Sunday, August 17, 2008

Plain Speak

David Pratt was on QP today and confirmed that he will be seeking the nomination in Ottawa West-Nepean for the Liberal party.

What struck me about the interview was his candor which I presume is due to having been out of politics for the past 3 years. That's not to say that he was not candid as a politician, nor will he lose that should he win the nomination and then election. It was just refreshing to hear the lack of rhetoric to which we've all become accustomed.

Taber proposed the image of Dion and Liberals that the Con's are spinning and Pratt calmly related his honest assessment of Dion.

David Pratt told CTV's Question Period on Sunday that once Canadians learn more about Dion, they'll see that he is a "strong leader" and an "idea person." He also praised Dion's work on the Clarity Act.

He also made a pretty rational comment about John Baird, against whom he'd be running should he win the nomination. Taber made the comment that Baird is very popular in the riding. Cleverly, Pratt made the distinction that he may be 'high profile', but that does not necessarily mean he's popular.

If he wins the Liberal nomination this time, he'll run against Environment Minister John Baird, a proposition Pratt welcomed.

"I don't think (voters) appreciate (Baird's) abrasive style, his caustic approach to politics. I think they see him as almost a hyper-partisan, someone who puts partisanship ahead of good government," Pratt said.

If Pratt wins the nomination, it will be an interesting race to watch. Indeed, Baird won by about 5000 votes (9%), but he was not yet the Environment Minster and that certainly may make a difference in the future.

You can hear the interview by clicking on the link to the right of the article.


Note, the article closes by mentioning the two parties Environment plans but once again fails to mention that the Conservative plan will also raise costs with no offset.

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Steve V said...

I was quite impressed with Pratt, despite having to be interviewed by Taber(she is just awful). I especially liked the air of professionalism, very eloquent and measured. Should be a nice contrast to Baird and I still think this one deserves watching. Baird is toxic, and he's also the guy responsible for the Cons weakpoint, the environment. Pratt looks like he will be aggressive, I'm surprised he mentioned the municipial issue straight away, looks like he won't be afraid to get his hands dirty, which is a must with the blowhard. Good stuff.

knb said...

Indeed Steve. I think Pratt is a full on kind of guy.

I still wish he was taking Poilievre, but descimating or at least eliminating blow-hard, will be sweet.

He sounds prepared on national issues and is right there on local controversies. Perfect.