Saturday, August 16, 2008

Election Timing and Bits and Pieces

A short story in the Guelph Mercury is a pretty good example of how the myth of Dion going back and forth on when an election will be held becomes 'spin' for the the Conservatives and others.
MONTREAL - Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is continuing to tease Canadians about whether he wants a fall election.

Dion says the Liberals will trigger an election when they are ready, and they will choose their time.

The Liberal leader is campaigning in and around Montreal Saturday for two byelections to be held in the area on Sept. 8.
Dion took Prime Minister Stephen Harper to task for suggesting recently that he might call an election.
How is what Dion said a tease? He has said this repeatedly and it's true. What else can the man say? The people that write this stuff live in a different Universe, one where it is necessary to create news where there is none and sadly don't report news where they should. For instance, don't you suppose that he had something to say about how Garneau and the Liberal message is being received in Westmount? Do you think that perhaps the journalist could have done a bit of research on that and presented it to Dion?
What they feed to his detractors is, 'Dion raises the spectre of an election'. No, he doesn't. If someone has proof of Dion going off on a tangent of his own, threatening an election, kindly provide it. He never speaks of that but he is constantly challenged on it.
All that stories like this do, imo, is provide fodder for our pompous arrogant PM to use it to his advantage.
That said, it's a nice shot of the two and I hope it's going well. I've found precious little press on that by-election, but I confess I haven't searched for a few days.
Another story that ran in the Mercury had me laughing out loud. Brian Jean sounds like an absolute clown, but he sounds that way on committee and in the House too. He suggests that the only signs that are out are the Con's. For the record, I have it on good authority that there are over 1500 Lib signs up. He calls the PM, 'Sir'? I'm all for respect but knowing who this PM is, that's probably an order.
Finally, I don't frankly know the tradition vis a vis PM's and by-elections, but to suggest that meeting with Kovach in a adjoining riding is being professional is so far fetched, it's ludicrous. Especially when you consider this comment by Kovach.
Kovach said her campaign would have to pay the full cost of the prime minister's visit and security under byelection rules if he visited Guelph.

"It would use up a substantial amount of our election campaign expenses. That's why he won't come in a byelection, although he certainly has been very supportive," she said.
As we now know, the Con's aren't in the habit of taking money out of their candidates campaigns, well they are, but only if they can throw it in, and then take it out.
Sorry, I missed one more thing. The thought that a political party would want to steer voters their way during an election seems foreign to Jean. Yeah, right.
My last observation has to do with Garth's Town Hall meeting on Wednesday.
It looks as if he'll have between 700 and 1000 in attendance. He has special guests coming. Who? I don't know, he's keeping that a secret.
So, my question to you is, who do you think is coming and if you could be there, what would you ask Stephane Dion? Oh and if you were to meet him before the meeting as Garth has offered, what would you say as you shook his hand?


Gayle said...

How would Brian Jean help a campaign in Guelph? It is not like he is high profile or anything. He is so desperate to be relevant that he has to pretend he was asked to do this because he actually matters.

(By the way, having met him, I feel pretty confident that his "logger" and "farm worker" experience is not extensive).

penlan said...

Brian Jean said:

"He suggests that the only signs that are out are the Con's."

I read that article in the Mercury & like you, knb, I too laughed about it. He said he'd seen 5 Con signs & no others from any other Party.

What came to mind were the expressions "blindly following" & "tunnel vision". They seem to fit Jean's comments perfectly. He obviously has blinders on as he was completely unable to see any other sign - & they are out there.

And talk about "sucking up" to the "boss". Pure brown nosing.

As far as guests to the upcoming meeting some that comes to mind are Martha Hall Findlay, Bob Rae, or Iggy.

Martha in particular as she is a Finance Critic for the Libs & Garth is big on the mess that is starting in the home financing sector.

RuralSandi said...

I have to say Dion looks really good in that photo...perhaps a tan and rest is what he needed...he really does look good there.

Omar said...

Laurentian man. Trim, fit, intelligent, quietly confident. Someone to claim us, someone to follow.

What would I ask him? "Please give Jean Chretien and Paul Martin two good swift kicks to the pills for me. Merci/Shukran".

Anonymous said...

I drove through a part of Guelph on Friday evening and in that area the signs were anything but Conservative, unless it was on a church lot that gave equal representation to all parties.

I was surprised by the amount of NDP and Green. If this riding goes Conservative it will be for one reason alone, vote splitting among the left. Hopefully I am wrong.

Gayle said...

"And talk about "sucking up" to the "boss". Pure brown nosing."

When the CPC won the election, he sent Harper a video tape "application" for a committee chair position. He wisely concluded he would not get a cabinet post, but he thought if Harper could see his "great" oratory skills he would get a plum position.

And again, having seen the man in court, I found that extremely funny.

knb said...

Gayle, he strikes me as someone with quite the ego.

I suppose that is not uncommon in a politician, but his seems to be based in nothing and to have no balancing humility.

knb said...

penlan, I'd say those are good guesses as to Garth who may invite.

knb said...

I agree Sandi, he does look rested and healthy.

Also, fitted shirts should be a mainstay for him. I think he usually wears those large unfitted ones.

knb said...

Lol, Omar.

knb said...

I hope you are wrong too anon, but you make a good point.