Saturday, August 02, 2008

Headline Writers

Headline Writer Job Description : A good headline will entice the reader to read the entire article. It should be provocative and tell the reader what it is they want to learn by reading the story. A vivid imagination is an asset, because truth telling isn't your job.

I'm being facetious of course, but some headlines seem to fit that description. This article for instance is entitled, Agriculture Industry Opposes Green Shift.

As you read the short article, you quickly see that while the industry certainly has voiced their concerns about the plan, they were not actually closed to a conversation about it. In fact, they were grateful to have been heard.

Despite his concerns, Friesen says he was still pleased the Liberal MP's came to speak to the industry.

"I think it was a positive thing that they came here and are prepared to listen to the farm leaders across Canada and they are prepared to back and to analyze where they could improve (the plan) for agriculture", he says.

Which leads me to an observation. The work the Liberal party is doing on this plan, including going across the country meeting with various industries as well as the general public, may reap more dividends than we are currently seeing reported in the news.

Only time will tell of course, but given that the Con's have no credible plan of their own and I've seen no real evidence of them consulting with anyone, (except of course big oil), I wonder what other sectors are expecting or even really know about their plan?


Frankly Canadian said...

Mr. Dion and the whole liberal party are gaining huge strides that the polls don't show and the media does not cover. Discussions, meetings, debates, and events that our representatives from the Liberal Party of Canada attend do more for favourable results than anything else, over time. I see more and more industry spokespeople coming forward to proclaim if not their support for the plan, then a genuine appreciation for the opportunity to be consulted and debated with. The more Canadians see this type of mature debate the more Canadians can believe we (the Liberal Party of Canada) really do have a different breed of politician a honest, fair, engaging, and responsive politician. Yes it will take time , however the more favourable media coverage this receives and the more high profile people endorse these efforts, the quicker the results will show in the polls and as polls increase so does momentum.

knb said...

I sense what you say to be true frankly canadian.

It would be nice to see it in the polls though, ;).

As time goes on and the Con's maintain their beligerence, I think the different breed of politician you refer to will be so obvious, that many will turn off the Con's.

Anonymous said...

People are not sheeple...
Unfortunately for the Liberal Party that is how they have treated the voter for a long time.

Conservatives actually have respect for Canadians...
The sooner the liberal Party recognises that and respects their opponents the sooner it will right itself.

The present 'Don't happy' approach is leading to oblivion.

This is from someone that will vote Conservative for the first time next federal election. I will continue to do so until the Liberal Party matures.

First, it must stop the name calling. Then it must come up with some reasonable policies that benefit all Canadians.

The Green Shift is nothing but a money transfer targeting potential Liberal voters. it does nothing to improve our envirionment.

Why would I vote for a party that will take my money with no tangible benefits. At least with the Conservatives I will get some tax breaks.

Conservative envirionmental policies are at least comparable with Liberal ones. Plus there is not the fiscal dishonesty of the Green Shift.

Steve V said...


Good call on the title, I thought the exact same thing when I actually read the article. It was a conversation, to characterize it as anything but, is just crap.

knb said...

Conservatives actually have respect for Canadians...

You have got to be kidding me. They have contravened so many rules I've lost count. That's not respect for Canadians or Canada.

They've lied about their environment plan, they lied about Income trust and well, they lie about just about everything.

First, it must stop the name calling.

Why would I vote for a party that will take my money with no tangible benefits. At least with the Conservatives I will get some tax breaks.

I don't know what plan you've read but with the Conservative plan you get no tangible benefits AND no tax breaks.

There will be tangible benefits with the Liberal plan, they simply are not at this point predictable. Of course you do receive tax breaks under the Liberal plan.

Look, you're entitled to vote for whomever you want, but why you would want to do that without facts is beyond me.

RuralSandi said...

Okay, so Anon is a Kool Aid drinker and has the Tory talking points down pat....but, that facts just don't support the rant.

...sigh...and these people vote.

knb said...

Yes it was a conversation Steve.

It's not the first time this publication has done this, but this one stood out.

wilson said...

So why doesn't any company do a poll on the Green Shift?
It's been weeks since being introduced.
A poll was done WHILE the Cons were in Quebec, to get a response to 'fish or cut bait'.

Two non-saleable aspects to the Green Shaft
1. no measurable reduction in ghg's, which is supposed to be the point of a carbon tax
2. proceeds going to fund social programs, instead of 100% towards income tax cuts.