Tuesday, August 05, 2008

If You Like Committee Meetings, You're in Luck

I've been checking the Parliament's website to see when the Ethics Committee meetings were to be scheduled. They've finally been posted here.

Yikes! Three days of meetings scheduled to last 5 hours each. If you thought it got heated during the last round, I suspect this will be interesting.

What will add to the tension I suspect is the fact that the Chair, Paul Szabo, was compelled to issue 'summonses' to 31 of the witnesses.

Commons committee probing the Conservatives' "in-and-out" scheme is sending an extraordinary 31 summonses to witnesses.

Liberal chair Paul Szabo says the move - which compels witnesses to testify - is necessary because officials have had difficulty reaching many Tories involved in the ad scheme.

While I believe that a summons can be ignored, it certainly wouldn't be a smart thing to do. For the record, Ministers cannot be compelled to appear.

So to the wonks out there interested in such matters, mark your calendar.

BTW - Here are the transcripts from the July 15th and 16th meetings.

BTW 2 - If you're interested in who the witnesses are, here's the list. I've only skimmed through, but Doug Finley should be interesting as will Patrick Muttart. Many of the other names appear to be the official agents of the candidates, who of course are the people who have a 'human' stake in all of this. Their candidates will pay the political price.


Steve V said...


Did they put up the transcripts from the last set of meetings yet?

knb said...

Yes. I'll link to them.

RuralSandi said...

Well, that will be a long sit to watch....I got some mending/hemming stuff to catch up on so I'll do it then while I watch.

Hopefully, I won't stab myself with sewing needles when the CPC irritate me. I am certain they will.

Best we send old Grumpy (Tilson) some midol to take prior to the meetings.

knb said...

He's a hoot isn't he? Well actually, he seems like a really unpleasant fellow to be around 24/7.

I'm sure there is another side to the man, it's just difficult to see sometimes when they project the same persona over and over again.

Think Poilievre, Baird, Harper...oh never mind, the list is too long.

About sitting. I think I may just get on the tread mill for a while as I'm watching. Poilievre might even help me burn some calories!

Steve V said...

Thanks knb. That was fast!

knb said...

You're welcome Steve.

This has been bugging me for weeks so I kept checking.

I haven't yet had a chance to read through it all, but what bothered me the most was the fact that the Con's kept saying Szabo changed things. Rules, schedule, etc.

It's amazing to me to realise just how little the MP's listen, (on all sides) during these things.

Szabo may be many things, but dishonest he's not.

Anyway, it will be my read tomorrow because I recall wanting to show just ridiculous the Conservative position is, using their own words.

Anonymous said...

Tilson reminds me of that wonderful old fellow from 'Grumpy old men' walter mathaw???? There is another committee member of the CPC Fitzpatrick that is a twin for that Craig down in the repulican party who shuffled his foot under the bathroom stall....sorry names are blurry today ....granny

knb said...

Granny, that's a good description of Tilson.

Fitzpatrick, Craig? Shudder.