Friday, August 15, 2008

Missing in Action

Because the Ethics Committee antics are still rolling around in my head, this is the most appropriate photo in my mind, to use to speak about the Guelph by-election.

This of course is the Conservative candidate in Guelph, Gloria Kovach. Beside her? The now infamous Gary Goodyear who showed us this week just how dedicated he is to following the gospel of Harper. Lying for this apparently Christian man comes quite naturally. Odd that, but frequent with this party.

By-elections are all about hitting as many people as you can with your message, knowing that you are really only reaching a small percentage of the local population. That small segment however is engaged and wants to know where you as a candidate and where your party stand on issues that matter to them. What better venue could there be than an all candidates debate? You have a captive, willing audience. The perfect forum to present who you are and how you intend to represent the community in Ottawa and tell us what your party stands for.

Conservatives apparently don't see it that way because at the most recent all candidates debate, Kovach was a no show. What a surprise! Scheduling difficulties. Uh, huh.

Well, I'm not going to go back in time and link, but it seems to me that the 'scheduling' ailment was prevalent amonst many Con candidates in by-elections. In fact, not showing up to such events was not only common practice, some also refused interviews, scrums and press conferences. That's transparency for you!

Now I grant you that this was not a big crowd, but they were interested voters and maybe even part of the demographic that the Con's are targeting, but no, she was busy. Gary Lunn apparently was canvassing with her. To be honest, I think I'd burst out laughing if he showed up at my door, but maybe it's just me. If he was such an impressive guest, why didn't she walk in with him to the debate? The opposition would have screamed 'off side', but wouldn't it have been a coup?

I know little of her accomplishments and perhaps she's been okay at a municipal level, but this move tells me she is yet another yes person, who is willing to accept and repeat Conservative dictum's.

The real question for Guelph is do they want their voice heard in Ottawa or an echo of Stephen Harper's?

I take issue with Tom King's statements as reported, but perhaps that is for another day. He is colourful, candid and coherent, but his banter is just as distorted as Jack's. The NDP did mess with a progressive path. I don't, can't understand what they thought they would get with Harper in charge, but obviously their brain trust didn't show up for work that day.

So, does anyone know when the next all candidate meeting will be held in Guelph? Is Kovach slotted to attend? She seems to be a good soldier so my guess is that she won't.

That would be Harper democracy.


Steve V said...

It almost looks like it hurts Goodyear, when he attempts to smile.

knb said...

Oh, it's a painful journey when you support Harper Steve.

Someone has their fist (I won't mention where) with enough force to bring the smile, though the world can see it's not being delivered in earnest.

I think I'll go back to this article over the weekend.

Good bon mot's in there.

Omar said...

Not a big crowd? Only 70 people turned out to hear federal candidates debate federal issues on the cusp of what should be a very important federal election. Very sad indeed, but hardly surprising.

knb said...

Omar, 700 have rsvp'd to see Dion next week in Halton. That's Garth's get together.

Not too shabby.

RuralSandi said...

One would think that Kovach, having experience at the municipal level, would have a lot of experience talking to the people, debating, etc.

I find it odd that she didn't make it to the debate - she should be very used to debating.

Omar said...

Excellent news. As is waking up to find we've won two Olympic medals!
I am hoping Dion comes to my neck of the woods. I'd love the opportunity to hear him speak and Thibault could definitely use the shot in the arm. The local Acadian population is fiercely federalist and Dion can not afford to alienate them.

Anonymous said...

"That's Garth's get together.

Not too shabby."

Garth Turner, Scott Brison, and Belinda Stronach - all defected to the Liberals in the last three years. All were opportunists, all misjudged the ensuing political winds. All ran for the leadership of the parties they later betrayed and have huge egos.

How has their short-sighted opportunism furthered their respective careers?

Well Belinda jumped ship just as the Liberal ship was sinking in May 2005. The Liberals were already in a downward spiral but her political antenna didn't catch it. She's now leaving politics. She couldn't take becoming yet again an opposition backbencher. Her betrayal backfired.

Scott Brison jumped ship in December 2003 when Martin took over the reigns of the Liberal party. There was heady talk of the Liberals winning more than 200 seats in the upcoming election. Brison thought his political future was bright. Instead, as we know, the 2004 election turned into the first nail in the coffin for the Martin regime. He won his riding with a comfortable margin last election. But the tide is turning in the Maritimes. Scott's not so hot anymore. Scott might have to return to selling fridges again soon, an appropriate end to this disloyal politician.

Garth Turner - he won his riding for the Conservatives by less than 3 points last election. He's a great self-promoter putting Garth before party. He's in a swing seat. If the Conservatives improve on their numbers in Ontario from 2006 when they were beaten 40-35, then he's toast. Even if they don't, he's still toast.

Do Garth's politcal prospects look good? Look to see what happened to Belinda and is happening to Scott.

Omar said...

Scott might have to return to selling fridges again soon, an appropriate end to this disloyal politician.

For any one who doesn't know, what anonymous is referring to is the photograph Scott Brison did for a local cancer support calendar where the participants appeared partially nude. Brison was standing next to a refrigerator with the open door concealing his 'package'. The calender was a big success and to the best of my knowledge Brison was applauded for participating. Unlike Robert Thibault, Scott Brison is not in any trouble whatsoever in King's-Hants. The tide doesn't need turning in Nova Scotia as the Conservatives never really resonated here in the first place.

knb said...

Sandi, I recall some recent by elections where the Con candidates were told not to participate.

I don't think it was inexperience that kept her away.

I guess we just keep watching.

knb said...

Three medals actually Omar.

Wasn't Dion out east early on in his tour? I can't remember where he went.

RuralSandi said...

Boy, the CPC trolls just can't get over the fact that Stronach realized what a bunch of a**holes the CRAP party are.

What about Emerson and Khan? Huh, it that different somehow, huh?

Anon's response is pretty pitiful I must say. Best they can do?

At least Brison is up front about who he is - too bad a couple of the CON caucus are too chicken to come out of the closet.

knb said...

Anon, your concern for individuals who are doing just fine thank you very much is touching.

The Con's haven't even named a candidate to run against Garth yet.

As Omar points out, Brison is doing just fine.

How's Wajid Khan doing?

knb said...

I forgot about that calendar Omar. Thinking back I now remember he s lauded for it.

Omar said...

I believe Dion has been to NS a few times, but I don't believe he has come to counties Digby, Shelburne or Yarmouth. He may have visited the Annapolis Valley end of West Nova.
He needs to come here though. The sooner the better.

Three medals? Watch out America!

penlan said...

From the GuelphMercury today:

"In Guelph on Tuesday, the Action Read literacy centre will host a public meeting of the byelection candidates.

The Green, NDP, Liberal and Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party candidates will participate but Kovach has a scheduling conflict, Action Read said."

Agaun she has a scheduling conflict!

She will be attending this:

"The first debate Kovach will attend is Aug. 20 at the Village by the Arboretum, a residential community for adults."

jarrid said...

The Conservatives will come ahead of the Liberals in Guelph and St. Lambert. Mark my words.

RuralSandi said...

Jarrid - another Jonathon type (is he really Jonathon) who goes all over the blogosphere with nonsense. Another one to put on ignore.

..... we don't know who will win, but the Dewey Wins story comes to mind.

RuralSandi said...

Three medals actually Omar.

...and -

Well, it seems that Dion decided to fish. While on holiday in Quebec, he landed a 4.5 kg pike and won a fishing tournament held at Rivière Rouge. He then donated the $100 prize to the fish restocking fund for the Réservoir Kiamika.

"What was Harper doing?" while Dion was fishing and cutting bait, asked Dion aide Jean-François Del Torchio. "He was cutting arts programs."

knb said...

Penlan, it'll be interesting to read the paper on the 21st.

knb said...

I'll mark them jarrid if you're prepared to eat them.

knb said...

Here's a link to what Sandi is referring to.

Steve V said...

"The Conservatives will come ahead of the Liberals in Guelph and St. Lambert. Mark my words."

Okay, I'll mark them, so you know which one's to eat Sept 9.

knb said...

Lol Steve.

I can confirm that Steve and I have never met.

Steve V said...


Sorry, I missed your comment :)

knb said...

I thought it was funny.

Political wonks think alike I guess.

Ryan said...

Not sure if these antics are really doing anything but pandering to the CPC base.

ottlib said...

The Conservative Headquarters puts a higher priority on their message.

By-elections, which can often be decided by local issues, are not conducive to keeping the candidate on message.

So, the Conservative Party is willing to sacrifice this by-election to prevent any deviation from that message.

Anal retentive much?

Steve and knb,

I can guarantee if the Conservatives lose the Guelph by-election you will never see jarrid again. He will disappear from the blogsphere as suddenly as he appeared. So, good luck in getting to eat his words. (I realize both of you are already aware of that.)

I wonder what his next incarnation will be?

knb said...

That's a good point ottlib. It'll be interesting with all the attention paid to this just how much she participates in the future.