intended to create jobs for the unemployed have been distorted into partisan vehicles to benefit Conservative Cabinet Ministers and Conservative MPs.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pander de Jour

Oops, wrong shot...that's Harper's Starbucks photo op.

Ah, here we are. The official pander of the day. The Timmie's crowd.

Watching Harper supporters on the web, I can't help but notice just how chuffed they are by all the bizarre and frankly shameful moves that Harper has made this week. It occurred to me that he is simply preaching to, or comforting his base.

A reporter made a similar comment tonight and that made me think through my initial sense a little more.

If you look at what most sensible people are saying, not attending the Climate Conference was a major faux pas and one that clearly has pushed us to the back of the room, if not outside in the hall. But if you carry that sentiment through to it's logical conclusion, doesn't it just make the portion of his base that either denies climate change all together or sloughs it off as inconsequential, happy?

Then we have the snubbing of Pres. Obama's speech. It's no secret that a portion of his base spends all of their time hanging out with the Glenn Beck crowd, so... by not putting any significance, in perhaps one of the most significant speeches to be delivered at the UN, he makes that group smile?

Instead of staying for the important speech he goes to an announcement/photo-op at Tim Horton's? Just typing that feels ridiculous, but when you consider the content of Obama's speech and what it could mean for the direction of the UN going forward, snubbing it simply underlines Harper's known contempt for the institution, doesn't it? Again, feeding his simplistic base.

Following this line of thought, it has also occurred to me that it's a bizarre strategy to be putting stimulus money into riding's you already hold...unless of course you are concerned about losing them.

To me, if you were confident about your base, you'd be pouring money into riding's you'd like to hold. The whole, 'see how fantastic we really are' pandering. But no, that's not what they have been doing. Instead, he's saying, 'hey, I know I'm spending a ton, but see, having me in power means you aren't being ignored...I'm still your guy!'

If I conclude anything about all the odd behaviour, including the tape we saw at a rally, it's that in spite of all the bluster from party strategists and in spite of all prop's that some opinion media give Harper, the Conservative party is worried about and spending time firming up their base. Not because they are worried they will vote for another party of course, but that they won't vote at all. Only polling or reaction to grassroots dissent would seem to drive this, imo.

Interesting strategy, but I would suggest that the risk is high. Former Progressive Conservatives certainly won't be impressed and in that case, there is a good chance they will vote for another party and it sure as heck isn't the NDP.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where Is Your Money Going?

Here is the headline:

Tories spend 5 times more on ads than H1N1 prevention

Anyone surprised? Didn't think so.

The Conservative government is spending more than five times as many taxpayer dollars on promoting its economic plan as it is on raising public awareness about the flu pandemic.

And that's once again raising a long-standing question: when does government advertising cross the line into partisan boosterism?

Television viewers may have noticed the latest feel-good government ads about stimulus spending, including the Conservative-friendly, anti-election pitch: "We can't stop now," and "We have to stay on track."

All the ads direct viewers to a Tory-blue government website that includes more than 40 different photos of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and refers repeatedly to "the Harper government" – apparently in direct contravention of Treasury Board communications policy.

Again, in direct contravention of a policy or guideline? I cannot for the life of me understand how this government continues to get away with this stuff.

I'll let you read the rest of the article but will just say this. It is good to see the media finally doing a little more scrutinizing, on issues such as this.

It is long over due and Canadians certainly have a right to know. The government apparently doesn't think so though.

PCO did not respond to a written list of questions from The Canadian Press over a three-day period last week.

Michael Ignatieff/Liberal - Rally at WLU

(via Wilfrid Laurier University Official Student Newspaper)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Week that Was

You don't see too many happy faces there, do you? MP Wasylycia-Leis's expression is particularly telling.

Well, it was quite a week wasn't it? Looking around the blogosphere, I'm mildly amused and a little surprised at the all the anger and outrage coming from the NDP. (Okay the outrage didn't surprise me 'cause the usual suspects are always outraged.) The level of spin going on is quite the site to behold. Not unlike watching a screw being driven into wood with a power drill.

It's just that though, spin. There is simply no doubt that the NDP are not prepared to go to an election now and given that their free pass is now null and void, well, they have no choice but to prop up Mr. Harper. Have the Liberals been forced to do that in the past? Yep and the NDP did nothing but mock, so it's more than a little rich for them to now be upset at the Liberals for doing what they urged them to do for months.

So what now? How long will Layton be forced to drag out this melodrama?

Well, from what I know, the party is in financial trouble, haven't got all their candidates lined up and there is a bit of a brou-ha-ha brewing between two camps in that caucus. There are the Mulcair followers, who I am told were for supporting the government and the Layton camp, who was less sure of the strategy. Whatever strategy belonged to whom is not the point here though, what is interesting here is to learn that they are a caucus divided.

Given that we are obviously going into some tense times, division wreaks havoc when developing strategy. Too many cooks and all that.

Ignatieff, by most accounts, came out the winner this week. There is still more to do, but having established the party back to it's current rightful position of the official opposition, the Liberals can now concentrate on other matters, rather than always being on the defensive.

I know there are many out there that wish that this kind of political manoeuvring wasn't necessary and that political parties could just get on with the job of running the country. I can't say that I disagree with the sentiment, however it is not our current reality and it never will be as long as Harper is PM, imo. Was it perfect before Harper? No, but it's never been this bad.

He is all about strategy, good or bad, all day, everyday. Everything he does and says has a political motive or target. What has struck me this week, not so much from him but from the party, is just how blatantly they are lying now. They always have lied, but they are not being called on it by the media and that fact seems to have goosed their bravado.

As long as such a party and such a man is in power, this is what we are in for. In order to get rid of him, well, strategy and tactics must be employed as distasteful as that may be to some.

So, while MP's are in their riding's this week, watch for the stuff not being covered. Like parties holding campaign schools. Tom Flanagan for instance just gave a speech on campaign fundraising at the Manning Centre, according to Stephen Taylor. That said, I know the Liberals held similar events this weekend.

It's going to be an interesting time, if you are interested in politics.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mr. Big Stuff

h/t - Omar Ha-Redeye

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jack's Joke

All the nattering that Layton and the NDP are doing is surely a joke right? I mean, you can't go on for years screaming at the top of your lungs that you are not going to support the government, now way, no how, never, then spin on a dime! Even to go so far as to make a declaration that you'd vote against a budget bill without having read it, then suddenly say, wellllll, this time we are going to try to make parliament work.

I'm afraid it's laugh out loud funny. To begin with, it lays bare what has been common knowledge for some time now and that is the NDP have voted against the government, because they could. Period. They hid behind the Liberals and now they know they can't.

How can Jack look into a camera lens and keep a straight face while essentially saying, I haven't been interested in making parliament work for almost 4 years, but now...now, I think it's time to try.

It's ridiculous of course and I almost feel sympathy, except for the fact that Jack's being too clever by half a few years ago got us into this mess in the first place.

The NDP do not want an election. The way this is shaping up, the daunting majority talk, out there reduces their chances if it catches on as an idea. Additionally, and for this I do cut them some slack because lord knows the Liberals have been there, financially, things aren't great for that party.

I also suspect that this will be Jack's last kick at the can, especially if he does worse than last go around. That said, that could be said of all the leaders, though ironically Ignatieff has the best chance of sticking around if seat numbers improve.

Hmm, wouldn't it be interesting if the Lib's took a minority and the two other majors were involved leadership races?

Oh how the worm turns.

I will tell you this. I will never again (not that I ever did) take a sanctimonious lecture from the NDP about voting in the House. Our system is not ideal and in minority governments 'we the people' are often left out, but it is what is and certain practicalities are self evident.

New Ads



Saturday, September 12, 2009

Divisive, Dishonest and Disrepectful

Yesterday, I mentioned a government ad that contained a line that seems to cross the line in terms of the neutrality required by gov't. The ad is contained in this news clip and the line is, 'but we have to stay on track'. That's a line of course that the Conservatives have been pushing for a while now.

What's galling about it to me is, that I don't believe for a minute that it was slipped in there not meant to be noticed. No, my sense is that they deliberately flout the rules because they know by the time it's challenged, it will have done it's work.

So it is with other ads I've seen. Watching Kory Teneycke squirm on CTV's Power Play yesterday when questioned about a new ad, was an indication that they are fully aware of the dishonesty they are putting in front of Canadians.

The ad in question is one where they use a quote made by Justin Trudeau, 2006, during the leadership convention. He was supporting Gerrard Kennedy at the time. He's asked about Ignatieff and explains why then, in 2006, he didn't support him. You can watch it here.

The Conservatives have taken that clip and put it out there as if Trudeau said it yesterday. Out of context. Teneycke actually goes on to say, that it's not taken out of context. Huh? Is it possible that the Conservatives don't understand what context is? No, but it is likely that they willfully pretend not to understand it.

That my friends is dishonest.

Do they stop there? No, of course not. In fact, all of the ads and vids, some of which even some Liberals seem to have fallen for, do precisely the same thing.

Take this gem, for instance. Would you like some context around that quote? It's from a presser that Ignatieff held after being chosen as interim leader. Here's the transcript.

Mr. Ignatieff. Roger Smith from ctv.>> Question: MR. Ignatieff, I guess the question on a lot of people's mind today is whether the coalition -- your MP's seem to be parroting your mantra, a coalition if necessary, but not necessarily coalition. In practical terms, in this situion, with a non-confidence vote coming up in january, what does that mean?

The Hon. Michael Ignatieff:

Roger, that means that I told the caucus this morning very clearly I will vote - I am prepared to vote non-confidence in this government. And I am prepared to enter in to a coalition government with our partners if that is what the governor-general asks me to do. But I also made it clear to the caucus this morning that no party can have the confidence of the country if it decides to vote now against a budget that it hasn't even read. So the ball is in mr. Harper's court. And I'm delighted to hear that the caucus was disciplined.

So, in December and given all the nonsense that we knew the government had been involved in, Ignatieff said that he was prepared to lead a coalition if and only if, the GG asked him to.

Kinda changes the vid doesn't it? Again, context really is everything.

Then we have the talking points, that the Conservatives are putting out there. Not ads yet, maybe, but still dishonest. Here's a little myth busting:

MYTH: An election would imperil economic recovery.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says an election would "screw up" the fragile economic recovery.

But that's not the view on Bay St. There, it elicits laughter.

"You believe that?" blurted Avery Shenfeld, senior analyst at CIBC World Markets.

National political campaigns are not a cause for concern on Bay Street, he said.

"We don't typically see a lot of financial market or business response to Canadian elections," which, Shenfeld noted, "don't tend to be revolutionary."

MYTH: The Liberals will wrest power from the Conservatives by joining in a coalition with the NDP and the Bloc Québécois.

"If we do not win a majority, this country will have a Liberal government propped up by the socialists and the separatists," Harper told party faithful recently.

But Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, who spurned the coalition idea after taking over last winter, continues to deny having any interest in it.

"Let me be very clear – the Liberal party would not agree to a coalition," he said yesterday.

MYTH: A Liberal proposal to make it easier for laid-off workers to obtain Employment Insurance would be irresponsibly costly.

The Liberals want to ease employment insurance rules to help laid-off workers who cannot qualify for EI payments.

Reducing eligibility to 360 hours of work would allow another 150,000 to qualify for jobless benefits, the Liberals say, at a cost of $1.5 billion.
But the Conservatives have ridiculed that estimate, saying it would run up Ottawa's EI bill by a massive $4 billion annually.

Arguing that this tally by cabinet minister Diane Finley was vastly exaggerated, the Liberals asked Kevin Page, the independent parliamentary budget officer, to analyze their proposal.

Yesterday, Page estimated the 360-hour standard would have a $1.1 billion annual price tag.

MYTH: An election will cheat Canadians out of their home renovation tax credit.

Harper and other Conservatives have raised the spectre that an election call could nullify the tax credit program for home renovations this year.

That's because the measure, though promoted widely, has yet to become law. Conservatives plan to introduce a ways and means motion soon for that purpose.

However, Liberals say they'll no longer support the minority government, meaning defeat of the Conservatives could come first.

Not to worry, Liberals say.

"We support the home renovation tax credit ... and will ensure Canadians are able to claim (it) in 2009 no matter what," spokesman Jean-François Del Torchio said.

So, bravo to the Star for holding the Conservatives to account. There was too little of that during the last election and I see this as an encouraging sign. Meaning, more rigour being employed, something I think we all benefit from.

Lastly, I leave you with an article published today that some on the Conservative side of the the blogosphere and twitter have mischaracterized, or simply once again don't understand context...accidentally on purpose.

Some of what is contained in the article, we've already debunked, but it's this line that has people on the right all excited:

However, when asked whether he excluded a coalition with the opposition parties if the result of an election were another Conservative minority, Ignatieff called it a hypothetical question he didn't "like."

You see, they interpret that to mean, that he didn't want to be clear...didn't like the question, is evading the question again, blah, blah, blah.

All I can say people is, lighten up and discover the joys of having a sense of humour. When you see the clip, it is clear that the hypothetical he doesn't like is the prospect of Harper holding yet another minority.

Who could blame him?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Credibility? Zero

Ya, right. That's what it's like.

These are the people you want running the country?

h/t - Impolitical

The Taped Crusader and Other Thoughts

To me the story of the tape is not so much what Harper said, because after all, for those of us who follow this man, well we've known what his agenda has been all along.

No, the story to me was how the media reacted, as if it was a surprise that Harper would speak in such a manner, because after all, they have been telling us for years that he's mellowed, become a centrist and now understands that you cannot run this country from the right. Article after article, usually with the term Tory in the title, have been trying mightily to convince the masses of a kinder, gentler Harper since he was elected.

During the last election some of them were, laugh out loud funny, falling for the blue sweater and allowing him to get away without announcing policy until the election was practically over and even then, his announcements were ridiculous.

So to me, the tape is more of an indictment against the lack of real information we are provided by some quarters, while of course confirming precisely what Harper's agenda is.

Since it's release though, it certainly seems as though an election is underway, if not by convention, in spirit.

Any CPC member that can find a mic or camera has been pushing the coalition meme that Harper emphasized on the tape and for that reason, Ignatieff came out today to make it perfectly clear that there would be no coalition. It would seem the PMO is not happy with Ignatieff's clear declaration as I heard Baird and that buffoon Poilievre still pushing it today, but the media are reporting it clearly, so if they want to continue down that road, they will simply look more ridiculous.

Now, I know there are a good many Liberals out there that still like the idea of a coalition, but it's important to understand why this faux talking point is being pushed by the PM. Yes, he's trying to scare the public again and bastardize our system, but it's more than that.

What does Harper have to offer? He's not big on the vision thing, Flaherty has already tipped his hat and told us that there is no plan to get us out of deficit, what else does Harper have? Killing the gun registry? More crime bills? Selling off assets? These may be part of his agenda, but they are not exactly vote getter's.

No, Harper needs a way to derail and distract during an election. So, he would love nothing better than to take the focus off ideas and his track record and have everyone nattering about a coalition. The Liberals today took action to ensure that doesn't happen.

If you are one of those Liberals who is unhappy about this, I'd ask you to consider how life in this country was before Harper made a mockery of this option. We can work co-operatively with other parties...it's just Harper who cannot. Admittedly, I'm presuming here that Layton has learned an invaluable lesson and wouldn't play silly beggars again.

One last thought. I saw an ad today for Canada's Economic Action Plan. Overall, I think this advertising is ridiculous and completely unnecessary, but more than that, it crossed a line in my opinion. The majority of the ad tells us where the stimulus money is going, but there is one line in there, that smacks of electioneering to me. A man appears after various sector announcements outlining what the stimulus is doing and tells us that 'we must stay the course', implying of course that a change of government is inadvisable.

I can't find the ad on line yet. I just saw it today. If you see it, I'd love your take and if you find it on line, please forward it to me.

Update : This news clip contains that portion of the ad.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


You will have noticed that Diane Finley and Pierre Poilievre have been out preaching the gospel of Untruth as it relates to the EI panel.

Sadly for them, the truth generally makes it's way out.

Do you remember when they told the country that the Liberal proposal on EI was waaaay out of line and the country couldn't afford it?

Nay, nay, I say!

Parliament's budget watchdog has put a price tag of under $1.2 billion on the Liberal's employment insurance proposal, showing the Conservative government "wildly overestimated" the cost at $4 billion for partisan purposes, Montreal Liberal MP Marlene Jennings said Wednesday

The finding shows the Conservative government distorted the price during bipartisan talks that broke down over the summer, Jennings said in a telephone interview from Montreal. A senior government official had put the $4 billion price tag on the proposal as the possibility faded of a consensus by the committee, of which Jennings is a member.

"It means that the government was in bad faith and that they wrongly used and directed public servants to do a partisan job, which they shouldn't have," Jennings said.

Another thing that should be noted. It was Harper who set up this panel. Ignatieff agreed believing that he, Harper, was acting in good faith. Oh, the horror! To think that Ignatieff actually thought that gentlemen might actually act honourably. If there was naïveté there, I'd say that has been squashed.

Anyway, another day, another lie exposed.

What is new under the sun?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Monday, September 07, 2009

Fighting Lunacy

While madness has reached proportions no one could have imagined in the US, we in Canada have no reason to be smug or complacent.

Jason Kenney yesterday certainly started down the path of alternate realities and his loyal foot (in mouth) soldiers dutifully followed.

Part of the problem, imo, is mainstream media giving wing nuts currency by airing, thereby repeating, their fatuous claims. The ill informed glom on to such statements and no one seems to be setting the record straight.

Should we demand that? I think so.

So, I offer this video simply to illustrate what is being fought in the US, in the hope that we are not faced with the same inanity.

When you see it, speak out. Your voice is needed to prevent it.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Let the Contrast Begin

Further to the release of the ads, I've read some commentary, listened to Cross Country Check-up (subject: upcoming election) and followed comments all over the internet.

I can't say that anything has surprised me. The usual suspects have uttered the predictable lines.

Imagine my shock at reading that the partisans for the NDP and the CPC don't think much of the ads. I so thought they would come out cheering! And the anti-Ignatieff, but supposedly still Liberal crowd? Well given that he is front and centre, they were predictable too.

One complaint seems to be that the ads are bland, not enough policy, details, etc. Well, instead of calling that reaction laughable, let's take a look at reality.

The summer is winding down, literally, this weekend. Accepted wisdom tells us that no one has been paying any attention to politics throughout the summer and they are just now tuning into what is happening in the country.

Timing? Perfect.

The other point that is often made, is that Ignatieff isn't well known. As I see it, this is his opening foray to correct that. I read somewhere that there are 3 more ads to come. My guess would be that the English ad will be done in French and the two French ads, will air in English, though I may be proven wrong.

Here's the thing. Anyone that has been exposed to advertising and how to build a campaign, knows that you start with specific obvious objectives and your plan is to build on them, based both on reaction and a logical plot line.

For anyone to have expected policy announcement, is ridiculous. There IS no election at this point remember. That's not immediately what these ads are about, though of course ultimately they are, but specifics will come out when appropriate. Political junkies may be anxious for detail, but you are not the target of the ads.

I'd also like to pass on a general feel from Cross Country Check-up. Often, the shows that focus on politics, have a pretty Conservative call in. The likes of Dr. Roy call repeatedly and I can only presume that an e-mail is sent out to the base, encouraging calls.

Today? I heard crickets chirp from that hard core base. A couple of Harper supporters called in, but overall, the lines were jammed with people, maybe not anxious for an election, but really anxious to boot Harper out. They were not all Liberals. Many NDP called too, but former Conservatives, Progressive Conservatives, were the ones that intrigued me.

A call-in show, does not an outcome guarantee, but there was a sense out there that I found encouraging. Not just the prospect of Harper's ouster, but more the level of knowledge in terms of what he is doing to the country. Even the least articulate of caller had that sense.

Our reputation in the world was brought up more than a few times. Citizenship and how Harper plays with that was big too. The general theme though was how Harper is completely incapable of being the leader of a minority government.

Hurray! Finally it felt as though people were getting it.

As I said, a call-in show can hardly be used as a barometer for an election that hasn't been called, but hearing NDP and PC supporters claim that they will vote for the Liberals to get Harper out, was music to this Liberal's ears.

Oh, one more quick thing. When I first saw the ads, I thought, fantastic contrast to what the Conservatives have offered. Ignatieff is speaking to the adults in the room and the Conservatives as we know, have been playing to the pimply teenagers who need to feel better about themselves by putting someone else down.

My hope was that the Conservatives wouldn't change their strategy, because played out over time, the contrast would be striking. For today anyway, my hope was not dispelled. Jason Kenney released this statement, (via Susan Delacourt).

Risky business that. We have plenty of examples of Harper denigrating the country that go back that far and further, NCC anyone? Not to mention that Kenney takes the statements out of context, as is usual.

I particularly like the US reference and elite mention by Kenney. He who studied in San Fransisco with the elite of the philosophical debate world, the Jesuits. He dropped out though... Draw your own conclusions. Hint, it wasn't because he thought they were too elite.

The statement is pap and thankfully keeping the discussion in the gutter. I say thankfully, because the Conservative tact has been to discourage voters from voting. Keeping the message low-brow to turn people off. I'd say it worked. I'd also say, the time has passed for it to have an effect any longer.

From everything I saw, heard and read today, people are tired of the nonsense.

Let the contrast begin!

New Liberal Ads




I'll have more to say later, but overall, I like them!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fiction Coming to the Airwaves Near You

One day after Ignatieff declared that he will no longer support this government, the Conservatives, their supporters, the NDP and their supporters have shifted into overdrive.

Most of it is hilarious, but it's a look at how the various parties will react.

No surprise here. The PM and some of his MP's, like John Baird are saying that the economy will be shaken and suffer if we go into an election. The recovery will be affected. Well, once again our economist in chief is outside of his fellow travellers in his opinion.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper stepped up his attack on the Liberal opposition Wednesday, repeating his contention that an election could "screw up" the recovery.

(You'd think he would have learned that this language isn't very PM'ish.)

The warnings have become a staple of the Conservative attack against Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. On two separate occasions this week, Transport Minister John Baird also sounded the alarm, saying a vote now risks delays to infrastructure projects sustaining the economic recovery.
"That's quite the nerve coming from Stephen Harper who called the last election at a time of a very severe recession," shot back John McCallum, a former bank chief economist who is expected to land an economic portfolio if Ignatieff's Liberals were to form the government.
Economists were mostly unconcerned about any potential crippling impact of an election.
"The Canadian economy is the sum of a heck of a lot of decisions, by investors, by businesses, by consumers across Canada, in the U.S. and abroad, so how well the economy is going to do probably depends a lot more (on other factors) than what's going on in the electoral scene in Canada," said Finn Poschmann, an economist with the C.D. Howe Institute

Next! Well, I shouldn't say that actually, because we all know that even if the evidence is painstakingly laid out before them, they ignore it and continue with the lie.

(btw, can't imagine how they did it in the States ;)

The NDP on the other hand are now not quite so cocky as they were when they were provided a safe haven by the Lib's. Sorry guys, you can't in one breath call the Liberals wimps for supporting the government and then turn around and call them opportunistic when they won't. But hey, if sucking and blowing is your strategy, I won't get in the way.

Additionally, Brad Lavigne, (NDP strategist) suggested that the NDP would do the responsible thing and take it issue by issue as they study the bills presented.

Ha, ha,ha! I know, it's hard not suppress laughter here, given how they vowed to vote against the budget before they saw it, but whatever.

Sadly for the NDP though, the Conservatives don't seem ready to play in the same sand box as those radical, crazy socialists.

We'll hear from Jack tomorrow apparently.

As for the Bloc? Well Duceppe told us today that he'll also go issue by issue and only make a decision rooted in Quebec's best interest. No! Really?

And, the final bit of buffoonery for your enjoyment, the Conservatives will apparently bring a Ways and Means motion to the HoC , (not sure when though) and it will contain...wait for it...the Home Reno Tax Credit. Because of course, if the Lib's take them down on that, the Conservatives will scream from here to Sunday that Ignatieff is taking away your credit!

Of course it's BS in more ways than one. First, the Lib's have already said that they will of course honour the program. Secondly though, there is absolutely no reason to create a new law to have those credits pass. It's all a ruse.

That said, the Conservatives have governed by ruse...why wouldn't they campaign by it?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Mr. Harper, You Failed

Interestingly, the NDP is now saying that they will gauge their support on an issue by issue basis. Yep...that's what they are saying. What a difference a summer makes! And the Bloc? Well, they have no comment until tomorrow. Ah...okay. I guess Duceppe needs to sleep on his reaction.

Never mind the CPC for the moment, the Bloc and NDP's free ride is over and they are oh, so not okay with that.

You'll forgive me I hope, for being a bit giddy. I've made no bones about my desire for an election and while it is still dependent on the support of the two parties I just mentioned, I'm thrilled to see this direction taken by the party.

I've received messages from NDP friends and they are not happy, to say the least. That said, it's obvious that I'm a fairly left leaning Liberal and there are some NDP MP's that I like and admire, so if there is an election, I really hope that their focus is on Harper.

As for the CPC, well, Baird's reaction was this side of ridiculous, as was Harper's. Harper said he hasn't met a Canadian that wants an election. Shocking! Translation: He hasn't met a Canadian that hasn't been vetted to be sure he/she is a supporter.

This one is a game changer people. The tone that Ignatieff took today told us an awful lot. An election will be fought on Harper's dismal record and lack of vision for the country. That will be clearly contrasted with a real vision for the country based on the values that Canadians have come to claim. Values like, equality for all, especially all citizens, good fiscal management, compassion, a focus on innovation, the environment, etc, all areas that the Conservatives have failed at.

My last post hinted at that tone and I am now convinced more than ever, that if the CPC continue their petty, juvenile retorts, they will not fair well. Accordingly, if the NDP waste their energy focusing on the Lib's, they will miss the point and once again, help Harper.

Anyway, game on!